Khaleeji Mehndi Designs are very cute in looking. It looks awesome in the hand and feet of women. The latest Khaleeji mehndi designs are neat and clean and attractive too. This contains a gap in between designs. The hand and foot do not get whole filled up with mehndi. There is empty space intentionally left to enhance the design of mehndi. khaleeji henna design is a form of art that decorates the hand and feet of ladies.

10 Attractive Khaleeji Mehndi Designs:

Let us have to look at Khaleeji Mehndi designs for weddings.

1. Floral Khaleeji Mehendi Design By Mascara:

Artist: maseeramehndi

This is really nice khaleeji mehndi in a floral way. There is a good touch of creativity in floral design. It is a backhand design. Though there is some gap between design it is shining out. This design will look new on hand.

2. Khaleeji Mehendi Design:

Artist: maseeramehndi

This is a really beautiful Khaleeji henna mehndi design. The design is such a captivating one. Fingers are so gorgeously decorated with mehndi designs. A decorous floral design has been made on the wrist. Ladies will remain spellbound seeing this design.

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3. Khaleeji Mehndi for Foot:

This design is done on foot and decorated with purple colour stones. Near fingers, there is an awesome minute design done. Purple stone is shining out with a black henna design. These stones are not permanent. It can be useful for an evening.

4. Stylish Khaleeji Mehndi Design:

Artist: minashenna

This is an elegant design of the latest khaleeji mehndi design. This is so attractively created to snatch away the hearts of ladies. It is difficult to find single women who won’t love this design. The design is stylish and fashionably modish.

5. Fancy Khaleeji Mehndi:

This is created so thoughtfully. Like others, here also there are gaps in between designs. But the gaps are done so correctly that the design is not getting separated. With fancy, it is a smart design.

6. Glamorous Khaleeji Mehandi Design:

Artist: chaahath_mehandi

This mehndi design can be perfect for a Bride. A very thin design has been done to give a bride touch. The modern look is given to typical checks pattern to elaborate the beauty of mehndi. It is representing a currently popular style.

7. Latest Khaleeji Mehndi Design:

Artist: maseeramehndi

This is the latest khaleeji mehndi design. This design is rare to find. Just simple linings and small flowers are done with henna and resulting in a gorgeous design. Try out once this design and you will receive plenty of compliments for this design.

8. Bangle Style Khaleeji Mehndi Design:

In this design, there is a new design done on the wrist with henna. It is looking like you have worn the bangle itself. Ladies will love it like Gold Bangles only. This khaleeji henna design is simple in look and clean design.

9. Khaleeji Mehandi Design with Hearts:

Artist: henna_by_pamshi

This is a pretty design with flowers an excellent design of mehndi. This can be good for the outdoors. A nice shape of floral is done and on the outer side, there is a minute design featuring leaves and flowers. It is an enchanting design.

10. Khaleeji Mehndi Rose Design:

A very beautiful cover has been done with a rose flower in this mehndi. This new khaleeji mehndi design is going to steal away the attention of girls. In middle, there is flowers and leaf design. Young girls will love this design.


khaleeji mehndi is more popular in Gulf Area. Ladies are fond of mehndi in Gulf. You won’t find any lady’s hand without mehndi. There is always something new in mehndi design. Khaleeji Mehndi is really attractive and winning the attention of ladies. There is always a new variety in this design. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular among Indian ladies too.


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