Children are taught a lot of things when they are young. This is the best time to get them interested in many subjects. Time is something that children need to learn at an early age. Clocks are the objects that tell time. Kids clock designs are colourful and bright, so they love to see them. Here, we show you many different types of kid’s clocks that are suitable for all ages.

Latest & Best Kids Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 simple and cool kid’s clock designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Tell Time Kids Clock Design:

Here is a cute and colourful kids’ clock that all kids would love to have in their room. The colourful clock has brightly coloured hour numbers. The hour hand and the minute hand are labelled so it is easier for them to learn and tell time. This kids’ wall clock makes a great gift as well.

2. Rainbow Kids Clock Design:

One of the cute kid’s clocks is this rainbow design clock. This can be a kid’s room wall clock that will brighten it up and make the room friendlier. The colours of the rainbow are painted on the clock, and the numbers are large in white. This makes it easy for the kids to read the time as well.

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3. Transport Kids Clock Design:

Gift a kid this awesome large kid’s clock that has pictures of different transport vehicles. This personalized kid’s clock can be given for a birthday or any other special day. The transport vehicles shown in the clock include aeroplanes, tractors, fire engines and trains. Kids will love this wonderful clock.

4. Cartoon Kids Clock Design:

All kids love cartoons, and this cartoon children’s clock is beautiful. The cartoon characters that are printed on the clock will include all the major famous characters. There will be characters that boys like and those that girls like. You can thus gift a kid based on their choice.

5. Planets Kids Clock:

Other cool items that kids love are planets and all things to do with the sky. This clock that has the planets printed on it is something that most kids will love to have in their room. Each of the planets is meticulously painted in order from the sun. This will teach the kids both time and planets.

6. Digital Kids Clock:

Kids who love the latest inventions and gadgets will love this kid’s digital clock. The clock displays large numbers. The wireless clock is also a kid’s alarm clock. The clock will wake up a child at the right time. The best thing about this clock is the digital print, which is much easier to read.

7. Sleep Trainer Kids Clock:

One of the good things about kid’s clocks is that they teach them to read time and learn to sleep well. The kid’s bedside clock has a nice cartoon character, like a sheep on the side. This helps to put the child to sleep as well. You can tell your kids some nighttime stories and use the clock as a prop.

8. Wooden Kids Clock:

Here is a sorting clock that is perfect for kids. The kid’s wooden clock is made of blocks in different shapes. The shapes fit into holes in the clock. The kids can learn not only to tell the time but also numbers, shapes and colours. This is just the perfect gift to give a kid.

9. Ice Cream Theme Wall Kids Clock:

Get this cute kid’s pink clock that will fit on the wall. The yellow clock on the wall is perfect for little girls who love everything. The ice cream theme clock is adorable with the pink swirl frosting on a striped cake liner. The numbers of the clock are printed in bold with black.

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10. Seesaw Kids Clock Design:

Like a nice cuckoo clock, this cute ‘children on seesaw’ clock is also a great item for a kid’s bedroom. The clock chimes at the hour, and the little kid’s sway on the seesaw. This is quite an entertaining thing for the kids. Most kids will love this clock in their room. The different handcrafted items on the clock are great to look at.

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Kid’s clock designs are a great way to teach time. They come in colourful frames, dials, etc. You can have shape sorting, cartoon characters, LED, wooden, etc. Each of the different types of clocks has a bright colour and large numbers.

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