We often take too much for granted in thinking about styling kids. We do not think much about how to work on their outfits or style their hair and accessories, but we cannot emphasise the fact enough that kids need styling too. Those little cherubs feel extremely happy seeing them get a makeover. Hence here we are with all new kids haircuts. These kid’s haircut styles are quite easy to do and are totally comfortable as well. Small kids hairstyles generally do not consume much time as well but give us the best results. Continue reading this article to know more about the best and most simple hairstyles for kids.

10 Trending Kids Haircuts and Hairstyles to Check Out:

Let us now check out these new and easy hairstyles for kids here. Check out these kids hairstyles and find out which one is suitable for your kids.

1. Kids Curly Hairstyles for Girls:

If your little one has beautiful dense curly tresses, this lovely half braided and half down hairstyle is a pretty and cute choice to check out. The girls and toddlers can look beautiful and lovely in this stylish look. It immensely gives an ethnic and festive appearance seamlessly.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Curly hair and any face shape are suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Parties and functions are the perfect occasions to try this look.
  • Matching Dresses: Wear this hairstyle with frocks or gowns.
  • Perfect Season: This hairstyle is suitable across all seasons.

2. Braided Ponytail for Little Girls:

This is a super cute and easy kids hairstyle. This latest hairstyle for kids hardly takes time, and all you need to do is begin braiding from the top and take it over to one side, and the same process follows to another side and mixes it with the rest of the hair. Make a side ponytail, and you can further add hair accessories if you wish. This is a simple and pretty hairstyle, which is super cute and girly too.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Oval and round shaped face girls with straight hair will fit this style well.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Girls can wear this style easily for their school picnics.
  • Matching Dresses: Wear this with a cute skirt and top or school dress as required.
  • Perfect Season: Summer is a good time to try this style out.

3. Polished Little Braid Leave Over:

This kids hairstyle for school is again trendy and stylish. Little girls can wear this during their kindergarten times to look super cute and pretty. It does not take any time to do. All you need to do is to make tiny braids and pin it with beautiful pins. These hairpins can be cute and girlish as kids like. You can further keep hair accessories and customise them as you wish too.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Oval and elongated shaped faces with short hair is good to go here.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Wear this for regular daily wear.
  • Matching Dresses: Nice frock will do for styling this up.
  • Perfect Season: Any season is outstanding and suitable for this style.

4. Braided Puffstyle:

This kids hairstyles for girls are very feminine and stylish. It looks super cute on their face, but it is not easy to do. The hair should be made to look puff, and the braid should be done from the side corner to make it look like a hairband on their hair. This is a pretty look however well suited for little grown-up girls for going out to fancy occasions.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Oval shaped face looks good here with long hair.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Wear this for weddings or parties.
  • Matching Dresses: Nice frock or skirt can look good in this style.
  • Perfect Season: Winter and monsoon are a good times to try this style out.

5. Braided Pin with Flowers:

Here are other super cute and kid’s long hairstyles. This looks pretty cute but takes very less time as well. All you need to do is twist your hair and get it to the centre and pin it up. Add on flowers or hair accessories as shown in the picture. These look super trending right now, and kids will definitely love this one.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: A round and oval-shaped face with long hair is ideal for this style.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Nice park outings are good to go in this style.
  • Matching Dresses: Wear a cute floral frock to look absolutely trending.
  • Perfect Season: Any season is totally good to try this look.

6. Loose Hairstyle for Kids:

Here are medium length hairstyles for kids. This can be done for long length hairstyles too. It is nothing, but leaving the hair open for kids and a braiding bit of hair on the sides to pin it down. This helps to stop hair from falling on the face. And this is a perfect blend of cute and stylish vibes. Kids will love this hairstyle, and it is quite easy to do as well.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Round shaped face is good to go with medium or long length hair.
  • Best Occasion to Try: This is an ideal hairstyle while going for her playtime.
  • Matching Dresses: Wearing a nice top and skirt could look cute and pretty.
  • Perfect Season: Winter is a good time to try this style out.

7. Kids Light Fade Hairstyles for Boys:

Kids haircuts are getting immensely famous and the fade variant is among the most loved choice for boys in recent seasons. So we have this lovely simple yet perfect haircut choice for boys. This is also super low maintenance yet delivers a lovely stylish look instantly.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Any face shape and hair type can try this haircut.
  • Best Occasion to Try: This is a good everyday hairstyle for boys.
  • Matching Dresses: Casual tee shirts and trousers or shorts are ideal.
  • Perfect Season: This haircut is a perfect choice for the summer season.

8. Spike-up Haircut for Kid Boys:

This is one of the quite easy hairstyles for kids. The boys want to sport this style taking inspiration from elders, and this is quite an example of that. Here it is nothing, but having a short fade haircut for the kid and applying the gel to the hair to lift it a bit. This style looks quite polished and fashionable too.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Any face shape and hair type can try this one out.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Wear this style for going out with family.
  • Matching Dresses: Boys can wear a cute T-shirt and shorts with this.
  • Perfect Season: Summer is a good time to try this haircut.

9. Slick Back Hairstyle for Kids:

Ever imagined a slick back look on your kid? Yes, it is not as bad as you thought. This is, in fact, a very cute hairstyle for kids and looks quite sweet as well. You can go ahead and apply the good gel to smooth hair in a sideward direction. And this is quite a polished look and will make your kid look smart too.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: A round and oval-shaped face with straight textured hair are good to go here.
  • Best Occasion to Try: This look is well suited for regular school times.
  • Matching Dresses: Wear nice shorts and T-shirt for this look.
  • Perfect Season: Any season is good to go with this style.

10. The Cute Kid Boy Haircut:

Here is the best hairstyle for kids and our top favourite one too. This is absolutely adorable. This haircut makes hair fall all around the face symmetrically. This is among the well-known hairstyles and is loved by all. And this makes the kid look further young and cute. All kids will, for sure love it.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Any round or elongated shaped face with any hair type can try this lookout.
  • Best Occasion to Try: This is good to go for outings with family or picnics.
  • Matching Dresses: Wear casual wear with this style.
  • Perfect Season: Winter and monsoon are good times to try this haircut.

11. The Yo-Yo Rocking Hairstyle for Kids:

Not just you, but your kid too will want to look modern and stylish. Here is an example. This kid’s hairstyle for boys is quite amazing and lovely. The kid is seen here sporting his gel, or waxed hair lifted look. It looks super special and smart too. Try it out, and you surely will love the look as well.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Wear this style if your kid has an oval shaped face and any hair type.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Take this look for styling up for a fancy occasion.
  • Matching Dresses: Wear this for the casual or formal shirt as you wish.
  • Perfect Season: Any season is good to go totally with this look.

12. The Good Boy Haircuts:

Next is this kids hairstyle for short hair. This is quite an innocent and studious look which is displayed here. It is a traditional look which we have seen from overages. However, it remains our top favourite, given the evergreen style and innocence it carries. Try it out, and we are sure your kid will love it too.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shape: Any face shape and hair type can totally rock this look.
  • Best Occasion to Try: This is a good to go for school uniforms and schools.
  • Matching Dresses: Wear this with school dress for regular school times.
  • Perfect Season: Any season is good to try this haircut.

Additional Tips:

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind while working on the kid’s haircuts.

  1. Do not ever over shampoo the kid’s hair. The tender and delicate hair may be subject to damage
  2. Apply oil regularly to smoothen and nourish hair
  3. Keeping the hair conditioned is important and hence make sure to not use chemical products on kid’s hair.
  4. For girls, do not use any styling products as they may damage their hair. Use only when absolutely necessary.
  5. Do not go on too tight hairstyles. This may again work against their fine hair.
  6. Never leave out the hairstyle before going to bed. Make sure to remove the hairstyle by the end of the day.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tour on kids haircuts. These are absolutely lovely haircuts and are loved by all. Even kids enjoy these given the prettiness and cute styles embedded within. Try them out and tell us how best you and the kids love them. They are quite easy to do and do not take time or effort at all. Pick your favourite ones and experiment with them.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How often does a kid require a haircut?

Ans: Kids may require haircuts more often or less often than us depending on hair growth. Generally once in three months for girls and once in one and a half months for boys are good to go if you want to trim and make the haircut look even.

Q2. Does boy cut suit young girl kids in this modern era?

Ans: Young girls may not prefer boy cuts. If they do not, an alternative is the bob cut. These bob cuts for kids are super stylish again and are loved by everyone.

Q3. Do we need to apply hair serum and other products for kids just like we apply for ourselves?

Ans: Naturally, kid’s hair is not frizzy or rough, but as we are ageing our hair gets rough and damaged with pollution and sun exposure. Kid’s hair does not require serum or smoothening products, just shampooing twice a week is sufficient, and they are good to go.


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