Kids want everything special for themselves! No matter how sober the rest of your house is, the children’s bedroom must be bright, colourful and exciting, just like their bubbly personalities. This is why you must invest in a quirky Kid’s room ceiling design, which reflects the unique tastes and ideas of your child.

This doesn’t mean you shell a bomb! Some of these false ceiling designs for kid’s rooms come within your budget and are also easy to install. If you want to break the monotony of the regular cartoons or popular themes, we suggest you take a look at these 10 innovative ceilings that are sure to leave your kid in amazement!

Latest Kids Room False Ceiling Designs In India:

Let us take a peek into some of the best false ceiling designs for kid’s room to impress your kids:

1. Best Kids Room Ceiling Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Is your child into Smurfs? Then, why don’t you gift this realistic ceiling design for his room? Check out the ceiling, which has a 3D wallpaper, encased in Pop border. When the background lights are switched on, the clouds come alive and you almost get a feeling of sleeping open air! Playtime with cloud gazing, the fun is endless!

2. Children’s Bedroom Ceiling Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This ceiling design is literally “out of the world”! The pitch-black background is designed with constellations and Zodiac signs to double up your Kid’s love for Astro-science. So, when you lie down on the bed and gaze into the ceiling, the feeling is indescribable. You must just want to steal their room, beware!

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3. Baby Room Ceiling Design:

Image Source: pinterest

A baby’s nursery area should be serene, sober, yet playful! This starry night ceiling design is sure to calm them down and coax them into sleeping blissfully. The colours are also chosen with care, so as not to overwhelm the tender eyes of the babies. This is a unisex design which works until they are about 3-4 years old.

4. Latest Ceiling Designs for Girl Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

No girl doesn’t love the pink colour! Especially, if it is as pretty as this room, the excitement levels go leaps and bounds. While many people restrict pink colour ceilings to princess themes alone, this one is a rule breaker. It is more practical and realistic for modern girls. Observe how the false ceiling is adorned with floral decorations. We also love the wooden log that runs along the centre line!

5. Pop Ceiling Design for Children’s Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

Rainbow colour themes are a hot favourite with young kids. This beautiful room is made even prettier with the unusual pop ceiling design. The cloud background that features stars and a rainbow makes for a great idea. What catches our attention are the four different coloured lamps that go well very with the theme and also brighten up the environment.

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6. Children’s Bedroom Ceiling with Fan:

Image Source: pinterest

If you want to keep the ceiling simple and elegant, add a designer ceiling fan like this one for an oomph factor! The chandelier-inspired fan is all that your little girl needs to get into slumber lands. It keeps the room airy and comfortable. It can be used as a reading light, so she can read bedtime stories and dream of them!

7. Children’s Room Ceiling with Lights:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a little surprise for the diva in the making! The gorgeous purple-themed room is given a statement look with this innovative ceiling light. A simple heart-shaped glass is added to the plain, pink ceiling and is filled with tiny LED bulbs. Just when the clock strikes midnight and you switch on those lights, the magic begins!

8. Stars for Children’s Bedroom Ceiling:

Image Source: pinterest

If your kid is fond of counting stars in the sky, why don’t you get him some? We are not kidding! Check out this room for instance. Look at those shiny stars twinkling on the roof and the walls. The idea is pretty simple. Star-shaped figures are stencilled on the wall using radium paint. When the lights go off and darkness takes over, that’s when you can witness the show!

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9. Kids Room Ceiling Paint/Coloring Ideas:

Image Source: pinterest

Gift this warm and cosy room to your son-shine and you will never regret one bit! The yellow-coloured painted ceiling ensures there is no dull moment, even on the most drabby days. To contrast this brightness, the rest of the walls are painted in white and hey, did you notice that cute doodling on it? Cool idea!

10. Children’s Bedroom Ceiling Decorations:

Image Source: pinterest

Now, this is true art! There can be no better way to appreciate a budding scientist than gifting this room to them. It is no exaggeration to state that the ceiling decorations are “out-of-world” and even quite too! The skilful painting work combined with the addition of the extra elements makes this one of the most talented ideas ever!

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So, which bedroom design did your kid like the most? To be very honest, we loved a few of these kids’ room ceiling ideas so much that given a chance, we would try them in our rooms too. Childhood is the most blissful period of any person and there can be no better than to celebrate it than with these lively personal spaces. If you have any other false ceiling designs for children’s rooms on your Wish list, do let us know!


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