Everybody including kids and young ones require a perfect and ideal pair of shoe so that it’s comfortable to their small feet and even protect their soft and tender feet from any injuries. There are many kind of stylish, branded and daily wear shoes are available for kids and we should choose the one according to the purpose.

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Latest and Fashionable Kids Shoes Designs for Boys and Girls:

Let have a quick glance at different type of kids shoes.

1. Blue and White Girls Shoe Design:

This type of beautiful looking blue and white shoes along with a small cute bow extends the look of small tiny feet. The colour blue with polka dots look pretty on girls and can be as worn on parties or any occasion.

2. Ballet Flat Shoe for Girls:

Here come the perfect shoes for girl kid who loves dancing. This type of ballet shoes are flat and have soft bottoms and lend comfort to feet while dancing and even gives a sparkling look when worn.

3. Snow Boots for Girl Kid:

This type of soft and cute looking boots looks awesome on girls kid. The pink boots along with soft white fur looks as snow looking fabulous it worn on top of shorts or frocks.

4. Princess Style Pearl Pink Shoes:

A girl baby look like princess and if she dresses up also like a princess then it’s difficult from admiring her. The cute pearl pink bows along with a stylish band on the ankles gives a fabulous look and are perfect for wedding and any parties.

5. Cute Rabbit Shoes for Kids:

This type of stylish and cute looking shoes is a great pick by young ones. The shoes makes the young ones appear like a cute rabbit. These type of shoes are available in many designs and animal figure and you can pick the one according to your kids likes and dislikes.

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6. Disney Lace Shoes for Girl Kid:

A Disney shoe fascinates the girl child as she wants to appear pretty and dynamic like them. This Disney printed boots along with contrast laces looks unique and it dressed with jeans or short skirts , makes the young one look very beautiful Disney one’s.

7. Breathable Canvas Kids Shoes for Boys:

Canvas shoes are very light weighted shoes and very comfortable to wear. The shoes are perfect are boys and can be worn for any sport activities or cool as daily wear also. As these shoes are light in weight it lends comfort to small feet’s and they are available in many attractive designs and colours.

8. Bright Flashing LED Kids Shoes:

Here comes the most attractive and appealing shoes for both girls and boys kid. The shoe has inhibited flashing LED lights studded at the edges of the shoe. So when the kids walk or play the light glows and there is bright flash reflected from the shoe.

9. Rubber Butterfly Shoe for Kids:

As small girls are denoted like butterflies, this shoe is designed in the shape of a butterfly thus looking exemplarily when worn by small girls. The shoe is made of rubber and the bright yellow and sea green colour makes the shoe appear very cool an unique and if teamed up with shorts of small skirts the shoe and the wearer look very awesome.

10. Daily Wear Kids Shoes for Boys:

Apart from parties and sport activities kids need shoes on daily basis. This type of shoe is absolutely ideal one as the shoe have soft bottom and is even stretchable, it lends all sort of comfort to small tender feet’s. The shoes are available in many colour and motifs and can be teamed with any outfit preferred by young boys.

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11. Spider Man Shoes for Boy Kid:

Young ones especially boys are very curious about their favourite cartoon character and want their embellishments on personal belongings also. This spider man printed shoe is an apt shoe for spider man lovers and it appears very lively also.

12. Leather Party Wear Shoe for Boy Kids:

As the kids grow they require different and stylish shoes for every purpose so that they can also appear smarter like their elders. This shinning black pure leather shoes has soft bottoms and the fringes design in the front of the shoe enhances the look and this shoe an ideal awesome shoe for parties.

13. Boys Sports Shoes for Kids:

As boys of any age group love sports and is involved in sport activities throughout the day, so this of colourful and attractive looking shoe is the pick from them. The shoe is padded from inside so that tender feet is protected from any kind of injuries while playing.

14. Stylish Kids Shoe for Boys:

This type of fantastic and dynamic looking shoes looks very stylish and has fascinating looks when worn to any parties, weddings by boys. The top of the shoes has unique and striking blue colour and the lace to tighten or loosing purposes so that it lends comfort while walking or doing any activity. This type of shoe can be teamed with any outfits and fits to any occasion.

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15. High Top Sneaker Shoe for Boy Kid:

This top of high top sneakers is the best choice for boys as it can be used for any purpose as well to any occasion also. The shoe has side’s zipper for styling and the straps for comfortable fitting. The shoe is available in many pastel colour and the young ones can opt the one according to likes and use.

Kids of any age group love to have numerous kinds of shoes in their collection for each purpose. As their elders styles and look fashionable, so why the young ones stay back from them? There is much different kind of shoes available in market and you can pick the one according to your child purpose.

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