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9 Latest Fashionable Indian Kipling Bags with Hanging Monkey

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Kipling , a fashion brand that has its outstanding collection in best designed handbags, backpacks, luggage, purses, wallets, messenger bags, travel accessories, school bags, fashion handbags and more. The fantastic collections introduced by the Kipling brand are available since 1987 and is a part of VF Corporation since 2004. Found in 1987 in Antwerp, Belgium is a world famous brand today.

Recognized with the crinkled nylon fabric and the zipper with a cute monkey hanging, Kipling has become a hot favorite brand in bags. The monkey hanging with every Kipling bags is of course the brand symbol, it is arrived from the famous work of Rudy Kipling’s’ the jungle book. Even there is not only one monkey but not less than 425 monkeys all named after the employee from all around the globe.

Latest Fashionable Indian Kipling Bags with Hanging Monkey

Different Types of Kipling Bags in India:

Here we present 9 most beautiful kipling bags along with pictures in different models and sizes.

1. Fashion Kipling Bag:

Fashion Kipling Bag

A trendy one sided shopping bag is a must for all ladies. Kipling fashion shopping bag in colors look adorable when out for purchases. Side hanging Shoulder Kipling bags is one that should definitely be in the wardrobe.

2. Back to School Kipling Bag:

Back to School Kipling Bag

Kipling bags have a very good variety in back to school bags; the car toony structure looks awesome with girls and school kids. The variety available in back to school Kipling bags looks adorable with the monkey key zippers.

3. Multiple Kipling Waist Bag:

Multiple Kipling Waist Bag

Multiple pockets Kipling bags are very much in demand for those going to work. Routine accessories are perfectly pocketed in the Kipling multiple pocket waist bags. Fun loving working men and women will for sure a funny looking monkey chained zipper bag to have a pinch of fun in the routine working life.

4. Kipling Handbags for Girls:

Kipling Handbag

Kipling handbags with variety of colors and designs having attractive straps and pockets look very trendy upon working people. Classic grey handbag with a routine lifestyle gives a touch of rich and attractiveness.

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5. Short Way Travel Kipling Bag:

Short way Travel Kipling Bag

Short travel Kipling bags has unique features in their making. The easy handles, zippers, and different large pockets are easy packing and spacious for a short tour in a stylish way. Usually travelling with extra luggage can be solved and easily stored in Kipling bags make the tour relaxing.

6. Outdoor Travel Kipling Bags:

Outdoor Travel Kipling Bags

Kipling travel bags also have a large sum of varieties in designs and specialties. Carrier bags, luggage bags with travelling wheels go easy when travelling long. Small handbags with easy handles also look stylish and attractive.

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7. Leather Kipling Bag:

Leather Kipling Bag

Kipling leather bags for women have distinguished looking features and designs. A small handy purse leather material with a zipper with the signature monkey hanging gives a branded image.

8. Kipling Gym Bag:

Kipling Gym Bag

Kipling gym bags with attractive crinkled material and zipped pockets have special pockets for every accessory needed in gym. Women gym bags and men gym bags have different features as per demand.

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9. New Kipling Baby Bag:

New Kipling Baby Bag

With the change of demands and likes of people all around the world, the designs of new Kipling bags have beautiful colors and stylish designs making the handbags look more awesome.

Kipling bags have different features even with school bags and travelling bags. The beautiful exteriors of the bags are attractive and eye catching, leaving behind a signature impact. Several designer pockets also help in storage facility. Different material used in the making also gives an awesome look and durability. The crinkled nylon fabric and zipper monkey key chain have its unique appearance.

Not only the handbags but also the back to school bags, totes, wallets and backpacks have a distinguish impact on the viewers. The high quality backpacks are well known for adventurous tours.

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