If you have always yearned to have wooden floor décor in your kitchen and thought it was not feasible, then do not worry. There are new kitchen floor tiles made of porcelain and ceramic that can easily give you the same old charm, warmth, and cosiness. Kitchen floor tiles are not only used in our homes but are also used commercially in industries and restaurants. Scroll down this extensive article to find several inspiring and trending options in kitchen floor tile designs that will bring a new refreshing look to your kitchen!

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Latest Kitchen Floor tile designs:

Here are our 15 simple and best kitchen floor tile designs with photos. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Victorian Kitchen Floor Tiles:

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This is a traditional patterned tile rug in Victorian style for the kitchen floor that perfectly matches the shiny white-coloured cabinets of this kitchen. These patterned kitchen floor tiles are versatile and allow customization. Several variations can be implemented in the borders and angles of the pattern bringing charm to your kitchen with matching backsplash. These decorative tiles are scratch-resistant and durable, making them ideal to be used for kitchen floors.

2. Rustic Kitchen Floor Tiles Designs:

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Here we see unique kitchen floor tiles in earthy colours that resemble natural stone and comprise different shades of beige from light to dark. It beautifully matches the colour scheme of the kitchen, which consists of a grey-and-white scheme. The tiled floor is not even but is a combination of uneven squares and rectangles that make it look attractive and considered to be ideal with its creative design concept.

3. Spanish Tile Floor Kitchen:

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Here we see a kitchen based on a Spanish theme that looks sophisticated as well as classy. The decorative kitchen floor tile looks welcoming and exudes warmth with practical interior design in the kitchen layout. The kitchen tiles here are terracotta floor tiles with a blue octagon design of unparalleled quality. The tiles are highly durable, easy to maintain, and carry an authentic old-world charm with them.

4. Vintage Kitchen Floor Tiles Designs:

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Here we see how black and white checkerboard floor vinyl tiles add a vintage element to the décor and give it a retro look. The combo of black and white tile floor kitchen is a popular choice with a classic neutral look to it in this all-white kitchen with white cabinets and matching black and white appliances, further adding to the beauty of this tiling. It makes the kitchen look cheerful with a spotless, clean, and bright look.

5. Contemporary Kitchen Floor Tiles:

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In this kitchen, we see a line wood design on the beige kitchen tiles that add depth to the floor. The smooth rectangular tiles have a natural finish with shades running from light to dark and exude simplicity and elegance. These tiles not only look wonderful but are easy to maintain and clean. The light beige kitchen floor tiles with white cabinetry give a trendy look to the kitchen floor with a high-end luxurious feel.

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6. Italian Kitchen Floor Tiles:

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Here this kitchen has cement-coloured stone fusion Italian tiling with grey and white veining, which produces a timeless monochromatic look. The tiles are wear-resistant and easy to maintain and are versatile to match any space. The cabinetry has a combination of white and brown that matches the stone kitchen floor tiles beautifully. The backsplash and the furniture blend with the colour scheme of the whole kitchen décor and complete the look of the kitchen.

7. 3D Kitchen Floor Tiles:

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Here we see mind-blowing 3D flooring tiles that bring your kitchen to life with awesome floor art. This stunning art in tiles can help you transform and revamp your kitchen décor. These are non-slip and water-resistant tiles that make it highly functional and bring you one with nature making working in the kitchen a pleasant experience. 3D Kajaria kitchen floor tiles are among the companies that deal with these kinds of tiles and cater to all your requirements.

8. Designer Kitchen Floor Tiles Designs:

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Here we see a galley-type kitchen where we see interwoven modern kitchen floor tiles with a zig-zag kind of pattern on soft grey tiles that mimics a retro design. There is a smart use of space in the arrangement of cabinets, stoves, and the oven to save space. The choice of tiles and the view offered through the glass door are stunning, and the layout is an excellent fit for this designer kitchen. These tiles are durable and easy to maintain.

9. Black and White Tile Floor Kitchen:

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Some colours and designs for the kitchen floor are classic and timeless, and this bold checkered tile is one of them. This combination of tiles matched with black and white cabinets and countertops adds to the visual look of this popular kitchen floor tile. The tiles here are in stark contrast to the backsplash and décor of the kitchen. All these together combine elegance with practical function in this stylish kitchen.

10. Ivory Kitchen Floor Tiles:

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In this kitchen, we see how well the ivory-coloured tiles can create a seamless look and an illusion of space. The décor exudes contemporary style and enhances the minimalist outline. There is a bright, refreshing feel to this kitchen with highly polished glossy tiles. The choice of cabinet colour and the appliances perfectly match the colour scheme of this kitchen. These porcelain kitchen floor tiles are highly durable and easy to maintain.

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11. Brown Kitchen Floor Tiles:

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These unique great-looking tiles have a warm and cosy look to them and make a kitchen look classy as well as a comfy personal sanctuary. These terracotta square kitchen floor tiles suit kitchens and give them a rustic aesthetic appeal, and the decor of the room matches perfectly with the wooden cabinets and cupboards chosen. All these, along with stainless steel kitchen appliances, create the perfect ensemble for this homely yet elegant kitchen.

12. Green Kitchen Floor Tiles Designs:

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In this kitchen, we see French-style reminiscences, and there is a beautiful combo of elegance and homeliness, which gives a down-to-earth feel to this lovely kitchen. There is so much colour seen here, which is in contrast to the bright white kitchen cabinets. The beautiful hanging potted plants give the impression of bringing nature from outside to within the kitchen. The beautiful kitchen floor tiles bathed in bright light streaming through the windows further add to the charm of this beautiful kitchen.

13. Wood Tile Kitchen Floor:

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Here we see a kitchen with the latest kitchen floor tiles that resemble wood and have a lot of character. It reflects the personality of the owner beautifully and has a simple yet elegant look to it. The subtle colours beautifully match the colour scheme of the kitchen and have a light finish to it. The natural light through the window gives the kitchen a bright look and matches the wooden cabinets well. The island in the centre with a marble countertop adds charm to this already beautiful kitchen.

14. PVC Floor Tiles Kitchen:

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In this kitchen, we see small kitchen floor tiles made of PVC that carry an old simple charm about it. The tiles have a warm and earthy colour and perfectly match the décor of this quaint kitchen. The white and cream-coloured wooden cabinets with natural light pouring out of white windows make this room look very homely and cosy. These types of tiles are popular because they are quick and easy to install.

15. Stone Kitchen Floor Tiles Designs:

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In this kitchen, we see a natural stone in elegant grey and white that blends well with the home’s decor and is one of the best tiles for the kitchen floor. This tiling helps to brighten the kitchen subtly without going overboard with its light beige-coloured cabinets and overhead lights. Even though the layout is small tastefully arranged appliances save space and make it look cosy, homely, and dramatically beautiful.

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If you are on the verge of giving your kitchen a new look, then through this article, you can enter the fascinating world of beautiful and colourful tiles with a wide array of colours, styles, and patterns. These colourful kitchen floor tile designs are made from different materials and offer you a wide variety of textures. While choosing, ensure that apart from suiting your home’s ambience, it must also withstand the rigours of daily use. We hope this extensive article helps you to pick the right tile of your choice and brings joy and warmth to your home!


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