Designing your own home has become a trend these days as you can do it according to your taste without plugging a hole into your finances. As a hot pot of the house, the kitchen needs some extra care, as it gives you and your family all the yummy meals and nourishment. But making it stand out is all in your hands and not so complicated anymore. I give you a list of the kitchen furniture designs you can choose from to make your kitchen a beautiful place.

15 Latest Kitchen Furniture Designs With Pictures Save

Best Kitchen Furniture Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern kitchen furniture ideas with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Modular Kitchen Furniture Design:

Modular Kitchen Furniture Design Save

Here is a modular kitchen furniture design with natural lighting and air. The furniture in this kitchen, including the cabinets, are yellow that compliment the white walls of the space. There are cabinets to store essentials and shelves on the top to keep cups and jars that are used regularly, and it also has an inbuilt oven and stove. There is a long window to the wall with shutters and some smart bulbs to light your kitchen during nights.

2. Kitchen Furniture Designs For Small Kitchen:

Kitchen Furniture Designs For Small Kitchen Save

If you are looking for a way to modernize your small kitchen, then this design just fits the purpose perfectly. All the cabinets and the wall are in a shade of grey with a white roof, and some wall mounts on the wall in yellow, making it attractive. There is also a built-in dining table without occupying much space that can comfortably seat two people, making it a perfect kitchen furniture design for a small kitchen.

3. Latest Kitchen Furniture Design:

Latest Kitchen Furniture Design Save

This is one of the trendy and latest kitchen furniture design with a stylish finish. The wall at the back of the exhaust hood is bright orange in contrast with the grey walls on the other sides. There are cabinets at the bottom area of the kitchen with a sleek finish with an inbuilt oven and stove. There is also a grey coloured shelf with a frosted glass door with horizontal lines on them. The temperament of this room is very calm and chic.

4. Kitchen Interior Furniture:

Kitchen Interior Furniture Save

Whatever the size of the kitchen, interiors are what make it look beautiful with proper ventilation. All the cabinets in this kitchen interior furniture are made out of wood in white that matches the colour of the wall. There are also cabinets at the top corner of the room with see-through glass doors with wooden protection. There are large doors and windows with clear glass giving the room ample amounts of sunlight and wind.

5. Kitchen Furniture Color Design:

Kitchen Furniture Colour Design Save

This is one of the ways you can include your colour palette into your kitchen furniture colour design. There is a thin marble tabletop with a stove and panelled light blur coloured bottom with long cupboards on the opposite side of the tabletop. There is a marble wall in between the shelves that adds to the décor along with an oven on the side. There are some stools around the countertop to have instant breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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6. PVC Kitchen Furniture Design:

Images Of Purple Kitchens Design High Gloss Purple Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Save

The material used to prepare cabinets is essential, and PVC has been gaining prominence these days because of all the advantages it provides. Easily mouldable material, PVCkitchen furniture design makes your kitchen look sophisticated with very little money invested. There are cabinets both at the top and the bottom with lavender colour finish with a white tabletop. The cabinets are built around the oven, and the stove is inbuilt at the bottom.

7. L Shape Kitchen Furniture Design:

L Shape Kitchen Furniture Design Save

L shape kitchen furniture design is pretty standard in many middle-class houses. The place occupied is very less with an inbuilt stove. The cabinets at the bottom and the top are pure white with flowers here and there. The marble tabletop complements the shelves perfectly. There is also a small stand provided to hang spatulas or cups. There is also a see-through sliding window on the side for natural light and wind.

8. Designer Kitchen Furniture:

Designer Kitchen Furniture Save

Who doesn’t want a class looking kitchen with a minimal budget? Look at the designer kitchen furniture that changes your standard looking space into elegance. The cupboards have a sea green and cream colour combination at the bottom and top area of the kitchen. There is a stove at the corner and a black marble dining space to have an instant breakfast. There are also tiles on the wall matching the combination of the shelves.

9. Italian Kitchen Furniture:

Italian Kitchen Furniture Save

one of the modern and fashionable kitchen interiors worldwide is Italian kitchen furniture. There are wooden cupboards in this space have minimalistic design with glass doors at the top and bottom area. White colour is predominantly used for the walls and the shelves with fashionable design on some of the glass doors and see-through glasses to store crockery and other things, which is why it is a top modern kitchen furniture design.

10. White Kitchen Furniture Design:

White Kitchen Furniture Design Save

The theme of this space is all-white, including the cabinets, walls, lights, and window panes. This makes white kitchen furniture design an elegant option creating a look that is simple yet classy. The cupboards are made out of wood with a standard model with an inbuilt stove and oven on one side. There are three glass windows for the inflow of sunlight during the day and bulbs that elevate the look during nights!

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11. Kitchen Furniture Sunmica Design:

Kitchen Furniture Sunmica Designs Save

Another material predominantly used in many kitchens is sunmica. This is a kitchen furniture sunmica design that gives your kitchen a sleek finish. There are cabinets both towards the top and bottom with a colour combination of white and dark green. The cabinets above have slots to place coffee mugs with an inbuilt stove and sink. Though the area for the furniture is less, the sunmica finish is what makes it beautiful.

12. Wooden Kitchen Furniture Design:

Wooden Kitchen Furniture Designs Save

Wood comes in several types that can elevate your kitchen space, such as veneer, plywood, and many more. Wooden kitchen furniture design is something many people prefer because of the natural feel and look of the wood. The cabinets in this room are made out of wood at the bottom and a combination of shelves with doors and racks without doors for storage. The black kitchen top compliments the material of the cabinets, and the shades in the room also are coloured to match the wood.

13. Open Kitchen Furniture Design:

Open Kitchen Furniture Design Save

The open kitchen furniture design is quickly becoming the trending and popular. You can consider this as one of the best home kitchen furniture designs since it combines the kitchen and dining space, making it look big and includes the people working in the kitchen too. The cabinets present at the bottom have a pretty pattern, and the shelves at the top are grey with glass doors. There is a division with a wall that has a black marble finish that divides the dining area and the kitchen. There is also a dark-coloured cabinet to store crockery and also a mirror to look at yourself.

14. Kitchen Wall Furniture Design:

Kitchen Wall Furniture Design Save

When you have very little space for the kitchen, then the kitchen wall furniture design looks perfect without occupying much space. The cabinets in this space are made out of veneer wood at the bottom and with frosted glass doors on the top with an inbuilt chimney and oven making it perfect but simple kitchen furniture design. There are also racks towards the side to place your wine glasses, with lights at the top.

15. Kitchen Corner Furniture Ideas:

Kitchen Corner Furniture Ideas Save

You can consider this as one of the best kitchen corner furniture ideas that are as simple as one can get. There are only cabinets at the top area at the corner, with wooden doors on both sides and a see-through glass door in the centre. You can store plates, cups, and glass bowls in the centre cabinet and groceries in the other two making it a kitchen furniture layout perfect for any place with minimal space.

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Designing your kitchen space need not be tough anymore. There are a plethora of options in materials and designs that you can choose from that fits your criteria and matches your kitchen space. With the comprehensive list of the Kitchen furniture models in this article, you can completely change how you and others perceive your kitchen.


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