Due to the limited space in modern houses, it sometimes becomes really difficult to find the proper location for the pooja room. Thus, to save space most people are now trying kitchen pooja room designs. Yes, this simply means that they are combining their kitchen and pooja room using the best possible designs.

For some people, this whole idea of having a pooja mandir in the kitchen is a big no-no, but many people are making this trend flawless by using the best creative ideas. While the pooja room is a sacred place, you too can use the available pooja room in kitchen designs to make it look stylish without losing its spirituality.

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How To Select A Pooja Room Design In the Kitchen?

The whole idea of using pooja ghar in the kitchen needs proper consideration of many things so that the people can get the actual feel of pooja mandir. The most important of all is to be aware of how to select the pooja design for your kitchen which should not disturb your routine and also offer you the desired benefits.

Here are some of the things with which you can select appropriate pooja room design in the kitchen:

  • Look out for the available space before choosing the design.
  • Keep the pooja room area closed, when not in use.
  • Understand the direction of placing the mandir.
  • Consider the position and location of the pooja mandir.
  • Keep a check on your budget as well.
  • Consider the Vastu Shastra before picking up any pooja room design in the kitchen.

Modern Pooja Room Designs In Kitchen:

It is quite hard to combine a pooja room in your kitchen unless you exactly know how to do it. Interested in knowing the secret behind this? Here are our 10 simple and best pooja mandirs in kitchen designs that will not interrupt the normal working of your kitchen and will also make your mandir look beautiful:

1. Pooja Room Cabinet in Kitchen:

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Probably the best way to make the most of kitchen pooja room designs is to tuck it in a cabinet. This design is one of the most common designs as it doesn’t come in the way of kitchen work and also offers the needed spirituality to the users.

Also, this design helps in keeping the pooja room isolated from the rest of the kitchen which is one of the prime needs when placing a mandir in the kitchen. You can also make a special cabinet in your modular kitchen design which will not even look odd from the other available design.

2. Pooja Mandir On the Outside Kitchen Wall:

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If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen as well, then you can use this pooja room in the kitchen design and place your mandir on the wall just outside your kitchen. This design is becoming quite popular in small apartments as there is not enough space for the needs.

You can customize the pooja room mandap or cabinet according to the size of the wall or according to the way that you like. You can also consider seeking help from Vastu Shastra for a pooja room in the kitchen to ensure that you are doing the right thing.

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3. Using a 2 Tiered Counter:

You can always use a separate countertop in your kitchen to place your mandir. Although these kitchens with pooja room designs take some of the space and you get plenty of room for placing all the essential items of the pooja room.

Place all the idols and other stuff in their proper position so that they don’t interfere anywhere with the working of the kitchen. You can use either a small countertop or a bigger one, depending on the space available to you. You can also use just one shelf on the counter and use the other one for your kitchen needs as well.

4. Small Wall Mounted Pooja Mandir:

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If you want to keep things traditional then you can go for using a wall-mounted mandir in your kitchen. This is one of the common designs of pooja ghar in the kitchen which you find in most of the places. The size of the mandir, of course, can vary according to the availability of the space in the kitchen.

Make sure that you are using a mandir with doors so that you can close them when the pooja mandir is not in use. By doing this, you will get a separate place for your pooja and you can keep it away from the daily routine of the kitchen as well while preserving its sacredness.

5. Small Pooja Mandir in Kitchen:

If you have enough space in your kitchen, then you can always opt for the option of having either a small-sized or big-sized mandir in your kitchen. Look at a quiet corner in your kitchen and simply place your mandir in that corner.

Make sure that the chosen corner is not that frequently used in your kitchen so that your mandir activities can remain separate from the kitchen-related ones. Also, be sure to have the mandir with doors for closing the mandir when not in use. Consider Vastu Shastra for the pooja room in the kitchen also being sure with the position and direction of your mandir.

6. Use Kitchen’s Store Room:

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If you have a storeroom attached to your kitchen, then you are blessed. Why? It is because you can use the available kitchen storeroom as your pooja room. This is one of the simplest kitchens with pooja room designs that can be tried without actually combining your kitchen and pooja room.

Using the storeroom can also offer many advantages like you can get enough space for beautifully decorating your pooja room. You also get enough space to keep all the essential items of your pooja room just at the right place without any compromises.

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7. Decorative Pooja Room on Wall:

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If you don’t want to use the proper or common way of using the pooja room in the kitchen, then you can go with this solution. You can keep an entire wall of your kitchen decorated with the idols of God and can use the same for doing all your pooja and rituals.

The best thing about using this design is that it doesn’t require much space and thus can be done within any space. But, you must take care of the direction of the wall before using it as your pooja room. Also, you can decorate the wall in the simple ways that you like.

8. Wall Camouflaged:

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Using a wall camouflaged is one of the trending designs for a modular kitchen with a pooja room. These designs make sure that they don’t overdo anything while combining the kitchen and the pooja room. Another thing that you can be sure of with this design is that it will look amazing and beautiful.

You can choose the wall which usually separates the kitchen from the rest of the house space to make the best use of the space. You can also combine your mandir with a glass door so that they can maintain the authenticity of the pooja mandir in the best possible manner.

9. Mandir in Kitchen’s Corner:

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Nothing can be a safer place to have a pooja room in the kitchen than to have it in a corner. All you have to do is to choose a suitable corner in your kitchen which is a bit away from the kitchen work and place your mandir there. You can keep it as simple as you want or can keep it as decorated as you like.

You can also choose a pooja shelf in the kitchen. Make sure that you are aware of the Vastu for the pooja room in the kitchen before choosing the corner for the mandir. This will save a lot of your kitchen space as well.

10. Using a Kitchen Shelf:

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One of the safest options for combining pooja ghar and kitchen is by having a pooja shelf in the kitchen. In this design, you don’t need anything special to use as all you need is to have a shelf on which you can make your mandir.

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This is also one of the trending designs of modular kitchens with pooja rooms where one kitchen shelf is kept for being used as a mandir. If it is not possible to have doors for your pooja mandir, then you can always use curtains to keep your mandir separated from the rest of the kitchen space.

These are some of the best and easiest pooja rooms in kitchen designs that you can use. If you are not sure about the placement of the mandir in your kitchen, then it is better to choose the pooja room in the kitchen as per Vastu to avoid any possible problems. You can also consult an experienced interior designer for the same and get the best Vastu for a pooja room in the kitchen.

If you have any other doubts regarding the use of pooja room designs in the kitchen, then please do comment below. We will get back to you with the best possible help and information for your help.


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