A kitchen showcase is a piece of furniture that can help you keep all your kitchen utensils, grocery items, pots and pans in neat spaces and an orderly fashion. These cabinets and shelving units are made of wood, metal or even plastic. The kitchen showcase pictures we show you here are all perfect examples of what can be done in your home. They turn a simple room into a functional one and give you the advantage of time and space. These kitchen showcase designs can be decorative or plain. They can have levels of shelves that are broad or they can be a long cabinet.

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How To Select Showcase Designs For Kitchen?

When you choose the showcase kitchen cabinet make sure to check out these points. Here we give you some thoughts to consider before spending on a showcase for your kitchen.

  • Space: Every room is different and so it is important to measure out the dimensions of your room and see if a particular showcase design will fit easily. There must be space in the kitchen for you to move around too.
  • Shape: There are several types of cabinets in the kitchen. According to the room dimensions, you can choose a wall cabinet, corner showcase or floor cabinet.
  • Budget: Money is all-important for this purchase, especially as a full kitchen cabinet may be quite expensive. Check to see if the material used and the cost of the showcase fits your budget.

Importance of Kitchen Showcase Designs:

The kitchen is the place where you spend a considerable time of the day, preparing meals for the family. So having furniture that helps you to be organized and keep your things in place is most important. Each item in the kitchen needs proper placement and then the use of it is expanded. Indian kitchen showcase designs are perfect as they tend to the Indian cooking scene. The cabinets, shelves, etc help you to store items and appliances in such a way that it is easy to reach for them when needed. So keeping rarely used items in the corner of a cabinet makes sense!

Best Kitchen Showcase Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 simple and modern kitchen showcase designs with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Silver Kitchen Showcase Design:

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This sturdy metal small kitchen showcase is the right size for most kitchens. The five-layer shelving unit is made from steel and thus will last longer. Decorative edges on the shelves make this a cool feature to have in the home. Apart from its functional use, the style of this showcase is popular and so is one of the best sellers. If you factor in budget, then you are on point. This floor style showcase with its great dimensions is just right for your home. The silver colour brightens up the room and gives it style.

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2. Kitchen Appliance Cabinet:

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Try this subtle wooden showcase for the kitchen that can store your appliances as well as other items. The space for a microwave oven, mixer, etc is just right. You can keep this cabinet in any space in the kitchen. The engineered wood used for this showcase is durable and strong. A lovely brown finish gives the showcase a bright look and can make the kitchen seem spacious. So choose this stunning showcase for your kitchen. As the showcase is light on weight you can easily keep it anywhere in the kitchen. This is the ideal showcase for you.

3. Metal Kitchen Showcase Design:

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A chic and functional kitchen cabinet showcase is this metal showcase which can be placed anywhere. You can opt to keep it on the floor itself or you can place it on a cabinet or counter space. The three-layer shelving unit is made from durable steel and so you can keep heavy items on it. The layer below the last shelf can also be used to store items. The sleek design of this showcase is what sets it apart. This is easy to maintain and clean regularly with just a clean cloth.

4. Wenge Showcase Design for Kitchen:

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Go for this stunning designer showcase kitchen that will set your home apart from others. The engineered wood showcase is a glamorous piece that fits beautifully in stylish homes. It has three shelves on the top level to store and showcase plates and cutlery. The middle shelves are perfect for daily-use items. There are two drawers for cutlery again and below that are closed cabinets to store kitchen items. The green colour finish of this showcase is the perfect look for most homes. The showcase will stand out in your kitchen to give you a glam look.

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5. Country Style Kitchen Showcase Design:

Here is a country-style kitchen showcase that you can keep anywhere in the kitchen. The showcase is made of iron and wood and has a chicken shack kind of design. The many shelves make for ample space to keep knickknacks and other items in the kitchen. This is easy to clean and lightweight. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen and change the décor of your kitchen according to your choice. Metal and wood are both durable materials and this will only help to give you a long-lasting item. Get this item today!

6. Wooden Kitchen Showcase Design:

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This is a kitchen wall showcase that you can hang on any available wall in the kitchen. It is a three-shelf unit that has a vintage charm to it. The lovely old-world picture on the unit makes the kitchen quite stylish. You will be able to store many items on the shelves. It is also a perfect spice rack and can be hung just near the gas stove for easy reach for items while cooking. Brown is the colour used in most kitchen furniture so this will easily fit in your existing kitchen furniture.

7. Writing Board Kitchen Showcase Design:

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Try this great wall-mounted kitchen showcase that comes with a background where you can write. The two-shelf unit is one of the best kitchen showcase images we have seen. The white and black combination of this unit makes it quite attractive. The functionality of this piece is great and it is nice to write down a shopping list when you think of it. So do install this piece in your kitchen and see how convenient it makes your life. Give yourself the best of the best for a lovely kitchen look.

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8. Shelf and Wine Glass Kitchen Showcase:

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Here is a good kitchen showcase that can be used as a showcase kitchen and bath. The single-shelf unit can keep many small jars and items. The wine glass holder under the shelf is very functional and saves space as well. It can hold many wine glasses. The cabinet space is a great way to hold all your cutlery and plates. The glass door gives you a chance to showcase some of the pretty items. The MDP material used is durable and perfect for any room in the home. Go ahead and choose this unit!

9. Vintage Kitchen Showcase Design:

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If you love vintage stuff then this kitchen and bath showcase is the one for you. Made from grey beadboard, this white and walnut colour showcase has two closed cabinets, a rack to hold plates and smaller shelves to hold other items. This showcase can be hung on the wall and saves you counter space. You can keep all the daily use items on this showcase so that it is easy to get at any time. Space-saving units are a great advantage in any home. Try this out for your kitchen and see how time-saving it can be.

10. Storage Showcase Design for Kitchen:

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Showcase kitchen and bath designs need to be trendy and stylish. This particular kitchen showcase is made from MDP and given a white finish to brighten it up. The five levels of this showcase are compact and you can store many items on it. A barrier is placed on each shelf so that items do not fall out easily. This is also a part of the design element. This unit will surely add glamour to your kitchen without taking up too much space. Make it a special storage showcase for your stunning kitchen items today.

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Showcase design for the kitchen is a wonderful furniture design that applies to most homes. Here you have cabinets and shelves that keep things and appliances in order. You can store pots and pans neatly and also have counter space for working. Separate space is given for spices and grains, vessels, cups, and saucers. The showcase cabinets are also perfect for displaying some unique items and showpieces related to the kitchen. Choose the best design for your kitchen and remodel it into a masterpiece. The kitchen is the best place in the house and the showcases can help turn your dream into a reality.


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