Kitchens are the vital room of the house from where you get all your hygienic food. Knowing how necessary the kitchen is, this should be designed in such a way that it should make the person working inside it very comfortable and pleased. These days a modular kitchen has become very popular because of the grandeur it throws out. The kitchen tiles designs play a vital role in how your kitchen looks like. These should be chosen very carefully because a small mismatch can ruin the beauty of the kitchen.

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Kitchens will be in different sizes and shapes, and each kitchen is unique because of the different ideas of the person. Hence many tiles suit your kitchen and imagination. Most of them are available in the market, browse the catalogue before you go ahead and purchase anything. Given below are a few grand and modern kitchen tiles with images that are available in the Indian market.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Tiles:

The tiles for the home should be selected very carefully because a small mistake can spoil the whole design.

  • Firstly, assess the size of the kitchen and the places where you need to install the tiles.
  • Choose the size of the tiles. Tiles usually come in different sizes and shapes. Rectangular tiles, circular tiles, Hexagon tiles, etc., and also vary in various sizes from small-sized to large ones.
  • Next, you need to decide upon the colour of the tiles that blend with other rooms of the house.
  • Since the kitchen is the place where cooking and washing take place, choose durable tiles, and most importantly, the tiles should be heat resistant and easily washable.
  • The brand is one of the critical factors to be considered before installing the tiles. There are many superior brands like Kajaria, Somany, etc. Make sure to watch out for the budget as well.

Best Kitchen Tile Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 20 simple and modern kitchen tile designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. 3D Technology Kitchen Tiles Designs:

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This is one of the creative design concepts that can be adopted for your kitchen flooring. 3-D flooring concepts are modern and ongoing concepts across the world. This gives a mesmerising look and kids will love to play around on this 3D floor. You can be the first person from your locality to introduce this design to others because very few people know about this design.

2. Small Kitchen Tiles:

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This design of kitchen tiles perfectly suits small kitchens. People who are fond of green colour can choose these types of tiles in their kitchen. These tiles are ceramic and also are fire-resistant and, the stains on them can be cleaned easily. The small and simple tiles do not look that rich but are classy and complete the look of the kitchen.

3. Wooden Flooring Kitchen Tiles:

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Wooden tiling is an ongoing concept in kitchen flooring and this concept is different from other tilings because of the texture, feel, and look of the tiles. Truly an excellent and stylish concept that can be adopted for your kitchen. This design lends a royal look to the kitchen.

4. White and Black Kitchen Tiles:

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White and black are considered a deadly combination and have a contrast. This design with both white tiles at the bottom and black tiles on the top looks elegant and utterly fabulous. The cabinet doors in the bottom, which are white, match the tiles which make them part of the kitchen decor. The one tricky thing with these white tiles is that they have to be cleaned regularly so that the stains are not visible.

5. Glory Gold Design Kitchen Tiles:

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This kitchen tile idea is a perfect match for every kitchen. Most of the tiles are plain while some tiles have a pattern of kettle and teacup of golden colour. This concept looks mind-blowing with wooden colour furniture. The wall of the kitchen is massive to deliver an aesthetic look of tiles. The bottom cladding of the tiles lends a shining look to the kitchen.

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6. Green Kitchen Tiles:

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This design is one of the simple and cute ones that can be adopted in the kitchen. The colour is earthy and rich and exudes simplicity and elegance. You can match your kitchen appliances in different shades of grey, black, and light colours to achieve a dignified and sombre effect in your kitchen.

7. Blue Kitchen Tiles:

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This azure blue is an extraordinarily vivid, and eye-catching colour. This colour is said to have the effect of peace and tranquillity as it matches the colour of the sky and ocean. These blue-coloured tiles are so versatile that they blend well with many colours like white, red, black, etc. Hence you can plan your kitchenware in these colours.

8. Glass Tiles for Kitchen:

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The glass tiles are made from thin pieces of glass with a translucent glaze fired on the back of each tile. This translucent property of the glass tiles makes them the most beautiful and gives a contemporary look to your kitchen. These tiles reflect the light that gives your kitchen a brighter look.

9. Ivory Kitchen Tiles:

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Ivory is a material that is hard and white, and also it is a durable material that cannot get easily damaged. Ivory tiles are fire-resistant, and these are less affected if immersed in water. Ivory tiles create a natural effect and lend a spacious look. These tiles make the right choice for domestic purposes or commercial kitchen purposes.

10. Decorative Tiles for The Kitchen:

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This design looks exceptionally modern, with hexagon-shaped tiles with crisscrossing lines. The yellow ochre colour is warm and earthy and gives you an ancient feel. This colour adds brightness, energy, and richness to your kitchen.

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11. Kitchen Border Tiles:

These border design tiles are perfect for imbibing personality and character into your kitchen. The elegant geometric design with contrasting hues of colours looks stunning against the simple backdrop of cream-coloured tiles. These tiles allow you to create a vintage patchwork look on your kitchen counter and add charm.

12. Contemporary Kitchen Tiles:

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This design involves geometric patterns in monochrome, bold, and intricate designs giving your kitchen a revamped look. This pattern brings a human touch to the splashback, thanks to the illustrative feel of the design. The neural band at the centre of the wall allows you to go with bold colours to your kitchen cabinet.

13. Patterned Kitchen Tiles:

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This enticing design combines geometric floral patterns with intricate artwork. It looks vibrant and stylish and lends a royal touch to your kitchen wall. Combine this look with a few jazzy and bright-coloured kitchen appliances for an oomph factor, and get ready for numerous compliments flowing your way!!

14. Pearl White Tiles For Kitchen:

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Probably the most common yet unique concept. These tiles go well with every home decor possible and therefore a very versatile tiling concept for your kitchen. The white pearl tiles act as a pretty adornment and a practical splashback and look perfect in every kitchen.

15. Faux Exposed Brick Tiles for Kitchen:

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One of the most elaborate tiling designs in the modern world. This tiling design does great to set the mood for one of the best kitchens in your town. Accessorize with some matching kitchenware and some potted plants and maintain it to have one of the best kitchens for a long time.

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16. Mix and Match Kitchen Tiles:

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One of the most intricate things you can do with kitchen tiles is to pick an eye-catching design. In this case, different types of tiles are matched to create a pleasing decorative pattern. Mix and match tiles within a tonal palette to keep things smart and modern.

17. Marble Kitchen Tiles:

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Marble is not exactly a vitrified or ceramic tile but it is a natural stone available in the market. If you are interested in getting the look of pure white marble, this design can be utilised for your kitchen floor and walls. One entire stone of marble is laser cut depending on the size of the kitchen floor or wall and installed carefully.

18. Patchwork Kitchen Tiles Designs:

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This kitchen tile design is glowing with a patchwork design. It possesses models of many different shapes and colours on base white tile. Your kitchen wall will surely be highlighted with this pattern of tiles, and it will appear to be eye-catching. If you are interested in countryside kitchens with a traditional appearance then you should use this design. The utensils on a kitchen base are made of sand, which is again a conventional concept.

19. Layered Style Kitchen Tiles Design:

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This tiling concept is unique and can be adopted in your kitchen. The micro cubes on the walls look like pixels of a photograph when zoomed to perfection. A photograph of a hilly abandoned place when zoomed breaks into small pixels is being depicted on the wall. The white platform with the brown modular design blends perfectly with these tiles.

20. Creative Kitchen Tile Designs:

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This design of kitchen tiles is made with great creativity. Geometric shapes are used to cut these tiles. In the middle portion, swallowed tiles are attached that seem like balls are half-cut and affixed. This half-ball pattern looks charismatic with its unique design. It is an exciting and fantastic idea to use such tiles to add radiance to your kitchen.

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You’ve chosen the cabinets, worktops, and flooring, but there’s one more vital element that can make or break your dream scheme. Kitchen wall tiles both protect and personalize the hardest working room in the house. Available in every colourway and a vast range of patterned, textured or plain designs, these ceramic wonders are having a real moment. From bold splashbacks to modern shapes, geometrics, and mosaics, these super stylish ideas are sure to inspire.


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