If keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is getting to be cumbersome, then it is time for you to upgrade your kitchen by tiling your kitchen space. Modern kitchen wall tiles designs are a natural choice because they are low maintenance, water-resistant, avoid stains, and are easy to clean. The same type of tiles cannot be used for the different areas in our home. Today we find a wide range of tiles available in a myriad of colours, motifs, and made of different materials. They are affordable and budget-friendly options to give your kitchens a complete makeover.

Best Tiles For Kitchen Walls In India:

Here are a few unique ways to tile your kitchen space with the design of your choice. Let’s have a look into the 20 simple and modern kitchen wall tiles designs with images.

1. Designer Kitchen Wall Tiles:

This is one of the best examples of a compact kitchen with designer kitchen wall tiles where the contrasting colour combinations add to the look and give you an illusion of space. The pale-pink coloured cabinets with chocolate-coloured cupboards and wall-mounted cabinets perfectly complement the tiles on the back wall. The black and white tiles against the grey wall are not only aesthetically beautiful but also have a chic look to it.

2. Decorative Wall Tiles For Kitchen:

These tiles have an eye-catching pattern consisting of shades of greyish blue tiles alternating with intricately patterned tiles. These two-toned decorative wall tiles for kitchen composed of solid grey, quartz, and bluish-grey tiles, in contrast, makes the designs on the other tiles appear more intricate and prominent. This is a beautifully patterned unusual design of big and small squares that gives the kitchen backdrop a classy and elegant look.

3. 3D Tiles For Kitchen Walls:

The 3d tiles used in this kitchen gives you a feeling of space and depth and makes your powder blue small kitchen look large and spacious. The protruding structure of the blue tiles makes it durable and long-lasting and prevents the formation of the grout because there is no gap between individual tiles. The square blue and white kitchen wall tiles make the kitchen look bright and airy along with matching cabinets.

4. Country Kitchen Wall Tiles Design:

These subtle copper wall tiles for the kitchen have a timeless, subtle look, which elevates the kitchen’s total style, and the cookware adds to the vintage look. The natural greenery on the yellow and mustard cabinet countertop and the extractor hood’s colour brings life to this dark, moody interior. If you choose to have rustic vibes in your kitchen, then these are the ideal traditional kitchen wall tiles for you that will give you a cosy and classic kitchen.

5. Patterned Kitchen Wall Tiles:

These inky deep blue-toned glass wall tiles for kitchen are super stylish and have a decorative pattern with curved edges. It gives a modern look to this minimalist kitchen and creates an illusion of depth. The dark blue glossy tiles depict urban elegance with contrasting light-coloured cabinetry. Shiny cookware, in contrast with the vibrant blue shade and a unique tile pattern as a backdrop, works best to personalize the room where you spend your maximum time.

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6. Rustic Kitchen Wall Tiles:

This kitchen is designed in classic style with the right choice of tiles where these simple kitchen wall tiles and open shelving add to the sophisticated charm with neutral colours and motifs in shades of grey. The cabinets with dark tops offer high contrast with a background of cool grey walls, and the simple kitchen wall tiles exclude a quiet charm about it.

7. Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Tiles:

The things that immediately strike one in this farmhouse-type kitchen is simplicity, warmth, and a light-filled area with a tinge of modernity. The traditional brick-like tiles in light and dark shades of grey provide an authentic look to the kitchen. This combination of conventional and modern style completes the look with appliances that match the surroundings. The greenery and fruit bowl offer the required pop of colour to the clean lines of the small kitchen wall tiles.

8. Spanish Wall Tiles Kitchen:

Here we see a combination of beige kitchen wall tiles being used in one room, unlike the usual trend of sticking to one type for the entire room. On one side, the room has darker motifs on the tiles, with the other side being plain, which makes the room look bigger. The furniture used in the form of wooden tripod stools along with the lights hanging overhead adds to the artistic beauty of the room.

9. Contemporary Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs:

These tiles in light grey with dark motifs on a white background are beautiful combinations of contemporary and modern kitchen tiles. These beautiful kitchen wall tiles have floral motifs similar to the Victorian style and are perfect with the wooden countertops. This tile has an elegant vintage pattern with a combination of grey and white and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

10. Italian Kitchen Wall Tiles:

The tiles here carry a sophisticated charm that complements the elegant cabinetry. It offers a custom made solution to decorate your home and looks like an abstract painting with different colours and shapes. The tiles have a cool tone and create a lovely backsplash for your kitchen. One can choose from a wide variety of colours and textures for these geometric kitchen wall tiles.

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11. Printed Kitchen Wall Tiles:

These trending kitchen wall tiles are incredibly realistic for looking at and used in ice cream and coffee shops. These graphic tiles can be used in our kitchens too, especially if you have designed your kitchen based on any particular theme. You can always choose your favourite fruit or any other ice creams, chocolates you like and have it in the form of printed tiles in the cooking space of your dreams.

12. Fancy Kitchen Wall Tiles Design:

The attractive designs on these marble kitchen wall tiles have a unique visual appeal. The design has a neat look about it without looking clustered. They resemble the subway tiles as this pattern is similar to the ones found in the subway stations. This type of tile design is gaining popularity and being used in kitchens to replace the conventional brick pattern tiles.

13. Textured Kitchen Wall Tiles:

It is good to experiment with different tiles, and these textured tiles work best on kitchen spaces as they add depth and dimension to a room. The light and dark shades of these rectangle-shaped beige kitchen wall tiles have a nice look and feel to it and may be referred to as one of the creative tile options that you can experiment with. The neutral colours mimic brick walls and give a serene look to the kitchen.

14. Grey Kitchen Wall Tiles:

The design of these tiles resemble curved hexagon kitchen wall tiles and has a sophisticated charm that matches the wooden countertops and white cabinetry. This minimalist kitchen with kitchen accessories made of wood and stainless steel on the open shelf brings out the gorgeous greys in the tiles. What makes it unique is that the open shelves with neatly arranged utensils have different tiles, and the high contrast showcases your design style in the kitchen of your dreams.

15. Victorian Kitchen Wall Tiles Design:

These black and white kitchen wall tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes as they can instantly change the look of your kitchen. The design is Victorian and resembles Moroccan kitchen wall tiles and is perfect for your kitchen makeover. They are known for their geometric designs. The tiles are available in the form of stickers that can easily update the existing tiles.

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16. Brick Wall Tiles Kitchen:

Brick wall tiles have an amazing, timeless look and have a rustic and earthy look. The warm tone of the red kitchen wall tiles gives a traditional look to your kitchen. It creates an illusion as though it is a wall made of bare bricks. The overhead lights, the clock, and the grey and white cabinetry perfectly suit these types of tiles.

17. Multi Coloured Kitchen Wall Tiles:

These multi-coloured porcelain kitchen wall tiles give a look of cheer to the kitchen. There is a fresh feel to the whole atmosphere. They are colourful options that add a pop of colour to your kitchen. The wooden table with the cute potted plant and other kitchen accessories go a long way in matching the tiles with radiant colours.

18. Gold Kitchen Wall Tiles:

These gold kitchen wall tiles are nothing short of a splash of gold and have a pinnacle of luxury look to it. The different shades of bronze from light to dark give it a look that is a combination of vintage and classic elements. The grey cabinets balance the shimmering gold of the tiles, and the stark white cutlery perfectly complements the antique-patterned tiles behind. The sophisticated hues of these bronze kitchen wall tiles leave you with a kitchen with a statement backsplash.

19. Kajaria Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs:

In this picture, we see two different vinyl tiles’ styles as there is a combination of light and dark beige and brown tiles. These tiles are durable and are similar to the glazed, ceramic wall tiles for kitchen, and polished tiles. The minimalist furniture and the uncluttered look are further enhanced by the tiles’ colour and give the kitchen a neat and clean look.

20. Ceramic Wall Tiles For Kitchen:

These all-white plain kitchen wall tiles are slightly coarse to touch compared to porcelain tiles, and the simplicity of these tiles is what makes it popular in many households. These bold checkered tiles with matching cabinetry are perfect for the much-desired neat and clean look and have a simple, elegant look to it. The pop of colour by way of a green potted plant and the pink flower in a white vase completes the entire look.

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If you are planning to give your kitchen an instant uplift, then choosing the right type of tiles can be challenging as one has to look at several factors related to the aesthetic value of the tiles, such as colours, patterns, and textures. There are trending kitchen wall tiles designs provided by companies like Kajaria, Cera, Homebase, Johnson, and Somany kitchen wall tiles provide you with a plethora of options. This article offers you a detailed list of creative ideas and hacks that will help you choose the right type of tiles and give your kitchen a complete makeover.

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