Kitchen is the only place inside a house where women spend more than half of the time. Moreover, it is the place where hygienic and lighting is very much important. In order to give a stylish makeover and perfect planning, there are unlimited ideas for various kitchen ideas. For a perfect kitchen idea, a good combination of kitchen wall tiles designs is very important. Many factors that are required to know while choosing a kitchen wall tile are colour, cabinets, usage etc.

Best Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 9 simple and modern kitchen wall tiles designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Glass Mosaic Kitchen Wall Tiles Design:

This is a beautiful and glossy black and white combination glass mosaic tile. These tiles are popular for their unique variety and visual appeal. These are mainly designed to use in wet areas due to its non-porous attribute. These are always durable and stylish.

2. Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles Design:

One of the most liked kitchen tiles today are subway tiles. This pattern is inspired by subway stations all over the world. It is fixed till the ceiling to give a more modern and fresh look to the kitchen. These can be replaced with brick-coloured tiles for a unique kitchen backsplash.

3. Custom Mosaic Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs:

These are high budget kitchen tiles making your kitchen look uniquely great. These tiles are cut and customized according to the design required for the kitchen. Ready-made designed mosaic tiles are also available in the market.

4. Mirror Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs:

Here are contemporary tiles for kitchen walls in which tiny mirror tiles are assembled into one design. It creates a mirrored backsplash with texture. Mirror tiles go perfect in the area for buffet and pantry. Mainly it is designed only for some part of the kitchen area.

5. Metallic Kitchen Wall Tiles Design:

Metal tiles are an excellent option for any kitchen. It goes with all types of kitchen colour, design and pattern. The main advantage is its durability as it sustains in all types of climatic conditions, easy to maintain and moreover it never cause any harm during transport.

6. Self-Adhesive Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs:

A self-adhesive tile is simple and cheaper than mosaic tiles. These are very attractive on kitchen walls. Moreover, these are exceptionally easy to install. Self-adhesive tiles need no special treatment and can be even cut with a utility knife.

7. Diagonal Kitchen Wall Tiles Design:

Instead of going with the regular square tile, a twist is given to it by spinning into the diagonal tile. But if you go to place diagonally, you may require a 10 % number of tiles. It is a bit expensive to place these as compared to diagonal tiles.

8. Best Tiles For Kitchen Walls:

The big and bold pattern for kitchen walls has become trendy now a day. These are very demanding. Not the whole kitchen, but it looks great if put for anyone of the walls and decorated thoughtfully. It should contrast to other walls of your kitchen.

9. New Kitchen Wall Tiles Design:

These are specially designed laser cut tiles on the kitchen wall, intricately cut with lasers to produce unique and finishing large cut piece tiles. These tile pieces are joined like a puzzle to get a proper design. These are very expensive as they are made up of precious metals like quartz, gold and silver.

While the selection of kitchen wall tiles ideas then there is not any limit. There are endless kitchen tile varieties depending on the pattern, cost and many other factors. Starting from the simple square ceramic tiles to the expensive and stylish laser cut tiles all have its own importance, so choose as per your price range with a different pattern of your favourite colour.