Socks are that tiny clothing accessory that covers the feet and helps absorb sweat. To give a different outlook to the design and pattern of the socks, designers came up with increasing the length of the socks. Those knee-high socks that fall above the calf level are called high-knee-level socks. For young girls and ladies who are interested to know when to use these socks, this article is an informative one to read!!

Latest and Comfortable Knee High Socks:

Here we present 9 top knee-high socks for men and women with pictures.

1. Black Knee High Socks:

Black is a definers colour which young girls and ladies like to wear with any shoes. To match current trends, young girls can wear a min oversized pullover and a pair of long black knee knee-lengths. This type of sock is a casual wear accessory.

2. Embroidery Knee High Socks:

Embroidery-designs is a pretty cool pattern which can only be combined with over-the-knee socks. Since the high-level knee socks fall above the calf level, the embroidery design is seen more clearly.

3. Thermal Knee High Socks:

High knee length socks are perfect winter wear socks which protect the feet and the lower leg more efficiently. The material used in designing this pattern is a wool and cotton mixture, which helps retain warmth more effectively.

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4. Orange Knee High Socks with Wool:

Woolen socks are the best accessory used during winter in all western countries. For ladies who want to make this simple thermal clothing more fashionable, these orange womens knee high socks are one of the trendy options.

5. Glittery Grey Knee High Socks:

For springtime and girls who have planned a lawn party for them, this shiny accessory could be one of the clothing accessories on their list. The material used has a natural shimmering effect, making the knee high-level more prominent.

6. 3D Butterfly Attached Knee Socks:

Going off from the usual plain or green knee-high socks design, the designer made a creative design with knee-high level socks wherein the cuffs of the socks are stitched with 3D butterfly stickers. This type of sock goes well with a pair of shorts and a tank top for young girls.

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7. Cartoon Designed Knee Socks:

Girls interested in cartoon characters would like to have them as socks designs that can be visible even wearing a short dress or a pair of shorts and a top. The cartoon character camouflages with the sock material colour.

8. Yellow Knee High Socks with Smiley:

Yellow is a bright colour that attracts young girls since bright colours are not trendy. Yellow high knee sock is an interesting choice. To make it more interesting for young girls, yellow knee high-level socks come with a smiley face on the cuff of the sock.

9. Striped White Knee High Socks:

White is the next most commonly worn socks colour by men and women. White knee socks are suitable for ladies planning to wear a shirt and a tank top. Colourful horizontal stripes are seen along the cuff of the sock.

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High-knee socks are perfect spring and winter wear socks, which girls can use as a fashion statement and get amazing reviews regarding their dressing style. The key point is selecting the right type of high-level knee socks, as many types of materials and designs are available to select.

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