Knee tattoos – why are they the talk of the town? What is the charm behind inking this unique spot? Is it the bold statement or the sheer originality? Whether it is a whimsical butterfly knee tattoo or a fierce tiger knee tattoo, each design has its own tale. We compiled 30+ amusing knee tattoo designs for men and women. So, are you ready to explore? Dive into the vibrant gallery of knee tattoo ideas!


Why choose a knee tattoo? It is not just a trend. It is a choice for the daring! A skull knee tattoo peeking out from your shorts or an eagle knee tattoo soaring around your leg! These are not just tattoos but bold statements of your journey and personality. The knee, often ignored, has now become a spotlight for creativity. It is a blend of art and audacity – aren’t you curious about how a sunflower knee tattoo might capture your mood on a sunny day? Embracing a knee tattoo is embracing a badge of individuality, resilience, and a sprinkle of humour.

Top 30+ Knee Tattoo Designs:

We have presented you with some of the best and most unique knee tattoo designs that beautifully represent your strong and sensible personality.

1. Serpent’s Embrace Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This knee tattoo features a sinuous serpent in rich, velvety black ink, symbolizing cunning and transformation. The tattoo’s size and placement make it an ideal side knee tattoo to accentuate the body’s natural lines. While the design is bold enough to create a statement, its simplicity renders it a cool knee tattoo for both men and women, offering a touch of edgy elegance to those who bear it.

2. Beautiful Wings Butterfly Knee Tattoos:

Image Source: Instagram

Adorning each knee, these butterfly tattoos offer a touch of nature’s splendour with a whimsical twist. The faded black ink gives a vintage feel, while the size ensures the knee tattoo is a prominent feature without overwhelming the leg. Placed symmetrically, these unisex knee tattoos create a mirror effect above the knee, suggesting balance and transformation.

3. Love Entangled Heart and Web Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Gently placed on the knee is a captivating web knee tattoo with a twist—a vibrant pink heart at its centre, symbolizing a trapped and protected love. The contrast of the soft, neon glow of the heart against the stark black web creates a unique juxtaposition, with the web’s delicate lines spreading outward. This tattoo, a smaller knee tattoo, ideally spreading to below the knee, makes a bold and tender statement. Its design could appeal to anyone, transcending gender norms with its blend of edginess and sentimentality.

4. Chained by Lover Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Wrapped around the leg, this charming tattoo strings together a series of hearts, spelling out “LOVER” in a creative display. Each heart is filled with a warm, golden-orange hue, outlined in bold black, giving a classic above knee tattoo a playful and modern twist. The design’s placement is prime for showcasing on the leg, and while simple in concept, the execution makes for a cute knee tattoo that could suit anyone looking to wear their heart on their knee. This piece would resonate well with those who value love’s endearing message.

5. Blooming Brilliance Magnolia Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo of a lush magnolia symbolizes purity and dignity, with its petals spread elegantly across the skin. The vibrant pinks and greens are complemented by subtle shading, bringing the flower to life in a delicate dance of colour. Perfectly positioned as an above knee tattoo, it is a larger piece that wraps gently around the leg’s curvature. Ideal for those who love nature’s beauty, this tattoo is a fitting choice for both knee tattoo women and men collections, radiating a serene yet striking presence.

6. Mandala Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo is a stunning display of a mandala, a symbol often representing harmony and unity. Its intricate pattern of dots and shaded petals in black ink makes it a mesmerizing knee tattoo idea. The symmetry and precision create a sense of balance, and its placement as a knee tattoo accentuates the leg’s shape. This piece, evocative of spiritual significance, could be a compelling choice for anyone seeking a tattoo that’s both a visual delight and a nod to deeper meaning, suitable for both men and women.

7. Floral Embrace Delicate Knee Garland Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo illustrates a graceful garland of flowers encircling the knee in a delicate embrace. The fine line work in reddish-brown ink gives it a natural, almost henna-like appearance. Adjacent, a single red flower stands out with its vibrant hue, adding a pop of colour to the under knee tattoo placement. This subtle yet charming design could be an ideal choice for someone who prefers a touch of floral finesse, and it seems perfectly suited for a knee tattoo female design, offering a soft, feminine touch to the area.

8. Garden of Ink Floral Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo is a botanical wonder featuring a flower bouquet, including a prominent rose at the centre, symbolizing beauty and complexity. The black ink brings out the detailed shading and delicate lines of the knee tattoo, flowing effortlessly into smaller blooms and foliage. A pair of butterflies add a fancy touch, throwing a vibe of freedom and transformation. Covering the side of the knee, this piece would be a stunning addition to a knee tattoo womens collection.

9. Bold Beyond Bones Skull Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Inked upon the knee is a striking skull tattoo, a symbol often associated with strength and the fearless acceptance of fate. The tattoo’s vivid orange backdrop highlights the stark black outlines, creating a powerful contrast that draws the eye. This bold piece, enveloping the knee cap, is a daring choice for a knee tattoo for men, although it could equally signify resilience for women. It is a tattoo that doesn’t whisper but shouts its presence, making a fearless statement.

10. A Gazing Warrior Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This knee tattoo portrays a Native American in full headdress, representing heritage and respect for a warrior’s spirit. The deep black ink and detailed shading bring out the intensity in the subject’s eyes and the intricate feather patterns of the headdress. This commanding image spans the length of the whole knee, giving it a place in both the above knee tattoo and the below knee tattoo genres.A piece that could be seen as a homage to strength and leadership! It is a powerful expression of identity and history, suitable for those strongly connected to these values.

11. Mystique of Nature: Skull Butterfly Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This captivating tattoo fuses the macabre charm of a skull with the delicate beauty of butterfly wings, creating a striking contrast and making it a unique combination of a skull knee tattoo and a butterfly knee tattoo. The dotted details and fine lines add a touch of intricacy, symbolizing transformation and the ephemeral nature of life. Perfectly centred on the knee, this tattoo’s symmetry and balance make it an exclusive knee tattoo idea. It is an artistic choice that suits both men and women who appreciate the deeper, sometimes hidden, meanings of existence.

12. Ferocious Tiger Men Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

You will be drawn to the beauty of this tiger upper knee tattoo if you love big cats. You can consider this design when you visit the tattoo salon. Though tiger tattoos look exceptional in colour, this black ink tattoo looks as gorgeous. The tattoo looks very realistic as the artist has paid attention to more minor details, whether the ferocious expression of the animal or its fiery eyes. The combination of thick and thin lines creates a visual treat.

13. Amazing Female Knee Tattoos:

Image Source: Instagram

This gorgeous design can work wonders if you are looking for floral knee tattoos for women. However, it would help if you planned before getting a knee tattoo because it is not the most prominent placement. This black and white flower tattoo is detailed and pretty elaborate, covering the entire kneecap. This perfectly balances beauty, pleasure and pain symbolically. Though the tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, you can also use colours too if you wish to make it more personal.

14. Colourful Knee Tattoos:

Image Source: Instagram

Getting a wolf tattoo design can be ideal for representing loyalty, connection and family. In addition, you can get this tattoo in medium size, so it perfectly fits in the knee space, which celebrates the bond between dear ones. Though intimidating features like the large canine baring its teeth can be frightening, adding flowers can make it more feminine. The use of bright colours makes the tattoo look very realistic and authentic.

15. Female Knee Tattoo Designs:

Image Source: Instagram

A spider web knee tattoo is a perfect option if you want a design that tells the world that nobody should mess with you. The use of thin lines crossing and wavy lines creates a realistic spider web covering the place surrounding the knee. A cute little heart in the centre adds a lovely, romantic touch to the tattoo. Furthermore, the wearer might feel powerful being in the centre of the web.

16. Gorgeous Mandala Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

The popularity of mandala tattoos is growing significantly among people of all ages worldwide. This mandala tattoo has a circular appearance that comes with intricate patterns giving the pattern a gorgeous finish. The tattoo covers the kneecap and the place around it. The mandala tattoo is associated with harmony and balance, though it can take many forms depending on the wearer’s preference. The knee shape can be an exceptional location to engrave this type of design.

17. Shark Jaw Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Sharks are known for being powerful predators and one of the most feared sea creatures. Therefore, many people would want to get an open shark jaw because they represent pain and aggression. The perfect place to get a shark jaw tattoo is the knee or the elbow, which is powerful enough without being overwhelming. Furthermore, this tattoo can indicate that people should beware before messing with you.

18. Extensive Flower Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Suppose you are a fan of traditional tattoo designs. This extensive floral knee tattoo can be a perfect choice because it is bold and expressive. This floral tattoo is usually preferred by women of all ages, though there is no restriction for men. This tattoo combines bold outlines with shades in the centre, creating perfect synchronicity. Though the tattoo looks exceptional in black ink, you can always add colour to make it more authentic and personal.

19. Detailed Tattoo On The Knee:

Image Source: Instagram

This knee tattoo has an eye looking out, surrounded by line patterns that take the shape of a sun amidst beautiful clouds. An eye tattoo symbolizes intuition, perception, protection, insight, wisdom and spirituality, depending on the wearer. Furthermore, adding clouds and sun means the wearer has overcome adversities and attained happiness.

20. Heart-Shaped Barbed Wire Around-Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This barbed wire knee tattoo is an ideal tattoo choice for people who are looking for rustic tattoos. Though barbed wire has a rustic feel, you can always create a lovely feel using a heart shape. This meaning of the barbed wire can vary depending on the wearer. For example, a barbed wire can be a spiritual representation where jesus christ wore a crown made of thorns, the same way the wearer has gone through something challenging and came out with flying colours.

21. Butterfly And Bee Knee Tattoo Designs:

Image Source: Instagram

Irrespective of gender, butterfly tattoos have been favourite designs not only because they have a deep meaning but also because it looks gorgeous. Furthermore, a butterfly is a perfect tattoo for people transforming. Though the butterfly looks beautiful in black ink, you can add colours of your choice to make the tattoo more realistic. At the same time, a bee tattoo symbolizes selflessness, teamwork, family and loyalty. This wearer has these two elements engraved on both knees creating a perfect combo.

22. Champion Around The Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Choosing the right design is necessary when looking for a knee tattoo design. For example, this above-knee script tattoo has two intertwined ferns on both sides of the kneecap, highlighting the words champion right above the knee. In addition, you can choose the font you want for the terms CHAMPION, which can be written in all caps or small letters. Furthermore, you can get the leaves done in black ink or colours.

23. Tiger Knee Tattoo Ideas:

Image Source: Instagram

This is another tiger tattoo design on the side of the knee which is an ideal choice for people who love big cats. Unlike the previous tattoo, where only the face of the animal is engraved, this tattoo has the tiger in its entirety. Furthermore, the use of orange and black colours not only in contrast but also stand out beautifully. Tigers are also often associated with danger, power, freedom and independence. The tattoo also has a 3D effect making the pattern look very realistic.

24. Sleek Knee Tattoos For Females:

Image Source: Instagram

Many people despise spiders because they are crawly and creepy. However, a spider web tattoo is perfect for people who want to exude confidence and a warning for the onlookers not to mess with you. This spider web is engraved on the side of the knee, and adding a bold spider makes the pattern more authentic.

25. Pretty Knee Tattoos For Ladies:

Image Source: Instagram

You can choose a floral knee tattoo design and still have a badass look. However, since getting a tattoo engraved anywhere on your knee can be painful, whether on the top or the side, make sure you choose the correct pattern. This tattoo design looks similar to mehendi art, where each print is linked with the one that comes the next. You can use colours to make the tattoo more personal, though it looks as good in black ink.

26. Spider Web Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This is another spider web tattoo design that the wearer has gotten engraved on both knees, which can also be a perfect option for couples. The unique look of these tattoo designs is that the web is shaped like a heart, which is further beautified by adding a bold heart in the centre. Additionally, this tattoo looks exceptional when done in black ink.

27. Cool Knee Tattoos:

Image Source: Instagram

This cool side knee tattoo can be used as a tattoo for oneself or double for couples. The design is circular and filled with internal patterns, making the tattoo all the more authentic and personal. Additionally, using only black ink with shades of grey creates a unique look to the design. Though it is a knee tattoo, placement plays an important role. Therefore choose wisely.

28. Floral Under-Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Though knee tattoos are painful, many people get them because they are badass. Instead of getting a tattoo directly on the bone, you can engrave a knee tattoo under or above the kneecap. This floral tattoo looks like two sets of floral vines, one on each side crossing each other to create a beautiful look. The use of colours might highlight the tattoo, though it looks good even in black ink.

29. Beautiful Side Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This simple yet beautiful botanical tattoo design looks perfect when engraved on the side of the knee. Using bold outlines with shades of grey can make the tattoo look realistic and gorgeous. Furthermore, there is also a hint of silver for the flowers to make the elements stand out. Though the design looks good in black ink, you can also use colours over black ink, creating a visually appealing tattoo for the wearer and the onlooker.

30. Butterfly Knee Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This beautiful butterfly design can be ideal if you want above-knee tattoos for females. A butterfly tattoo symbolizes freedom, change and rebirth and is a perfect girly, trendy tattoo. There are multiple design options for butterflies, so choose the ones that reflect your personality the most. Furthermore, you can experiment with colours to make the butterflies more special and unique.

31. Skull Knee Tattoo With A Rainbow:

Image Source: Instagram

If you are looking for an edgy and cool tattoo to engrave on your knee, then this skull tattoo on the knee can be an ideal choice. Using a skull design often represents the balance between death and life. While the use of rainbow colours can be the perfect representation of the happy and wonderful life, we wish to have. Additionally, using black ink for the skull against the colourful rainbow looks contrasting yet beautiful.


In the world of ink that adorns the skin, each knee tattoo tells its own tale, be it through the grace of a sunflower knee tattoo that speaks to the joy in your step or the wisdom in the eyes of a samurai knee tattoo, guarding your path. A dragon knee tattoo that coils with the fire of your ambition or the serene guidance of a compass knee tattoo leading the way. These are not just inks. They are emblems of your journey, etched in time. So, what is your story? Will a wolf knee tattoo howl your wild spirit, or will a dream catcher knee tattoo capture your deepest aspirations? Your knees might just be the perfect spot for the next chapter.


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