Kodaikanal is popular hill station in Tamil Nadu which keeps the tourists mesmerized with its scenic views. The city is nestled in the middle of the Pali Hills. A rare flower called Kurinji Flower blossoms here, that too one in every 12 year. The place is blesses with hills, waterfalls, lakes, fruit orchards, flower gardens, etc.

Best Tourist Places To Visit In Kodaikanal:

Do you want to plan a tourist trip with your family or alone? Here is the best tourist place in Tamil Nadu in india which gives wonderful time for you that is Kodaikanal. We have given below list of 14 best tourist places to visit in kodaikanal that would helpful for ultimate joy.

1. Shenbaganur Museum:

It is one of Tamil Nadu’s famous museums which depict very rare pieces of architecture of the south. The museum was an initiative of the Sacred Heart College of Kodaikanal. The maintainers have kept a beautiful garden with many species of birds and flowers here. This museum is one of the best and famous sightseeing places in kodaikanal.

2. Berijam Lake:

The Berijam Lake is surrounded by the Upper Palani Shola Forest which is full of beautiful flora and fauna. There are some famous plants like Digitalis, Pyrethrum, Dioscorea, etc. The government had taken to maintain the lake and the nearby area, so that they can control pollution, and also make it a common tourist spot. Dont miss this, one of the wonderful and amazing tourist places to visit in kodaikanal.

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3. Guna Cave:

Guna Cave also known as the Devil’s Kitchen. It had been named so because of its hidden ravine and also a deep fall which looks like a gutter and is prone to accidents. To avoid mishap the local and familiar people should be taken there. Guna caves are the one of the best kodaikanal tourist places to visit.

4. Silver Cascade Falls:

There are two beautiful falls, about 8 km away from Kodaikanal, on the Ghat Road. The Silver Cascade fall about 180 ft and makes a loud noise as it fall and breaks the quietness of the place. Family picnics and couples spending time here are seen quite often.

5. Kurinji Andavar Temple:

The religious people might like to visit the Kurinji Andavar Temple devoted to the Lord Murugan. In tamil the word Kurinji means ‘hilly area’ and andavar means God. People can also see the northern plains and the hills of Palani from this temple.

6. Bryant Park:

Bryant Park has been named after a British officer Glenn Bryant. They hold an annual flower and vegetable show every year, which is the main cause of tourists flying down here all over the country and also foreigners. There is a glass house in the park which has a huge collection of flowers and plants. The glass house holds horticulture show, every May. This park is one of the another beautiful sightseeing kodaikanal tourist places to visit.

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7. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory:

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory was established in 1899, and is a part of Indian Institute of Astrophysics. It was earlier known as Solar Physics Observatory. There is an Astronomy Museum which displays various solar pictures which have been take from the Fraunhofer spectrum and library. Kodaikanal solar observatory is the one of most visiting tourist places in kodaikanal.

8. Coaker’s Walk:

Coaker’s walk is one place where all the morning walkers come and exercise. It is a little away from the city lake and offers a scenic view of the plains and valleys. Lt. Coaker had prepared the map of Kodaikanal and the place has been named after him. The best time to visit this place is before 2.30 or in the late afternoons

9. Kodaikanal Lake:

Kodaikanal Lake is one of the most popular tourist’s spots. This lake is artificially made in shape of star and covers an area of about 60 acres with greenery in the surroundings. It is a fun place for all who like outdoor and water activities. There is a boat club which offers pedaling, rowing, etc. Cycles and horses are also available to go around the lake.

10. Pillar Rocks:

There are three granite boulders which are standing vertically, all adjacent to each other and are called Pillar Rocks. This place has presently become a famous tourist spots and entertains many visitors. The rocks measure a height of about 400 ft from the ground.

The pillar rocks is another amazing place in Kodaikanal. It can be said that Kodaikanal is quite amazing and one of the prime points or reasons behind this is the Pillar rocks. The pillar rocks are a popular sightseeing spots and can be claimed to be one of the best places to see in Kodaikanal.

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11. Bear Shola Falls:

The Bear Shola falls had been named so, as bears used to come here and drink water.This is one of the best places to see in Kodaikanal and is visited by people almost on a daily basis due to the beautiful and picturesque scenery. It can be said to be totally heartwarming and the sound of the waterfalls makes it look even more alluring. The surrounding is filled with greenery and the heavy green plantation is one of the prime reasons behind the massive amount of visitors that this place gets every year. This is so beautiful that the local people of Tamil Nadu call this a must see attraction.

Primarily, this place was not a tourist facility. Later on it was developed by keeping in mind that this will be one of the best tourist spots in the state. Bear Shola falls is quite an amazing spot and you will definitely love it.

12. Palni Hills:

These hills are located at an elevated location and can be seen form a quite distant location. This mountain rage is really beautiful and people will love it. It can be said to be one of the best things to see in Tamil Nadu. It is nothing by basically an extension of the Western Ghat. They are like situated parallel to the coast of India (west coast). It is one of those places where you can come and just relax. The opportunities for having fun in this place are like limitless and one can just get lost in the beautiful ambiance of this place. It is located at an elevated height of 2,500 m.

13. Green Valley View:

There are many such valleys that you will find in Kodaikanal and the Green Valley is one of them. This place offers some of the best views of the surrounding lands and can be claimed at the perfect place relax and have chill time. The green valley view is quite popular because of the the number of people that come here. It is sad but true, that the number of visitors that come to visit this place is more than the number of local people that come up here. It is crowded specifically by foreigners almost throughout the year and is probably one of the best sites to go with your family and have a lovely time. Obviously, there are options for recreation and is great for sightseeing as well. The beauty of this place makes it one of the best Kodaikanal sightseeing places.

14. Kodaikanal Golf Club:

Here, we have one of the most disciplined and aristocratic areas in Kodaikanal. The country golf club is quite popular among the local people and people from other states, cities, and country come here to witness the beautiful attire of this place. This private membership club restricts the entry of outsiders, but if you’re a tourist then you can always come here with special permission and enter it (visitors won’t be allowed to participate in golf competitions). From the center of the town, it is just about 6-8 km away and there are a number of travel options as well. If you come to Kodaikanal, then this will one of the best Kodaikanal places to visit.

Here are some of the best tourist destinations in Kodaikanal. Whenever, you visit Kodaikanal, don’t forget to visit these places as there are some of the best destinations in this place. A person would not want to leave Kodaikanal, when they have visited these locations.


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