Kokopelli, originally named Kokopelli, is according to tribes in southwestern Americans called the Hopi, considered a God of fertility and climatic changes. Some also say that he is responsible for agricultural growth too. He is featured as a hunchback with a flute character; this popular figure has become a trendy tattoo design.

Simple Kokopelli Tattoo Designs:

To know more about the Kokopelli tattoo designs, articles put forth the top 9 Kokopelli tattoos.

1. Multicolor Kokopelli Tattoo:

The native people of southwestern Americans preserve the tribal belief through this colourful multicoloured Kokopelli face tattoo design done with utmost perfection. The inside design of this tattoo design is made more artistic with a lizard picture around the body, and the head is drawn like a snail. This one is suitable for girls too.

2. Dot Work Kokopelli Tattoo:

For those who like to have a simple tattoo design, then this is an ideal one. The Kokopelli figure is bought out using black dots with the hunchback and a flute in his hands facing downward. If you planned for a little different style of pattern, then you can try this anytime; you will get good comments on this style of design.

3. Flute Singing Kokopelli Tattoo:

Flute singing Kokopelli is designed with musical notes flying out of the flute. This artwork needs a good amount of experience and patience. This tattoo suits well as an arm or an ankle tattoo design for both girls and boys.

4. Tribal Kokopelli Tattoo:

As we know, the Kokopelli deity originated from the tribal age; in due remembrance and respect, designers came up with a tribal-style Kokopelli tattoo. The dress of the Kokopelli is designed how early tribal people used to dress them.

5. Kokopelli with Cactus Tattoo:

This type of tattoo design is funky artwork. As Kokopelli signifies agricultural benefits, too, this concept was used in designing the cactus backdrop tattoo design.  The cactus colour is painted with mild green paint, which is the original colour.

6. Kokopelli Turtle Tattoo Design:

Turtle, an example setting amphibian, is used in creating an artistic tattoo design. The tattoo is designed turtle as a base which has a hunched-back look. The turtle tattoo design is quite famous among the young generation who like animal print tattoo designs. It shows the personality of your attitude.

7. Kokopelli with Bicycle Tattoo Design:

This type of Kokopelli tattoo design is a cute small tattoo design that includes a bicycle as the base where the Kokopelli character is drawn. This is a typical arm tattoo design. The bicycle is also painted in black ink, like the Kokopelli.

8. Simple Line Kokopelli Tattoo Design:

A simple tattoo design can talk about beauty without any jazzy colour; this concept is used in designing this simple line tattoo design.  This simple line tattoo is designed without a flute with a sad face. Such a design is for those who like to be simple, but it has a classic style pattern in this structure.

9. Dancing Kokopelli Tattoo:

The dancing Kokopelli tattoo design is an exciting tattoo type designed more colourfully with a sunrise design inked back. The legs are designed with a dancing move. This tattoo is an excellent back-shoulder tattoo design.


Kokopelli tattoo design is considered an aspiring tribal tattoo design, and modern ideology is used in drawing this tattoo in various types. Trying one of the above types of tattoo design can give a different feel from the usual tattoo design.

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