The Kolangal rangoli art is completely combination of traditional and cultural designs. Generally we all know kolam is also known as rangoli. These designs are so natural and easy to learn also. Even beginners also can get professionalize in a period of short time. Kolangal rangoli designs are mostly done by women which are very beautiful. You can decorate these with colors, stones, lights, flowers and rices also.

Best Rangoli Kolangal Designs With Pictures:

Here are the to 15 Kolangal Rangoli Designs with photos that can easily make at home.

1. Pongal Kolangal Rangoli Designs:

This kolangal Rangoli design constitutes four Kalash and four coconut trees drawn in a symmetrical shape. The base is square-shaped and the borders have been very symmetrically designed with white Rangoli powder. The interiors of the Kalash also follow a geometric pattern and all four Kalash and coconut trees are identical to each other.

2. Simple Kolangal Rangoli Design:

This kolangal design is extremely simple yet attractive and can be made by beginners as well. It is based on the dot concept and lines are drawn around the dots following a fixed pattern. Even though the pattern looks a little difficult and heavy, yet it can easily be practiced with free hand. Different colours of dots can be used in order to make the Rangoli colourful and alluring.

3. Circular Kolangal Rangoli Designs:

Circular in shape, this Rangoli design is based on rainbow-color theme and constitutes all seven colours of a rainbow. The Rangoli has been divided into three main circles, but the pattern continues in all circles. The center has been impeccably done, using variety of colours, while the borders of the circles have been done using white. The outer-most border requires great skill and patience in order to obtain such a perfectly and attractive design.

4. Star Rangoli Kolangal Design:

This is one of the simplest kolangal Rangoli designs, which follows a star and triangle pattern. It is also based on the dot Rangoli design, where in the dots are joined with straight thin lines. There is a small dot and a circle at the center and almost any person will be able to make this kolangal design. A person can make this Rangoli more decorative by using varieties of colours for the pattern he/she uses to highlight.

5. Intricate Kolangal Rangoli Designs:

Such a kolangal Rangoli design is a merger of a number of designs done with utmost perfection. The lines have been perfectly drawn with the same amount of width required for each design, which gives it a heavy and appealing look. The Rangoli contains a square within and a number of semi-circles outside each of which has been minutely decorated. A person has to be very careful while choosing the colours so that there is a uniformity that is maintained in the entire Rangoli design in order to make it more captivating.

6. Colorful Kolangal Rangoli Design:

It is a very colourful kolangal design constituting of bright colours. Its main theme is flowers and the outer flower contains four diyas as well. The one border help in giving the right shape and form to each pattern and assist in making the Rangoli look more beautiful. Original diyas can also be placed outside the Rangoli or even at the center on the Rangoli so as to make it more attractive during nighttime.

7. Lord Ganesha Kolangal Rangoli Designs:

This Rangoli design constitutes a simple drawing of Lord Ganesh at the center. Circular borders and designs have been used all of which synchronize very well with each other. The integral designs have been done using white Rangoli powder that actually give the kolangal design an opulent and fascinating look. Drawing of the Lord has also been done with uber perfection and simplicity.

8. Flower Kolangal Rangoli Design:

A huge well-designed flower has been drawn and decorated as kolangal Rangoli deign. A positive combination of bright and deep colours has been used and large petals have been drawn. The center itself contains a smaller flower design within, while each large petal has a small flower designed in it as well. Beginners can design this Rangoli as well and the kolangal will not take much time to be completed.

9. Welcome Kolangal Rangoli Design:

Such Kolangal designs are considered evergreen and are suitable all throughout the year, irrespective of whichever festival or occasion it is. The word ‘Welcome’ has been written twice, with the letter ‘C’ adjoining both the words. Four flowers have been drawn at each corner and the entire Rangoli is square-based. Each letter in the word has been written with a different colour.

10. Kolangal Diyas Rangoli Design:

This is an extremely beautiful and enthralling Kolangal design comprising of diyas and simple textures. Five diyas have been placed at the center, all of which are facing different directions. Rest of the Rangoli has been designed simply using white Rangoli powder. The textures and lines have been perfectly drawn, which is why this design looks unique and fascinating.

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11. Peacock Kolangal Rangoli Designs:

Four ducks have been drawn at four corners of this Rangoli design. This Kolangal design consists of dots, which are joined to form various designs. Two circles with arrows have been drawn on opposite sides, while all four ducks are almost an exact imitation of each other, forming a uniform texture.

12. Diamond Shape Rangoli Kolangal Rangoli Designs :

This kolangal Rangoli design requires lots of patience and practice and cannot be easily made. The lines, colouring, thickness of the border, all have to be taken care of properly so as to make this design enthralling. However, the time spent on making this Rangoli will be worth it and will definitely be awe-inspiring. The design as a whole is diamond/square shaped.

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13. Classical Kolangal Rangoli Designs For Diwali:

It is a flower-shaped Kolangal with six petals drawn. Each petal contains a drawing of a diya and a person may even place a diya on the drawing so as to add a bit of light to the Rangoli. Small pattern has been drawn on the edge of each petal, which undoubtedly adds beauty to the Kolangal. This design is suitable for beginners as well, as a person can easily draw this charming kolangal Rangoli.

14. New Kolangal Rangoli Designs For Festivals:

This is a very simple design comprising of six unique petals with small swirls at the edges. A plain red dot is drawn at the center and the petals comprises of green stripes with yellow as its base colour. The swirls have been drawn using white colour and the green stripes are invariably drawn.

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15. Lotus Kolangal Rangoli Designs:

Four flowers is drawn on each of the square, with a different flower at the center. The four flowers are similar to each other and are designed as lotuses of green and peach colours. The center flower consists of petals that are coloured yellow and peach, while the square border is drawn using brown