Korean names are distinct. What makes them distinct is usually their spelling and pronunciation. Some of them are extremely rare, while others are fairly popular and connected to their culture and tradition. If you are looking for a Korean name for your baby, here is a list that will help you select meaningful Korean names.

Top Korean Baby Names:

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Korean Name Ideas for Girls:

Take a look at some of the top Korean female names

1. Areum:

The meaning of this beautiful name is “beautiful.” It is one of the best names for the females out there who are about to be named. The name is in vivid use in Korean states, and for its sweet-sounding nature, it will be a good name for the baby as well.

2. Ae-Cha:

Ae-Cha will be a very apt Korean female name. It means ‘loving daughter’. Isn’t that a very cute one for your little one?

3. Bong-Cha:

Bong-Cha means ‘the ultimate girl’. For all the things you believe she will be, Bong-Cha might indeed turn out to be the ideal name for her.

4. Chin-Sun:

Chin-Sun is someone who seeks truth and goodness in everything. This is a name that has too much of positivity and goodness in it.

5. Choon-Hee:

Choon-Hee is a very unique Korean girl name. It also has a unique meaning, which is a girl born at the time of spring’.

6. Chung Cha:

Chung Cha means noble daughter. This name has a Korean origin and has also been widely used by a lot of parents for naming their daughters.

7. Da:

A very cute and small Korean nickname, Da, is also sometimes used as the main name. It means ‘to attain’.

8. Dae:

Dae means ‘the great one, shining’. This name is a modern Korean name.

9. Du:

Du means head, and the name of Korean origin is commonly used for baby girls.

10. Eui:

Eui is another short and sweet Korean nickname that means ‘righteousness’. The name is easy to spell and learn too!

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11. Eun:

The name Eun means ‘silver’. Eun has a Korean origin.

12. EunAe:

Here is another Korean female name for you. The name means ‘grace with love’ and is a creative name for your baby daughter.

13. Eun Jung:

Eun Jung means ‘grace and affection’. This is a famous Korean name, one that is popularly loved and preferred.

14. Gi:

Gi is a short name of Korean origin. It means one who is brave. Gi is also sometimes used as a nickname.

15. Goo:

Goo is a very funny and short name for Korean girls that means ‘complete and someone who completes you’. Although the name may be short, it nevertheless carries a very big meaning.

16. Ha Eun:

Ha, Eun is a name that refers to the summer season. It indicates the beginning of newness and also of positivity.

17. Ha Rin:

Ha Rin means great or talented. The name is of Korean origin and is a very unique name for baby girls.

18. Hae Won:

Hae Won refers to the graceful and beautiful garden.

19. HeiRyung:

This Korean women’s name means grace and brightness. While the name may sound too strange, it is a fairly used one among a lot of parents.

20. Ho Sook:

Another popular Korean female name, Ho Sook, means a clear lake. It indicates energy and vibrancy.

21. Hyo:

Hyo means one with filial duty.

22. Ji Ah:

Ji means wisdom. It also means intellect and ambition. Ah is another name, and it means beautiful and elegant.

23. JiYoo:

JiYoo is a unique Korean girl name that means two things. Ji means intellect and ambition, while Yoo means abundant and rich.

24. Ji:

Ji is also used in isolation and is a famous Korean name. It means intellect and ambition. This will be a good name for your little one.

25. Jin Kyong:

Jin Kyong means truth, treasure and brightness. The name is of Korean origin.

26. Ki:

Ki means one who has risen. This signals good luck.

27. Kyung Mi:

Kyung Mi means honoured and beautiful. A classic, thoughtful name for a woman!

28. Kyung Hu:

Kung Hu means girl in the capital.

29. Mee:

It means beauty or beautiful woman. Mee is a very famous South Korean name.

30. Mi Cha:

Mi Cha means beautiful daughter. This name will be an exact translation of what you really feel for your daughter.

31. Mi hi:

MiHi means beautiful joy.

32. Mishil:

Mishil is another cute Korean name that means ‘a beautiful kingdom or admired dynasty’.

33. MunHee:

MunHee means an educated and literate girl.

34. Seo Ah:

Seo Ah means ‘auspicious’, and Ah means ‘beautiful and bold’. The name is a classic combination of two meanings, which gives the name its beauty.

35. SeoYeon:

Seo Yeon is a meaningful Korean name for your daughter. Seo means auspicious, and Yeon means to allow or consent.

36. Soo:

Soo is a charitable, kind and noble person.

37. Soo Yun:

Soo Yun refers to a perfect lotus flower.

38. Sook:

Sook is a Korean girl name. It means one who is of pure nature.

39. Sung:

Sung means ‘successor or one who is on the verge of winning’.

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Korean Boy Names:

Here are some popular Korean male names you may want to take a look at.

1. BaekHyeon:

This Korean boy’s name is a very famous one and is a combination of two meaningful names. Baek means older brother, and Hyeon means worthy and virtuous. Therefore, this name means virtuous brother and will be a good name for your son, who will be a brother.

2. BeomSeok:

BeomSeok is also a combination of two different meanings. Beom means model or pattern, and Seok means like a rock. The name thus means a pattern of a rock.

3. Bitgaram:

Another Korean name idea, Bitgaram, means light river.

4. Bong:

Bong is a mythical bird. The name refers to the Phoenix bird.

5. Chin Hae:

Chin Hae means truth or depth of the ocean.

6. Chin-Hwa:

This is a very rare Korean boy’s name that means the most prosperous and wealthiest of all. The name is more like you are blessing your son.

7. Chin-Mae:

Chin-Mae means truth or one who always speaks the truth. Isn’t that a cool name for your son?

8. Chul:

Chul means firm. It also refers to something that is not soft or very hard.

9. Chung-Ho:

Chung-Ho means a righteous lake.

10. Do Hyun:

It is a combination of two names. Do mean Path, and Hyun means virtuous or able. This name is a classic modern Korean name.

11. Da:

It is also used as a nickname. Da means to attain. The name is widely preferred by a lot of parents and is also easy to read and spell.

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12. Dae:

Dae means the great one or shining.

13. Dae Hyun:

The name means great and honor. Dae Hyun is a very rare Korean name for your baby boy who will grow up to be one with a lot of honor.

14. Dong:

Dong means East. The name is usually preferred for people who are born in East Korea.

15. Du-Ho:

Du-Ho means head and goodness.

16. Duck-Hwan:

Duck-Hwan is a Korean name that means the return of virtue.

17. Duck-Young:

Duck-Young means virtue is unchanging and also everlasting.

18. Gyeong:

The meaning of this name is “respected”. The name will automatically get enough attention when someone calls it out. The guy being named by this will probably make a guy quite popular, and for all the good-sounding features, this can be said to be one of the finest names out there for Korean boys.

19. Gun:

The meaning of the name Gun is “strong.” If you are looking for a name that sounds good and has a good meaning as well, then this might be the one for you. People will find this name quite interesting, and of all the good features of this name, it can be said to be one of the best names for Korean boys.

20. Ha Joon:

It is a combination of two meaningful names. Ha means summer, and Joon means handsome.

21. Hak-Kun:

Hak-Kun is a South Korean name that means one with literate roots.

22. Haneul:

Hanuel means heavenly.

23. Hoon:

The name Hoon means “teaching”. If someone (a boy) wishes to be a teacher, then this name will come in handy since he would have already made people aware of his designation by saying his name out loud.

24. Hwan:

Hwan refers to a person’s intelligence. This name is very popular and means bright. Hwan has been widely used by a lot of Korean parents.

25. Hye:

Hye is an apt name for you, baby boy. It means a bright and intelligent man. This name is a very positive one to name your son.

26. Hyuk:

Hyuk means radiant. It indicates radiance and the aura of light he will bring into life and in his professional side.

27. Hyun Ki:

Hyun Ki means wise, astute, intelligent and shrewd.

28. Hyun Shik:

Hyun Shik means the roots of wisdom.

29. In:

It is a super cute Korean nickname that means humanity or wise. This is a preferred name for a lot of parents.

30. In-Su:

In-Su means preserving wisdom.

31. Joo Won:

It is a combination of two names. Joo means around or circumference. Won means first or origin.

32. Joon Woo:

Joon means handsome, and Woo means divine intervention. This name has a mythical and cultural reference.

33. Jee:

The name Jee means to know or wisdom.

34. Ji:

It means wisdom. Ji is a name of Korean origin for men.

35. Jum:

Jum means king/ruler.

36. Kang-Dae:

Kang-Dae means one who is mighty and strong.

37. Ki:

Ki means the one who has arisen. It refers to the Almighty and thus will be an apt name for those looking to name their children after reference to God.

38. Kwan:

Kwan means one who is strong.

39. Kwang:

A variation of the name Kwan, Kwang means wild.

40. Kyu:

Kyu means standard and is a Korean boy name that is widely popular.

41. Min Joon:

Min means quick, clever and sharp. Joon means talented and handsome. Min Joon is a combination of two meaningful Korean names.

42. Mal-Chin:

Mal Chin means persists to end.

43. Man-Shik:

Man Shik means deeply rooted into something.

44. Tabby:

Here, we have one of the best Korean names for all the baby girls. The meaning of this name is quite beautiful. Tabby resembles a gazelle.

45. Tacitus:

The meaning of this name is “quiet”. This will be suitable for those little boys who are quite calm and quiet from a very young age. The name is really beautiful and will be suitable for everyone with good behavior.

46. Tad:

Tad resembles someone who is a gift from God. Naturally, every child offers the same feeling to its mother and father, and that is why this is one of the best Korean baby names. The name is, however, suitable for boys.

47. Tadeas:

Here we have one of the finest names of all time. This name also has the same meaning as the previous one and is equally beautiful as the meaning itself. The name is quite cool and can be said to be one of the best ways to name a Korean baby boy.

48. Vada:

The meaning of this name is “wiseness”, and it is without a doubt one of the finest names for all Korean boys. The name is quite beautiful and will be suitable for all the newborns who are about to be named.

49. Valencia:

This sounds like a Spanish name. It is also one of the best Korean names for the girls out there. If you are looking for a name with a great meaning and equally good pronunciation, then this is the one. Valencia means “strength”.

50. Val:

This is a name that will be suitable for all boys and girls. The meaning of the name is “powerful or strong”.

51. Vale:

Vale is a commonly heard name. It is considered to be one of the most appropriate names for Korean boys. The meaning of this name is strength.

52. Valdez:

This is a good Korean name. The meaning of this name is unclear, and it is arguably one of the best names for all the male babies out there. Anyone will totally fall in love with the way this name sounds, and for all the awesome features such as the meaning and pronunciation, it is one of the best Korean baby boy names of all time.

53. Valence:

This is another good name for Korean baby boys. The meaning of this name is “strength” and is one of the finest names for all the baby boys one will ever find. The name sounds pretty amazing and is, without a doubt, one of the best Korean baby names of all time.

54. Xander:

This is a good name for all the boys. Xander means “defender of man” and is probably one of the best names that a person will find for naming his Korean baby boy.

55. Xenon:

The name Xenon means “foreign person” and is one of the finest names for all the boys out there and is a total classic.

56. Xerxes:

This name dates back to history. Xerxes was a King of Heroes, and for its historical significance, it is even more used for Korean babies and is definitely one of the best Korean baby names one will ever find.

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Unisex Korean Children Names:

Here are some unisex names in Korean that you can think of for your children.

1. Da:

The name Da is a Korean unisex name. It means to attain.

2. Dae:

Dae is a commonly used Korean name for people searching for unisex. It means the great one or shining.

3. Hyun:

Hyun means bright or intelligent. The name is a variation of Hyeon, which means virtuous.

4. Jee:

Jee means to know or wisdom. This is a Korean origin name.

5. Ji:

The name Ji is a short name that means wisdom and intellect.

6. Ki:

Another short name that means the one who has risen has a religious connotation.

7. Vale:

Vale is a popular unisex name for both boys and girls. It means strength.

8. Haniel:

Haniel means heaven and sky.

9. Han:

Han means wise. The other forms of the name are Hann and Hen.

10. Iseul:

Iseul means dew.

Cute Korean Nicknames for Babies:

Take a look at some cute Korean nicknames for your baby.

1. Ji Ah:

Ji means wisdom, and Ah means beautiful. This is a cute Korean nickname for your baby.

2. Ha Rin:

Name Ha Rin is a combination of two names for girls. Ha means summer, and Rin means talented.

3. Seo Yoon:

Seo means auspicious, and Yoon means to allow or consent.

4. Ae-Cha:

Ae Cha means a loving daughter. This will be a very cute nickname for your little baby.

5. Du:

It means head. Du is a commonly used nickname for girls.

6. Do Yoon:

The name Do Yoon is a name for baby boys. Do means path, and Yoon means to allow or consent.

7. Bong:

It means a mythical bird. This is one cute name for your baby boy.

8. Chul:

The name Chul means firm and is a nickname for baby boys.

9. Du-Ho:

The name Du-Ho means head and goodness. Du-Ho will be a very cute nickname for baby boys.

10. Hoon:

Hoon is a nickname for boys and means teaching.

Some of these Korean names are very popular and very meaningful too. If you are looking for some suitable Korean names, then our Korean names list will surely help you. Most of them have a reference to the most essential things of life and nature. While very few of the names have a religious association, the ones that have are normally very strong. We are sure our list will be your saviour and help you make the right choice!


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