Many women who love to wear Korean style eye makeup and if you are also a fan this article might be helpful to you if you’re looking for natural Korean eye makeup options. They are a part of the world’s fashion industry. Many of the top models and actresses today tend to opt for this kind of makeup.

Once it comes to makeup, Koreans know their fair share of knowledge, they have their own style of makeup. Their eye makeup is outstanding and uses the right Korean eye makeup products. It is surprising to see how they inventive along with artistic they can be by their eyes.

Korean Eye Makeup Looks:

1. Korean Eye Makeup:

It is suitable for not only Korean but also all women as well. It compliments your eyes plus gives you an extremely easy however stylish look. You can apply this design if you are going out for dinner by your friends for the after sunset occasions or more formal instances.

2. Phoenix Eyes with Monolids:

While the Phoenix eye is so unique in itself that only a simple thin eye line would be sufficient. In condition, you want to downplay the little rising curve at the external corner of the eye, sketch a thicker line at the external corner without extending further than the eye. Do not wing it out. Lastly, draw on the lesser lash line to poise the look.

3. Seductive Lashes Makeup:

This makeup wants you to wear in false lashes plus the effect is so attractive. The makeup is just radiant, though it does need the assistance of a trained makeup artist. To adjoin extra volume, you can more over-line your brows.

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4. Scotch Eye:

Normally people who do not cover lots of Asian eye line, although in general, the Koreans prefer plastic surgery to make the eye crease, plus nothing we have set role model. Barely use scotches which summarize as sola-tip to create folds in our eyes.

5. Doll Eyes:

Koreans, by default, have a smaller eyes as well as this makeup build that fantasy of a bigger further defined eye shape or else building that doll effect to the eyes.

6. Straight Eyebrows:

This kind of makeup possesses no arch and these brows are meant to appear sweet plus youthful. By a brush, wrap the tops of your eyebrows as of the arch downwards through a thin layer of stick. Wait to dry up. Smear concealer above the stick to coat the hairs. Mix and sketch in the rest of the hair by an eyebrow powder otherwise pencil. Mix concealer to the extent that possible.

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7. Turquoise Green Smoky Eye:

It requires several precision. It would be greatest if you might get the help of an expert whereas building this. Utilize two different shades of green and utilize both kajal along with eye liner to emphasize your look.

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8. Puppy Eyeliner:

The puppy liner is the puppy eye’s cleaner and complicated cousin. This look make the eye come out rounder as well as more doll-like.

  • Here’s how to get your puppy eye liner look:
  • Use a mascara and lengthen your lashes from root to tip.
  • Take a liner and draw alongside the upper lash from the inner eye to outwards
  • After reach the edge, draw the line to retain the natural shape of the eye
  • Fill the outer line with a kohl and corner of the lower lash and merge them
  • Blend the liners for a smooth finish.

9. Aegyo Sal:

Eye bags are adorable in South Korea plus there is a word for it, also. “Aegyo Sal” describes the fat pockets beneath the eyes which are thought to create the eyes emerge rounder, fuller as well as younger.

To create your Aegyo Sal look:

  • Use a highlight shade exact underneath the lower lash line.
  • Via a matte brown, slice in your “bag” about half a centimeter beneath your lash line.
  • Blend by a cotton bud.

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Tips For Korean Eye Makeup

Here are a few simple tips to create a flawless Korean Eye makeup:

  • Minimal is the best. Choose simple neutral colors and keep it as natural as you can.
  • When using a shimmer, always apply it on the middle of the eye for a popping effect
  • Darker shade eye shadows must be applied on the outer lid to get a perfect shaded effect
  • Lining your eyes is very important to get those cute puppy eyes

By now, you must have gathered most tips and techniques about Koren Eye Makeup For beginners. So, all your lovely girls, get your tools, follow the methods and create eyes that can mesmerize the world.

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