Kosa silk mainly produced in Chhattisgarh state of India. This type of silk is obtained from Indian silkworm. Champa, a region in Chhattisgarh is treated as the best producer of kosa silk all over the whole world. Kosa silk is not only used for making traditional outfits, but also used for making various designer outfits. Kosa silk saree is considered to be ideal for any special occasion and have a traditional touch. This has been accepted in various other countries for its beauty.

Beautiful Kosa Silk Sarees With Images:

Here are our top 9 beautiful kosa silk sarees with pictures as given below.

1. Cream And Tomato Colored Kosa Silk Saree:

The cream and tomato colored kosa silk looks vibrant and lustrous due to its silky texture. Fine and high quality fabric makes this very light weight. The pallu portion is mainly simple tomato red with sleek silver lining. This combination saree is apt for women of all the ages. You absolutely look stylish.

2. Yellow Kosa Silk Saree With Motif And Border:

Designed multi colored motifs with this yellow kosa silk saree provide an outstanding looks. If you like this pattern of printed silk sarees, this type of kosa silk with vibrant yellow fabric is the appropriate dressing to style. Pleated pallu offer you with formal and glamorous look.

3. Dark Brown Kosa Silk Saree With Geometric Designs:

Magnificence is the special feature of this kosa silk saree. Printed periodic block designs only along the border and on the pallu are splendid. This impressive saree has blue contrasting effect with the pink the base. You simply look sensational in this party wear saree with the lustrous effect. This is one of the best party wear saree in kosa silk sarees.

4. Green Hand-Woven Pure Kosa Silk Saree:

This piece of saree is a hand woven pure kosa silk. The golden border with this shade of green glorifies your beauty. To add some color to this simple green shade, three colors are added up in wide strips which make it look contrasting. Golden blouse and golden ornaments completes your dressing. You will be the center of attracting donning this style of kosa silk.

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5. Maroon And Cream Kosa Silk Saree:

This kosa saree has mixed and match outlook. The upper half has triangular wavy patterns in maroon and cream color. While in the lower half the base color is cream along with kalka designs in maroon and black alternately. If you lie to opt for high neck or collared blues design, you can go for it.

6. Yellow And White Printed Kosa Silk Saree:

The main base color of this kosa silk saree is white with yellow and green striped glamorous border. It consists of prominent prints on the border lining. White is a color which complements other color. This kosa silk has a pleasing as well as elegant look. This is one of the good looking printed saree in kosa silk sarees.

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7. Blue And Grey Temple Design Kosa Silk Saree:

The lustrous shine enhances this blue colored kosa silk. This blue color goes parallelly with temple design grey colored borders. You can dress up with grey color shiny or shimmering material blouse.

8. Red And Off-White Kosa Silk Saree With Warli Prints:

Warli prints are widely used prints in sarees, clothing or other materials. You can opt for this style with kosa silk. The black prints have a shining effect on the off-white base kosa saree. To add some hue to this piece, you can go for simple red color for other half of the saree. This saree has black and red strips along the border.

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9. Beige And Brown Kosa Silk Hand Woven Saree:

The beige colored base on this kosa silk provides a jute effect to this piece of saree. This can be worn in any formal occasion. This simple saree has a multi colored pallu to look even more attractive.

These kosa silk sarees gives a lustrous effect which is the specialty of this saree. These are mainly for any particular events not for daily use. The texture is very soft and shiny. These can be mixed and matched with modern designs to make it look remarkable.

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