Kota Doria is the garment used in making the Kota sarees, and these garments are provided by the Kota region and hence the name. These sarees are weaved in a net-type pattern with a square pattern. These patterns are called Khats and look like small blocks on the saree. Kota saris come in both pure cotton as well as silk materials. They are extremely lightweight and easy to maintain sarees. Originating first in Mysore, Kota sarees were introduced to Kota in the early 18th century. The yarn of the Kota sarees is strengthened with onion juice and rice paste to make a fine weave. Read on to explore the new Kota sarees, which will mesmerise you.

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If you also have the same feeling about these sarees, give the following ones a little try. Look at the top 20 Kota sarees with images discussed in this article below, and you will surely like them.

1. Pale Yellow Designer Kota Saree:

This is one of the best Kota saris out there, and it sports some cool painting done on it. The fact that it has been made with human hands makes it even more special. This saree is probably the perfect thing for women out there right now who are looking for something alluring and unique at the same time. This saree follows a pretty good pattern on the border portion, displaying a golden lace-like design, which is one of the best features of this particular Kota saree.

2. Yellow Pure Silk Kota Sari:

Are you looking for a good-looking Kota saree? This might be the one for you. It sports one of women’s favourite colours for sarees: yellow. The saree can be termed as a festive and one that can proudly shown at wedding events. The pattern done on the border portion is also worth mentioning, and you will like the way this saree makes the yellow colour look so divine.

3. Summer Special Kota Sari:

This saree sports a comfortable shade of red and also a brown colour. Just take a good look at this design, and you will be easily impressed by how it looks. The pattern on the border portion is also pretty good, and the brown colour seems to be the perfect alluring colour to beautify the borders and the edges. The small dotted pattern on this saree is also very catchy, and women will like how it makes them look when they wear it.

4. Latest Design Kota Saree:

This is one of the finest displays of Indian women’s traditional fashion. It sports the colour pink along with many small floral patterns. The pattu region, however, sports a different design and can be said to be one of the most attractive-looking slides of this saree. If you want something totally beautiful to wear on a wedding occasion, this can be said to be one of the finest styling clothing tools. Wear it, and it will make you shine like a pink diamond.

5. Pune Made Kota Cotton Saree:

This is one of the sweetest colours you will see in a saree. It is one of the best Kota sarees of all time. This saree sport pattern is quite eye-catching and will get people interested in this designer material quite easily.

6. Multi-Colour Cotton Kota Sari:

If you want to sport something colourful this season, then this saree is something that you will find suitable for you. The white pattern of this saree is further decorated with the colour red on the border portion.

7. Black Kota Silk Saree:

Here is something that will get the saree lovers excited. This is a Kota saree which sports the silk material and a neutral colour, and you can wear it with almost any blouse you want. It just matches with anything you want without any complaints.

8. Black And Golden Kota Sari:

This particular saree can be said to be a new and quite fashionable step for the Kota saree makers. This cotton saree’s black transparent pattern will excite people about this designer material.

9. Gray And Golden Kota Saree:

This is undoubtedly one of the best grey sarees that sports the Kota sari trend. It is pretty simple and is one of those sarees that can be made look beautiful with a designer blouse. This saree will be perfect for you if you want something alluring.

10. Off White And Blue Kota Saree:

Here is something that will get all the saree lovers to go crazy. It is so simple and yet so attractive. Because of not being too fancy, it can be comfortably carried by mature women or even aged ones. It will make sure that you are still keeping up with style.

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11. Heavy Printed Kota Sari:

This can be claimed to be one of the best sarees that a woman can wear almost anywhere. It will be most suitable to wear with a colourful blouse. White is a good colour to sport with this saree. The off-white pattern matches perfectly with the green and pink pattern design done on this saree.

12. The Pale Yellow Net Kota Saree:

You probably haven’t seen a more beautiful Kota saree made with the net material. The saree sports a pale yellow colour and is further beautified with white floral designs done on it.

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13. Artistic Heavy Yellow Kota Sari:

Here is something that almost everyone will find suitable. The designs done on this saree is the prime attraction of this saree. The subtle yellow colour of the saree with a maroon embellished border is sure to make you look like sunshine!

14. White Kota Saree:

This is simply a white saree that comes with the colour white. It is a pretty simple one and can be carried in festive events. It is one of the most popular varieties in Kota saris, which comes with a half variety of blue and white Kota material.

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15. Sky Blue Kota Saree:

The sky blue is possibly the best colour for sporting an alluring saree design. It has printed musical instruments all over the saree, which makes you want to dance with joy! The unique saree is adorned with a printed border and a pallu to complete the look.

16. Tie and Dye Kota Silk Sari:

Check out this lovely silk Kota saree in a tie and dye style. The lovely sea green and blue combination is a match made in heaven. It is extremely lightweight and makes draping of the saree quite easy. The best part of the saree is the zari border, which is apt for traditional occasions.

17. Embroidered Pink Kota Cotton Sarees:

This regal pink Kota cotton saree makes any woman look ravishing. The lightweight and elegant pink Kota cotton saree come with beautiful all-over embroidery. This saree is perfect for everyday wear when you want to look special while wearing something subtle and comfortable. This is one of the most popular best Kota sarees.

18. Rajasthani Kota Saree:

This lovely Rajasthani Kota saree comes in an authentic Kota model. The yellow and red combination is perfect for any auspicious occasion. It is also combined with the Leheriya tie and dye pattern for a beautiful effect. New brides prefer this lightweight Indian Kota sarees design as an alternative to the heavy silk sarees.

19. Zari Kota Sari:

If you are looking for a grander version of the humble Kota saree, check out these amazing orange and pink zari pure Kota sarees. The golden saree runs all over the saree and is weaved in the form of checks. You can see small butas inside these checks. This new Kota sarees design is perfect for weddings and other important occasions.

20. Net Kota Sarees:

This stunning green-coloured net Kota sari can transform your look. It looks stunningly elegant and feminine. The saree comes in a nice white embroidered border which looks like gorgeous white creepers growing on the saree. Pair with a white blouse and get ready to steal many hearts!

These Kota sarees are extremely popular with women of all ages. Particularly for ladies who prefer to wear sarees to work, Kota saris are the best choice. They are comfortable, airy and extremely easy to maintain. Kota sarees are very versatile and come in a number of colours and patterns. They are also quite easy to drape and stay in place for longer hours. The simple Kota has come a long way by fusing it with other weaving techniques like Leheriya, Zari and Buti styles. We hope you liked this article on Kota saris and plan to add one to your wardrobe.

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