Who could ever guess Yoga would provide you with something more than just shedding your pounds? Usually a common notion to practicing yoga is to follow the rhythm of the trend and indulge in some flab shedding. However, if you take yoga seriously and is passionate about it, you would soon unfold various results of healthy body that would otherwise only be possible by chemical pills and medicines. But, then again why go for external assistance when you can help yourself by opting for some early morning yoga.

So, we decided to introduce you to a yoga posture called the krauncasana and unfold the benefits you can achieve from this.

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How to Do the Krauncasana?

The krauncasana is also known as the heron pose and in fact is one of the easiest workout yoga poses that would take a few minutes of your everyday morning and yet offer you so much more. The yoga basically comprises of small slow paced movements piled in with some step by step breathing. The first requirement for this yoga would be a comfortable yoga mat for the exercise to commence.

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  1. Sit on your knees, your hip resting on your heel tops as the toe front touches the ground evenly.
  2. Your toes should be pressed to the ground and you put your arms on either side of the ground, palm down.
  3. Once the exercise commences you have to balance yourself on one bent knee so it is always better if you use some help in the beginning. A blanket or a cushion under the bent knee will do just fine. Eventually move out the cushion and practice it.
  4. Unfolding one leg, say the left, place it on the ground in front, outstretched with your toes curling upwards. At this time the bodyweight should be equally distributed in your other leg.
  5. Now using your hands by making a clasp on your toe lift the leg up straight and bring it as close to the chest as possible. Lock the position and now you can inhale and hold till you bring your leg down.
  6. Catch your breath and continue with the other one.


Heron Pose for the Beginners:

In case, you are a beginner, here are some things you need to watch out for.

1) It might so happen that you are not able to straighten the legs. In this case, keep your knee slightly bent. Gently let go off your foot and hold the calf or ankle. This might give some flexibility to hold your legs out straight.

2) You can also place a strap around the sole, before attempting to straighten your leg. Make sure to hold your strap close as possible.

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Krauncasana Benefits:

  • It is a great stretch exercise for your lower body that helps you relieve any tension around the muscles or the joint. The muscle usually rigid may cause occasional calf pains and thigh pulls. With this yoga, you can easily get over your muscle stiffness and make them more flexible.
  • Firming up your lower body is yet another benefit of this Yoga where a five-minute Krauncasana followed by your squats will help you firm up your thigh and buttock muscles.
  • While you pull your stretched limb towards your chest, you would feel a slight pull and tug at the chest area, primarily your shoulders and the upper chest. This is the pressure that the heart feels which is also why Krauncasana can keep your heart functioning healthy by putting it through a slight pressure situation.
  • The stretch and pull that is applied to the lower body during this exercise would help you stretch out your muscles for the better benefit helping you eventually in adding a few pounds to your usual height. This is a good way to gain weight. However, the results are not fast showing and patience will be the key to unlock this door.
  • As you hold your breath and bring your leg closer to you, your gut will automatically suck in causing blood flow to the abdomen area. This is why Heron pose yoga has also been linked to healthy abdomen that works strong and gives quality results.

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Precautions and Contraindications:

Watch out for these.

  1. In case you have any ankle or knee injury, do not attempt this yoga without the guidance of an expert.
  2. Since it is slightly complex, always get an expert hand and advice before you start practicing.


  1. Avoid doing the yoga when you are in your menstrual cycle.

The Heron pose yoga is a yoga that aims to benefit the body significantly. It directly helps exercise the hamstrings and calves of the body. However, at any point if you experience any difficulty, abstain from practicing it. While at the face of it, it may look easy, it is not! Get expert guidance before you start.


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