The first thing that comes to our minds during any famous Hindu festival is Rangoli. Mostly made by women, it has been recognized as the most beautiful piece of art you shall witness in India. Whether it’s Diwali or Sri Krishna Janmashtami, we all love to make lord Krishna rangoli to bring out the festive mood. One of the popular designs seen till date is the Krishna Rangoli Design. If you are looking for some inspiration, we have some for you.

9 Best Radha Krishna Rangoli Designs with Images:

Below we have been given some special Radha Krishna and Krishna rangoli designs with photos for festivals like Krishna Ashtami and other festivals.

1. Krishna Rangoli Design:

You can get something as wonderful as the Diwali Krishna Rangoli Design. It will bring a great mood and also fetch you a lot of compliments. The image of baby Krishna located in the center looks marvellous.

2. Spectacular Bala Krishna Rangoli Design:

The Spectacular Krishna Rangoli Design has been rated as one of the best rangoli designs to be ever seen. This is used best during great festivals or weddings. The image of baby Krishna and the butter bowl looks beautiful. The style in which this Rangoli has been made looks extravagant and very attractive.

3. Krishna Rangoli with Cow:

A wonderful idea for a Krishna Rangoli design can be this one. The image of young Lord Krishna with a cow might be a common design, but if you use great colours you will definitely get good results.

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4. Radha Krishna Rangoli Design:

If you are looking for a vibrant and bright Rangoli, use the Modern Krishna Rangoli Design. The beautiful image of Radha and Krishna looks elegant.

5. Simple Radha Krishna Rangoli Design:

The simple Radha Krishna rangoli design is very beautiful indeed. You can use chalk along with some other bright colours to draw wonderful scenery where the couple is sitting in a very attractive position. You can draw this inside your house and also use some lovely lamps to make it look more beautiful. This is traditional kolam Radha Krishna rangoli with dots.

6. Krishna Flute Rangoli Design:

The Krishna Flute Rangoli Design, just like its name, can only be made by a professional. The colours used are very bright, and the way the image has been portrayed looks spectacular. This is one of the most popular and latest lords Krishna rangoli designs with bright colours.

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7. Mother and Son Krishna Rangoli Design:

The Mother and Son Krishna Rangoli Design look very unique and pretty. It shows the bond of love that Krishna shared with his mother, Yashodha. The image of a well-designed pot full of buttermilk at the back looks marvellous. This design has been made in a very modern way and shall get you a lot of appraisals.

8. Baby Krishna Rangoli Design:

On the beautiful occasion of Janmashtami, you can use the baby Krishna Rangoli design. It will bring out the mood of happiness and joy and make the festive season auspicious. You can use some of your favourites and create a design that shall be remembered by all. This type of Bal Krishna rangoli with dots is very easy to do and simple also.

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9. Latest Radha Krishna Rangoli Design:

An excellent design for rangoli can be the Radha Krishna rangoli design. The image of these lovers is so beautiful and romantic. You can use this design for any Rangoli competition and be sure of securing yourself a prize. The combination of colours used is beautiful, and the appearance is also authentic.


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