This twilight youngster rose to fame for her dreary pensive mood and plain gloomy looks which shot her towards the bright shining rays of hope, but this hot stuff is more than just pretty and despondent.

Adding shines to her already pretty looks is her fun lively side, a side completely different than most of her on-screen characters. on research, some of her beauty secrets has been brought forth that we will share on this very article.

Kristen Stewart Beauty Tips Eye Secret:

Kristen is more of a low-maintenance tomboyish girl who loves to rock the messed-up-and-still-looking-fit look. Her usual look on a major basis carries her awry hair, nude lips with smudged eye makeup done purposely. On asked she revealed how she just needs an eyeliner and mascara and after applying them she just smudges them to get the smoky look. But the catch here is that she never takes of the eye makeup cause it makes her look good the next day. She never actually remembers a day when she had her eyes bare sans any makeup.


Being a girl of minimum effort Stewart admits to looking like a boy in her younger years and opens up one of her beauty secrets that is hydration. Liquid intakes are always good for the skin as they keep the skin healthy fresh and glowing. Although liquid does not only mean water that is the only thing Kristen Stewart maintains on a regular basis. A lot of water.


K-Stew even though not a biggie on the hair and makeup front revealed that she is a fan of natural events. She revealed how she thrives every day for that messy puffy fresh natural look. The just-out-of-the-bed look. But there are times when a little commercialization is needed and this is when Kerastase, her hair range of hair products which are eco-friendly and organic comes to play.

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Facial Dramas:

Kristen Stewart revealed her love for Proactive products. Being a low-maintenance chick K-Stew says if she’s feeling responsible on some particular day she’ll wash off her makeup but never her eyes. But every girl has those times when she is struggling with a zit or some uneven roughness. For that Stewart relies on Proactive and their 3-step program.

Either Red or Dead:

Kristen abhors colors in her lips. However, she allows an exception for those siren red lips and that’s where it all ends. No other loud color is allowed to adorn Kristen’s lips. She admits to liking her lips in a nude peach color or just bare.

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Even though she rarely takes off her makeup or goes that extra mile to wash of the existing one, Kristen Stewart in the past admitted to a little cleanse and moisturize routine once in a while since she suffers with the same problem a lot of other girls do. Oily skin and for that only a subtle cleanse and moisturizing is all it takes her.

No Fake Tones:

Kristen is an au-natural girl and that is how she wants herself to be. No loud makeup lips or face. No extravagant clothing or hair and certainly no fake tans. She revealed how she is white and wants to carry herself off being in her natural colors.


She may be dull and gloomy in twilight but she is twice the fun in real life with her ever-changing hairstyles. Even if she doesn’t commit much to makeup or grandeur clothing, Kristen Stewart does like to experiment a lot on her hair with a different color every now and then. Once she went blonde and once she chopped it down to the ears. Once she just kept it unkempt and then again did a corn-row side hairstyle. She is all about changing.


She’s been selected as the brand new fresh face of the Florabotanica fragrance of the Balenciaga and thus advertises and says this product is great. But behind all this advertisement she reveals how she genuinely is a fan of this range and apart from starring as the new face she makes it a point to use it in an everyday basis.


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