Kristen Stewart made her mark as an actress after bagging Bella Swan’s role in The Twilight Saga. As a child, she had seen her family working behind the camera, so even she grew her interest in scriptwriting or directing. But her destiny led her to become an actress. She is a grey-eyed lady with a beautiful smile.

Kristen Stewart Without Makeup:

Spotted Outside a Cafe:

Kristen smiles and waves at the camera while it takes a picture of her. She is wearing a grey top covered with a black shrug and then a yellow and black jacket over the shrug too. Her legs are covered with navy blue jeans, and she wears a pair of black retro sunglasses. She has a brown strapped wristwatch on her left hand, and a few rings can be seen on her fingers.

Simple and Decent:

The actress looks simple and decent in the picture below. She is in a casual blue t-shirt with green prints on it, and on the bottoms, she has similar coloured blue jeans worn. She is wearing huge round-shaped geek glasses, keeping her hair open.

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Looks Back at The People:

Kristen looks back at the people while walking up the stairs, and that’s exactly when the picture is clicked. We see her wearing a black top and a light black pair of jeans. She has a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses in black as well, and her hair is parted from one side and dropped down from the left of her shoulder.

A Close Shot:

We can see her beautiful grey eyes and sweet smile, making her naturally pretty. She is wearing a green dress, and her hair is kept open. Her nails are painted in black, and she wears a tin-silver bracelet on her left hand.

Clicked After Getting out of a Car:

The actress poses with either a suspicious look or a severe look at the camera. The sun rays falling on her face from the left side make her fair skin glow. She is wearing a casual grey, and her hair is open and falls from the left of her shoulder.

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Waves at The Camera:

Another picture of the actress, waving at the people or just the camera as it clicks on her outdoors. She is in a grey colour top under a jacket. She wears a pair of blue jeans, and her shoes are grey for the contrast.

Outdoors in an Evening:

When this picture was taken, Kristen seemed to be outdoors in the evening or at an event. She is wearing a navy blue top and a jacket over that. We can notice that her hair clip is clipped to the jacket. At the bottoms, she wore a pair of blue denim. There are three silver rings on her right hand.

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Tom-Boy Looks:

This picture captures Kristen’s tom-boy look, primarily because of the maroon cap on her head. The picture is shot from the back, and we can see that she is in a bluish jacket with prints of pink on it.

In a Stylish White Dress:

The picture is snapped when Kristen is sitting on a sofa. She is in a very beautiful dress. It is a white dress stitched with shiny cloth accessories which look like small beads and is present to make the dress stylish.

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At The Airport:

Clicked at an airport, she is carrying a bag on her right shoulder. She is wearing a white t-shirt ad a pair of blue jeans wrapped with a cloth and tied with a knot on the front of her jeans. She is wearing a trendy pair of sunglasses and a cap.


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