Kundan jewellery is extremely refined gold that is rarely solid. It is believed that Kundan jewellery originated from India during the Mughal period. It gained popularity and is still in demand from that time because it is amazing designs and intricate work. The process of making kundan is very difficult, and skilled craftsmen can only handle it.

Different Types of Kundan Jewelry:

Kundan jewellery is beautifully designed and gives a mind-blowing look to the wearer. Now we present some fantastic designs of kundan jewellery.

1. Kundan Jewellery for Bridal:

A kundan bridal jewellery always wants to look unique and extravagant on her wedding day. Why not? It’s her day, and you can go for heavy bridal kundan sets to match your outfits. The bridal jewels are present in enormous designs and patterns; you can choose them according to your taste and style as it’s your day.

2. Meenakari Kundan Jewellery:

Meenakari is referred to as the intricate art of engraving on metal to enhance the beauty of that jewel? As kundan, itself looks beautiful, and on top of it, meenakari art has been crafted, what else can be created. It can drive any woman crazy by having a look at these types of jewels. Traditionally just did this art on gold, but now it is made of copper metal also.

3. Designer Kundan Jewellery:

Kundan jewels in themselves give a unique look, and on top of it is designed by a designer; definitely, it would be fashionable and trendy, and the wearer of it would look the most beautiful chic of the party.

4. Kundan Polki Jewellery:

Polki is a kind of diamond which and is also originated from India. An uncut diamond is termed a Polki. When polka studded with kundan looks very beautiful and gives a traditional flavour. Polki kundan set holds immense value as Polki is considered as a symbol of love and memories. So it is seemed upon more as heirloom piece to pass it from one generation to another generation.

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5. Gold Kundan Jewellery:

Gold is something with which people can never go wrong, and it’s an all-time favourite ornament. As kundan is also made from gold, it’s a unique combination you can opt for it. Kundan stands out when crafted with gold and has its sparks which could attract anyone. This is one of the best kundan gold jewellery for weddings.

6. Traditional And Modern Kundan Earrings:

Especially young girls do not like to dress up with heavy jewels. Kundan earring is the ones which can give you a look of being traditional as well as trendy. You look cute simple but marking fashionable looks on others.

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7. Antique Kundan Bracelets:

When we cover our neckline with jewels, why not opt for something unique for our wrist. As wrist represents the non-verbal way of expressing your fashion and style in front of the world. Antique kundan bracelets are the ones that lens to an authentic and modern look, and they can look cool on any age group. Even teens can also wear them and look affluent.

8. Diamond And Pearl Kundan Jewellery:

Diamonds are forever, and no one can say no to them. When three beautiful stones are crafted together, it creates a great combination. The wearer of this jewel can mark an amazing impression, and people can’t stop looking at you. Kundan studded in between the diamond looks amazing and creates a dazzling effect.

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9. Costume Kundan Jewellery:

As everyone cannot afford kundan jewels, our designers have created costume jewellery that looks similar to real ones but at a nominal price tag. So now people who cannot avail real kundan jewel can opt for this and look beautiful and unique and can mark an impression on others.

Jewellery helps give your personality a different look, and with that, you can create your perception and mark style. kundan jewellery designs are amazing to look at, and they can be graced on any occasion you want and gels extravagantly with ethnic wear. So if you have an occasion, don’t miss the chance to grab kundan jewel for yourself and your dear ones.

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