Men have great style combinations to try. Many of them are for formal occasion wear and some for casual. The Indian style that men can wear is kurta and pajama. This style is evergreen and something that looks great on all men. You can try out the various styles in which kurta’s are made. Now you also have the latest styles that have asymmetrical cuts and hemlines. Whatever the style you choose, very traditional or modern, the kurta for men is a garment that is a must in your wardrobe. It completes your collection of all types of garments.

Best And Stylish Collection Of Kurta For Men:

Have a look at this list of kurta’s for men and make a choice,

1. Asymmetric Kurta for Men:

Here is a stunning asymmetric kurta for men that will make you look dashing. The solid black and white combination kurta is spectacular. It has two buttons that are placed on the side of the neck. The asymmetric styles are modern and so something that many men will like.

2. Mandarin Kurta:

This sleek mandarin men’s kurta is perfect for guys who are tall and slim. The mandarin collar is another great feature along with the buttoned front. Long sleeves of the kurta also add to the attire. The collar is cool as it is small and does not feel stuffy.

3. Side Slit Kurta:

This is a great kurti for men who like modern cuts and designer stuff. The side slit of this kurta makes its eye-catching as well. A single pocket on the other side has a contrasting white line. This gives the kurta a designer look as well. You can have the colour combinations of your choice.

4. Cotton Kurta for Men:

The stylish kurta for men can be made of cotton material too. These kurta’s are printed with traditional prints as well as modern. The full sleeves kurta can be cut loose or fitting. Cotton as a material is great for the hot months as well as all year round. This gives the kurta a comfortable feel and is great as a breathable material.

5. Straight Kurta:

One of the most common kurta that men wear is the white kurta for men. This classic traditional wear is just right for all occasions and seasons. The straight kurta can be short or long depending on the occasion. White kurta is always preferred by men as it is a colour for both occasions and casual wear. The white kurta can be made with simple material or even Lucknowi chicken material that looks stylish.

6. Embroidered Neck Kurta:

Make your occasion special with this silk kurta that is embroidered at the neck. These mens kurta designs latest have all the essentials for a perfect set. The neck is high and gives more area for the embroidery to be done. The embroidery can be simple or it can be dense. The simple kurta carries an inbound vertical lining design long with open V neck that is given thread work.

7. Brocade Kurta:

Another of mens kurta pattern is the brocade kurta that is worn mostly for occasions and wpathani kurta for menseddings. The brocade work can be done in rich colors like blue, red, purple, etc or even gold and beige. The full sleeve kurta has plain sleeves with brocade border. The brocade kurta is given normal silk sleeves which add to the beauty of the kurta along with pack neck design.

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8. Raw Silk Wedding Kurta:Traditional

You can also try Pathanikurta for men as an occasion wear. This raw silk kurta with the embroidery work on the pocket and the sleeves is stunning. Pair this with solid raw silk pants that will make you look majestic. The neck collar of the kurta is also given similar boat neck design in embroidery to enhance the beauty of the kurta.

9. Side Open Kurta:

Indian kurta men can wear is also done in different styles. This side open kurta is another style that you can choose from. The kurta is open from the side and is cut diagonally at the bottom. Also known as the adjacent kurta design, it is made from cotton silk material and long skinny sleeves design perfect for the bodybuilders.

10. Cowl Draped Kurta:

The linen kurta for men is also something that you can choose. This modern twist to the kurta has a cowl drape at the bottom. You can have pin tucks at the top that form the drape at the end. The kurta carries a wrapped design below which forms lovely curves looking best over pajama with over locked fabric button design.

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11. Chinese Collar Kurta:

Get a traditional kurta for men with this short Chinese collar kurta. The prints are Indian and you can have them in stripes as well. This half kurta for men can be worn over jeans for a very casual look.

12. Hemline Change in Kurta:

You can get a designer kurta with changed hemline starting from the top. These are the best kurtas for men that are perfect for guys who like designer stuff. The colours that you choose can be manly and perfect for simple occasions. The kurta is given a triangular strip line from the shoulder to the end of the similar side. Along with this, the kurta is also given a bridge like ending which is low from the sides and carries an ark in the centre.

13. Back Embroidery Kurta:

The men’s kurta collection is not complete without this back embroidery kurta. The black and white combination stylish kurta pajama for men is just right for a night party. You can have the kurta in short style or length. The kurta is carried over Patiala in cultural and social funtions, for a traditional yet modern look over jeans. The neck is also given silver embroidery to match it up with the sleeves.

14. Open Collar Kurta:

This is a cool open collar men kurta fashion that you can wear as formal or casual attire. The collar, neck and sleeve ends are stitched with printed material. You can pair this with churidar or jeans as well. The collar and the sleeves of the kurta are given black and white checks neck design which adds something new to the kurta. Along with this, the kurta is also given slant cuts for adding comfort.

15. Buttoned Sleeve Kurta:

One of the latest kurta for men has buttons on the sleeve so that you can also roll up the sleeves. This gives you added comfort when wearing the kurta on hot days. The men’s kurti design is also one of the new men’s kurta that is comfortable.

16. Muffler Style Kurta Design:

A unique style of kurta dress for men here covers the look inspired by the Arabic mufflers. The kurta is made from a fine cotton material, which is given a dual border design in the end with slant cut style. With a simple normal collar neck, the kurta is given a different neck from the shoulder, which is made from silk material. The neck contains material wrapped design till the chest length.

17. Groom Wedding Kurta:

A quite trendy men kurta fashion design popular in weddings is the brocket patterned embroidery kurta design. The brocket kurta is given silver thread embroidery which gives the neck a finishing work along with the sleeves. The back side of the kurta is also given a similar patchwork in silver. The kurta is given divided curvy ends which make it look amazing on a dhoti.

18. Kurta Jacket Design:

For the social party lovers, here is a rich looking men’s kurta collection that gives a sophisticated look to in parties. Made from the simple cotton material, the plain kurta is given knee length with decorative lace sleeves on it. To add some more charm to your look, the kurta is given a designer jacket on top of it. In sleeveless sleeves and waist length, the jacket comes with minute designs on it giving a smashing look.

19. Plaid Kurta Design:

When it comes to a casual wear, the kurta designs have given out the best short kurta design in cotton. The kurta is given a thigh length, with a similar pattern to a shirt. With mini collar neck design, the kurta is also given a folding design for the sleeves for a manly look to the wearer. The kurta is also given a plaid design in red and black which gives an elegant look over jeans in blue and black.

20. Concrete Design Kurta:

A kurta design that works during small occasions of marriage is the concrete design kurta. The kurta is made from a fine cotton material and is given the pattern of embossed vine branches on it. The work of the kurta is quite similar to that of Kashmiri design. With full sleeves and packed neck, the kurta gives utmost comfort and skinny fit looking appearance.

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21. Religious Kurta Design:

Looking for something to put on this festival season! Here is a traditional kurta for men collection, which is made from exotic cotton in saffron. The kurta carries the print of Lord Ganpati on it, which gives it a religious touch for wearing on jeans or dhotis while attending pujas, or to wear on religious festivals. The sleeves are also given similar pattern, along with Ganpati mantra embossed on the complete kurta.

22. Gujrati Style Kurta:

Want to give yourself that traditional look! Here is a widely worn traditional Gujrati style kurta design, made from linen material. The kurta is given a cross opening, which is closed using strings. With full sleeves design, the kurta is perfect apparel for festivals or pujas. The closed neckline of the kurta gives pack neck looks with medium length till the mid legs.

23. Pathani Kurta for Men:

A simple yet stylish appearance is achieved when you choose to wear the pathani kurta. The kurta is made from cotton linen material, with long sleeves that can be folded to half if desired. Also, the shoulder of the kurta is given strips design with an open neck collar design. The kurta is given an apple cut from the bottom with the length of the knee. It can be worn with a pair of jeans, pyjama or salwar for that finishing touch.

24. Summer Spring Kurta Design:

A latest kurta for men design which is inspired by the season’s summer and spring is the summer spring kurta design. The kurta is given a design similar to a shawl wrapped around the shoulders on one side, while the other gives a kurta appearance. The left hand side sleeve is also given a wrapped design, with a pack collar neck. The kurta is made from silk material, and knee length, that is carried over a pajama.

25. Thief Theme Kurta for Men:

Inspired by the old thief style, the thief theme kurta design for men is made using silk material. The kurta is given two different sides, among which, one is made simple as a normal kurta design, while the other is given a plated wrapped design. To make the design more attractive, a wrapped belt is given with dual lines on it and long sleeves. The kurta gets both knee length and ankle length due to the folded plated wrapping design on the other side.

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Try out these styles of kurta for men and feel stylish and sexy. The Indian attire is perfect for all men and can be short or long. You can have the kurta for casual wear or rich and elegant for occasions. Even grooms can choose traditional kurta as part of their wedding ensemble. Made of rich silk, jacquard or brocade, the kurta can be stunning and make you look regal. A short kurta can be worn for casual outings with jeans.