Kurta Pajama designs are traditional wear appropriate for every kind of event. The length of the kurta can be short or long. It can be simple or with work. Simple kurtas stay much demanding during the hot season. Cotton kurtas give relax and tension free look and, heavy work and designs are suitable for marriage and festive wear. Even Groom select heavy kurtas for them to wear on their marriage day. These contain designer print to make them unique from the rest.

Most Popular Models of Kurta Pajama for Stylish Look with Images:

Here are the trendy and coolest kurta pyjama designs for men, women and children. These are the best designs in the hot summer season and also eye-catching.

1. Casual Kurta Pajama:

This blue coloured design is casual in look. There are light blue colour long kurta and blue colour pajama. It is having linen cotton fabric and it is a little thin in quality. The colour combination of kurta and pajama is appealing and pleasing to the mind. There is a small button line on top which is looking beautiful.

2. Plain Cowl Kurta Pajama:

This style is an elegant one. The black kurta is having a cowl pattern in which there is high on one side and pleated on the shoulder. It gives one side layer work. There is a full sleeve with buttons on the neck. It is having a mild collar which is packed. The pyjama is plain white and tight with creeze at the end of it.

3. Kid’s Kurta Pajama:

This new kurta pajama style is an awesome one. The red kurta with no collar is having side button line and curve cut on the bottom. The button line is highlighted with contrast golden colour button. The bottom is looking pure white in a combination of the red kurta. This kid is appearing out to be super cute in this dress.

4. Extraordinary Kurta Pajama:

This man is looking handsome in this latest kurta pyjama design, both are in white colour. The kurta is embellished with black border work. There is a broad collar that too is having a black border. The whole neckline covers black border and on the sleeve too. There is a pocket on both sides of the kurta.

5. Asymmetric Kurta Pajama:

This kurta pajama new style is having asymmetric cut top. There is a slant cut on black kurta which is falling on one side. On the neckline, there is a beaded black ball attached in a vertical way. Both black and white combination is old and gold one. A man has also worn ethnic mojadi of black colour on foot which is suiting well.

6. Churidar Kurta Pajama:

This dress colour is mind-blowing and aesthetic. The white pajama consists of churidar style. The yellow kurta is alluring with embroidery work on the collar and on neck pattern. The sleeve end is also decorated with a golden borderline. Both are amusing and looking delightful.

7. Short Kurta Pajama:

This kurta pajama new design is having a short size of the top. There is black colour plain pajama which is broad till knee and then gets squeezed. It is having little black stripes on both sides of the button. The pocket is also differentiated with a black border. There is a narrow black border on sleeve end and the whole top is looking fine.

8. Latest Kurta Pajama:

This is one of the best and desirable for a wedding. The pajama is plain and broad red while kurta is grey in colour with black collar and red piping work over collar and button line and also, big red buttons attached. It is also having beautiful dupatta which contains pretty prints on it.

9. Trendy Kurta Pajama:

This simple kurta pyjama is sophisticated in look. it is the whole orange plain coloured and long sleeve. It is paired with white plain pajama. There is nice piping work starting from the collar and ending to the neckline. This pair is fetching hearts with its simplicity and its unadorned quality is impressive.

10. High Neck Kurta Pajama:

This is the best kurta pajama design with high neck collar pattern. It is light blue coloured garnished with little dark shade of blue colour. The high neck collar is having a dual pattern of light and dark colour. The button goes with dark colour and pocket is having upside triangle pattern. There is a broad dark blue border on sleeves also.

11. Kurta Pajama with Jacket:

This stylish kurta pajama is also having a sleeveless jacket over it. These are red coloured with black checks print jacket. The jacket possesses a red big button with napkin arranged nicely on the top side of the jacket. The kurta sleeve is also having broad jacket fabric border affixed with two-button work.

12. Dupion Silk Kurta Pajama:

This is a traditional kurta pajama in silk fabric combined with dupatta. The black long kurta is having two vertical red stripes on both shoulders. There is amazing red piping done on neck pattern. The dress is red plain churidar. It is also having dupatta with it which is maroon in colour and net fabric. The dupatta is narrower.

13. Punjabi Style Kurta Pajama:

This pattern is running high in demand. There are plain white short kurta and white pajama. It is also worn red Nehru jacket with high collars. The red jacket is having white buttons affixed. This Nehru jacket is running well in present days. They can be combined with formal wear also.

14. Self-Pattern Kurta Pajama:

This dress is having delicate designs. This top is a little above the knee which contains slant line stripes of white colour. The slant lines are both leftwards and rightwards. The print is looking amusing and graceful. The delicate design of dress demands care and attention and need to be handled in a fair manner.

15. Fashionable Kurta Pajama:

This kurta pajama fashion is the latest one. The colour is also lovely and giving delightful look. It is a combination of light and dark green. There is dark green border attached on the full collar, wrist sleeve and in middle. The buttons affixed are also of dark green. There is cut at below of kurta and light a lining on the top.

16. Exquisite Kurta Pajama:

This design is enlightening. The kurta is of the long sleeve with big collars and an apple cut at below. It is a garnished with blue colour design on it and the design covers collar, both shoulder and one side. On back to there is little design on the top portion. The mojadi is also looking wonderful.

17. Kurta Pajama with Dupatta:

These kurta pyjama styles are mostly adopted for a wedding as it is paired with dupatta. The red top is having self-printed of flowers. The golden colour pajama is getting matched with golden colour work on the whole neck and wrist area of the sleeve. There is light gold shade net dupatta hold on hand with thread frills hanging on dupatta.

18. Linen Kurta Pajama:

It is branded kurta pajama in linen fabric. The whole black kurta is garnished beautifully. It is having an artistic neck design. On the left side, there is full print covered on the right side, there are black straight stripes over grey portion. It is above the knee and pajama is black in dhoti style and also having a little cut on both sides below the waist.

19. Kurta Pajama for Women:

It is a women’s dress design. The top portion of the kurta is black and then follows with a silver colour having black lining print. It is having a round neck with short sleeve. It is a long top paired with black leggings. The whole dress is looking gorgeous on this lady and as not much decorated it is useful for daily wear.

20. Pathani Kurta Pajama:

This style is of Pathani kurta having knee-length. There is golden colour curvy fabric attached on one neck side with buttons in the middle. And on another side, there are attached thick gold boxes with pocket border. The collar is also garnished with golden fabric. This white pathani delivers traditional look.

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21. Wedding Wear Kurta Pajama:

It is a stylish kurta pajama for the wedding day. The kurta is nicely decorated with red and golden design. There is a pipe like a dupatta kept on the shoulder which goes through the hand. Instead of pajamas, the Groom has worn a red dhoti. It is made heavy and dignified with its modish work.

22. Sikh Kurta Pajama:

This style is known as the Sikh style. The short kurta is having a V shape neck and folded sleeves. The black pajama is narrow like Jeans. The man has also kept Pakhadi on his head to depict his Sikh religion. It shows manliness and renders the classic image. It is pleasingly ingenious and simple but appears to be effective.

23. Modern Kurta Pajama:

This new fashion kurta pajama in fully white and peaceful. There are plain cotton kurta and pajama is folded with a button tied up. The outer white jacket is tough and hard. It is sleeveless and large black buttons on it. The man is looking fair and handsome in this dress and rendering an impressive appearance.

24. Bengali Kurta Pajama:

This latest kurta pajama design reminds of Bengal. The man has worn white dhoti with the golden border on it. It is in bright yellow with heavy sleeve work on the wrist and the neck is having creative white border affixed on it and there is cut on the side. Men wear such kind of dress while performing Durga Pooja.

25. Kurta Pajama with Woven Checks:

This is a new style which is having woven checks on kurta. The brown kurta is having brown checks design with a minor collar with cotton material. It is having the capacity to absorb the sweat and most suitable for the summer season. It is simple style is a having unornamented kurta matching well with white pajama.

26. Embroidered Kurta Pajama:

This kurta pajama colour is rare to find. It is fully garnished with heavy embroidery work on it. The work is wide on the neck and goes narrowly till it reaches the end. There is a cut in the middle of kurta from the end. This set contains typical embroidery work and looks fascinating. It is having enthralling qualities.

27. Kurta Pajama with Side Button:

This is a stylish dress having a close neck and sided button line. On one side the kurta is long falling till foot and another side is having knee-length. It is also having a matching cap on the head. The white pajama is of pant style with formal shoes. The person walking on-ramp is looking serious and depicting a significant look.

28. Festive Wear Kurta Pajama:

This latest design is apt for festivals. The black kurta is garnished with button line on one side plus in front, and possesses triangle cut. On the back side, it is having regular style. The pajama is stitched like Patiala which will make you feel open and as it is of white cotton so it will be soft enough.

29. Marathi Kurta Pajama:

It is a traditional dress with dhoti in place of pajama. The plain dhoti is made efficient with red printed border. The knee-length red long sleeve kurta is looking attractive with neck print. There is charming light print covering the button area and on the collar too and the colour is much pleasurable.

30. Striped Kurta Pajama:

This striped is one of the best designs. The top contains overall red stripes on light colour base. It is having a pocket on each side and big collars. On the collar, black colour buttons are affixed and also on the front. On the back there are plain red deep V shape design. This dress is plain red and broader.

31. Jodhpuri Kurta Pajama:

This new style is enchanting with blue kurta inside and gold pajama. The inner kurta is made distinctive with uneven length. There is a blue full sleeve over kurta having slant wrap over style. There are few golden buttons attached on slant line which is looking magical. On pocket, red silk hanky is placed.

32. Formal Kurta Pajama:

This is the best one of the white and grey colour combination. The dress is pure white and jacket over is in grey colour and sleeveless. On white collar, there is grey colour minute stripes and jacket is fully faded and plain grey. White buttons on the grey jacket are matching well. A man is looking dashing.

33. Dori Work Kurta Pajama:

A little kid has worn this dress of blue colour. It is nicely decorated with Dori work on the neck which is looking superb. The collar and wrist area is highlighted with a silver border. It is looking ethnic and suitable for every function. This marvellous dress is having pretty work and looking interesting.

34. Bollywood Style Kurta Pajama:

This type of fashion belongs to Bollywood Superstar. It is having cut on both sides and on front. White boxes pattern is carved out on kurta and bottom is embellished with some different prints. This box design also creates the check print and it is complementing to white pajama.

35. Glamorous Kurta Pajama:

This is a delivering a glamorous appearance. It is plainly shaded and the jacket is having impressive print. The wrist sleeve is also having jacket matching the fabric. On jacket pocket, bright yellow napkin is kept in an arranged manner. Plus the buttons used to tie the jacket is also of bright yellow colour.

36. Printed Kurta Pajama:

This style is having printed kurta. The kurta and pajama both are of the same colour. The kurta consists of pleasurable golden prints and bead balls in place of buttons. The kid is looking really cute and impressive. The dress is shining in its silk material. A boy is looking sweet and traditional.

37. Ethnic Kurta Pajama:

It is a traditional dress which is having black border work on the kurta. It is having a black collar, black buttons and curve black line on one side of the shoulder. The bottom is also possessing two black border one is thick and another one is thin. The same way there is too thin and thick border on sleeves. This black border makes look unique.

38. Designer Kurta Pajama:

This stylish one is a designer piece. The golden kurta is wholly decorated with heavy work on the full front, on the sleeve and on the collar too. The dress is much broad like a salwar. The collar of the kurta is much wide and has a V neck which is kept open. This designer dress is a single piece and created on demand

39. Silk Kurta Pajama:

This kurta pajama pattern is easy and straightforward. It is cream coloured kurta and pajama and both are in silk material. It is having black border affixed on neckline and collar. This black border is having thin cream line in between. The same design fabric is also used on the wrist. A man has held golden crushed dupatta on hand.

40. Sleeve Pattern Kurta Pajama:

This new kurta pajama is designed to be different from its sleeve pattern. The knee-length green kurta is having yellow collar and neckline. On the sleeve, there is golden, purple and yellow stripes print. It is of net fabric on the outer side. The pajama is plain of purple colour and satin material. The whole dress is looking decent.

41. Apple Cut Kurta Pajama:

This style of model is for ladies. There is plain yellow kurta with apple curt and long sleeve. The neck is a close pattern and same yellow colour button affixed on front. She has worn pant style pajama which is crop so it is little above then feet. It is unornamented dress but looking lavish and splendid.

42. Lavish Kurta Pajama:

This one women’s new style has gained momentum. Both are in white colour with brown straight line shades on it. It is without a collar which is giving feminine factor. The whitish kurta pajama renders the plush and expensive image. This choice will depict your high knowledge of fashion and culture.

43. Mango Motif Kurta Pajama:

This dress is having a magnificent appearance where there are yellow kurta and white pajama. The yellow kurta contains mango motif print of red colour with V neck pattern. White pajama is very broad and giving comfortable wear. This dress is having untroubled design rendering restful comfort.

44. Hakoba Kurta Pajama:

This type of fashion is having hakoba fabric. It is a sky blue coloured dress. It is in hakoba fabric having a white minor collar with V neck and 3/4th sleeve. The pajama is also simple and plain in the light blue shade. It is also having blue dupatta with it which is having white border work. This light shade dress is giving a soothing touch.

45. Khadi Kurta Pajama:

This is a new design is having khadi kurta of red colour. The pajama is in pure white colour with body tight fitting. The kurta is short in size with close neck buttoned up and it is having a white shade print. The shaded red kurta contains white button line. This khadi kurta is easy to wear and undisturbed wear.

46. Bug Kurta Pajama:

This design is containing bug print. This kid has worn light green kurta and white pajama. It is having one side design of big bugs going upwards and also having unique designs and becomes different from the rest. This distinctive bug design of kurta is rendering isolate and outstanding look.

47. Designer Kurta Pajama:

It is latest design giving heavy look. The button work is exceptional and having big collars in a dark shade with white lace in between. There is dark shade on both shoulders too and napkin keeping design is also good. The dress is in ready-made dhoti style having big pleats and elastic on waist.

48. Blended Kurta Pajama:

This style is suitable for the party having faded print. The kurta is above knee having cream, black and silver stripe design. The sleeve is full cream with top black and silver stripes. The pajama is in full black colour coupled with a kurta. This party wear kurta pajama dress is looking awesome on the kid.

49. Eid Wear Kurta Pajama:

This branded dress is giving a bright appearance in red colour. The kurta and pajama both are in plain red and jacket is having a gorgeous design. This jacket is having checks print of grey and red boxes. The collar of the jacket is in red and white stripes with black button line. This glowing kurta pajama is looking eye-catching.

50. Western Style Kurta Pajama:

This dress is a combination of a traditional and western look. The kurta design features western culture because of its neck pattern. The kurta consists of all-over print with heavy neck design. It is a captivating dress delivering blazing look. This will attract everyone’s eye on you.

We have seen here many types of kurta pajamas which are much lovely and pretty. There may be embroidery work, thread work, mirror work and much more work in kurtas. Short kurtas can be worn daily which will look something different than regular t-shirts. Some wear kurtas pajamas even in their daily life to get a comfortable feel.


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