Marriages in India are one of the beautiful events. There is certain dress code for most marriages. A man wears designer kurta pajama and women wears sari or lehenga. Designers are exploring new styles on kurta pajama. We will get many designs in different material. So, when we select one for our marriage make sure to choose the best because it is once in a lifetime.

Stylish and Handsome Gents Kurta Pajama for Wedding:

Here is some selective top 15 designer kurta pajama for marriage for us.

1. Printed Blue Kurta Pajama:

This is a stylish kurta pajama for wedding design. This is a printed type blue dress with beautiful embroidery on neckline and backside. It comes with black pajama. You can wear a shawl with it to enhance your look. This is a simple design with style and grace.

2. Kurta Pajama with Modi Jacket:

This is a kurta pajama with jacket for wedding. It’s a beautiful red kurta with cream color pajama. The jacket is a Modi style jacket with beautiful embroidery work on its neckline. The whole jacket is beautifully designed. This is made of jacquard and Jute silk material. Wear this and be stylish.

3. Blue Designer Wear Kurta Pajama:

This is a beautiful kurta pajama for marriage. It comes with sequin work and embroidery on neckline and collar. Even the backside also embroidered with design. You can choose it as a marriage wear. The blue color will enhance your look. The material is jacquard and art silk. The blue and white combination looks gorgeous.

4. Designer Kurta Pajama:

This is a designer kurta pajama for wedding. It is latest Pakistani design that you can choose as a wedding wear. It is a cream color with full body embroidery with white pajama. This dress let’s you shine in front of others. Wear this special dress on your special day.

5. Designer Silk Kurta Pajama:

This is a trendy kurta pajama for marriage. This is a traditional design with embroidery on it. This cream color is the common color for most marriages. Neckline is embroidered and is made of silk material. Choose this one to wear on your marriage and give yourself a gorgeous look.

6. Outstanding Wedding Wear Design:

This is a wedding kurta pajama for groom. It is a vibrant color with off white pajama. Neckline and collar is embroidered with flowery design. You can choose this dress made of art silk as your wedding wear Enhance your style by choosing vibrant colors.

7. Designer Wedding Kurta Pajama:

This is a men’s kurta pajama for wedding. It is a latest design that you can try out for your marriage. It is a navy -blue kurta pajama with a decorated shawl. The groom will look amazing in this dress with proper shoes. Collar neck and sleeve ends are embroidered and it is a front open type kurta.

8. Kurta Pajama with Nehru Jacket:

This is an Indo-western kurta pajama with Nehru jacket design. Kurta pajama comes in plain design. It is made of silk material. But the Nehru jacket looks amazing. It comes in beautiful printed design and embroidery on it. You can wear this colorful dress for your wedding and shine.

9. Banarasi Kurta Pajama:

Are you ready to be stylish on your wedding? Here comes an excellent men’s wedding kurta pajama design in Banarasi Jacquard silk. This is a red color kurta with beautiful works on it. Embroideries and prints make its look excellent. It comes with golden pajama combination which is really beautiful. This is a rare design and stylish too.

10. Heavy Embroidered Wedding Kurta Pajama:

This is a designer kurta pajama for men’s wedding. It comes with heavy embroidery work which makes it look gorgeous. This off-white and maroon combination will look fantastic. You can choose it as your marriage dress. Marriage is a beautiful occasion. So, wear something that make you more stylish. Kurta is embroidered on its sleeves and front side.

11. Plain art Silk Kurta Pajama:

This is a plain art silk kurta pajama for marriage. This is an excellent choice as a wedding wear. Kurta is a copper color one and pajama is maroon color. Collar and body is embroidered. This dress makes you a stylish groom and you can shine for your wedding.

12. Blue Linen Kurta Pajama:

This is a new trendy design which you can wear for your marriage. This is a straight cut silk kurta pajama design. It is beautifully decorated with Resham and machine work. Let your onlookers praise for your color sense and beauty. This is a blue color shaded kurta with golden pajama combination. You can search for different colors in same design if you want.

13. Grand Wedding Kurta Pajama:

This is a kurta pajama for marriage. It is a grand design that is suitable for your auspicious day. The whole red kurta is a printed one with embroidery design on it. Red and cream combination works very well. Choose the best for your wedding

14. Gorgeous Kurta Pajama:

This is a trendy kurta pajama for wedding. It is made of art silk material. Kurta is beautifully decorated with flowery design. It is a maroon color one that you can wear. The color is also embroidered with excellent design.

15. Grey Kurta Pajama:

Be ready to wear the best for your marriage. It’s a stylish men’s kurta pajama for wedding. This is a design made of beautiful embroidery and thread works. You can choose this grey maroon combination as your wedding wear. Be a star by choosing the best.

These are some best designs of wedding kurta pajama. Marriage is a special event. To enjoy beautiful moments in your life, choose the best attire that suits you. Always follow new trends and design. Be versatile and stylish with those dresses. Always be different from others.