Huge range of Indian designed kurta and pajama are available in lot of materials like from casual cotton to heavy branded kurta pajamas set. This kurta pajamas fashion statement is more comfort to make a proper personality in men. Youngsters like to use this type of style to make a rich feel in traditional way. Sherwani, pathani kurta, Dhoti kurta, long Kurta, designer kurta, Punjabi kurta and short kurtas are the best selling in the market nowadays. Each and every type of attire, suits a particular purposeful occasion.

Awesome and Traditional Kurta Pajama for Mens with Images:

You can select your own favourite colour and the desired model from the below given top 50 variant designs of Kurta pajama for mens.

1. Light Orange Kurta Pajama:

Here you can select your favourite colour of kurta pajama design for men. This is made up of 100% pure cotton. And you can feel the comfort by wearing such a type of light material in your favourite colour. This attire, in total is very convenient to wear.

2. Traditional Type White Kurta Pajama:

Image Source: Pinterest

It is a fantastic shade of off white colour kurta pajama for mens. The cutting of this kurta is made as the traditional type straight cut. They don’t have any self designs and can be used for any unique occasion.

3. Plain Silk Kurta Pajama:

Now here is the moment to have a look on this extra special Royal blue shade of gents kurta pajama. This outfit for men is remarkable in its appearance and is made up of purple silk fabric. The silk used here is of Dupion type category. It is full sleeves kurta with long length.

4. Designer Men’s Kurta Pajama:

Image Source: Pinterest

Elevate your fashion craze by opting and wearing such a type of sparkling grey shaded kurta pajama style for men. The kurta is grey on shade and is matched with black colour overcoat and pajama. The kurta has some self design printed on it and embroidered overcoat to highlight the entire outfit.

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5. Ethnic Design Kurta Pajama:

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is a beautiful collection of a brand new and designer type stylish kurta pajama for men, which is entirely based on ethnic concept. The kurta is in a beautiful green and jacquard material. And it has a cream shaded pajama. To enrich its beauty, an over coat in a navy blue shade is topped on.

6. Checkered Maroon Kurta Pajama:

This cool kurta would definitely come in your mind when you have nothing to wear in some situations. It is smart enough to make you feel stylish and modish when paired with a beige colour pajama. It is most suitable to all types of events and occasions, never matter it’s a big or small one.

7. Linen Kurta Pajama for Men:

Image Source: Pinterest

Nothing would stop you to choose such a unique range of gents kurta pajama design. This is grey colour kurta with a bit of embroidery on its neck area. It has full sleeves which makes it so genuine and is also considerably long. It is made up of linen material that is favourite for most of the people.

8. Solid Black Kurta Pajama:

Here comes the eccentric designed gents kurta pajama in solid black shade. This dark and pure shade of black is the favourite for most of the fashion lovers. Including men, this black colour makes everybody fall in love with it. It is of three fourth length categories.

9. Olive Green Kurta Pajama for Men:

Add up this new collection of kurta with pajama, in your wardrobe this season. If you are waiting for a festival or maybe for your loved one’s wedding, then this olive green shaded kurta would be the perfect. This particular silk Kurta pajama design for man is long patterned and has special designed borders stitched both in its neck and sleeves.

10. Pure Cotton Kurta Pajama:

Put your gaze upon this brand new collection of sky blue coloured gents Kurta pajama, which looks trendy and modish too. The kurta is paired beautifully with the white colour pajama and is plain all over. It has no appliques embossed on it and is purely cotton with simple and cool look.

11. Dupion Silk Kurta Pajama:

When you are fed up with the dull colours of kurtas available in your wardrobe, then this is your time to get for new bright shades of gents kurta pajama design. Here is the collection of beautiful combination of both maroon and gold colour kurta made up of Dupion Silk.

12. Embroidered Silk Kurta Pajama:

This is meant to be really a beautiful combination of gold and black shades kurta. It is made up of pure tussar silk which has black thread embroidery that is too eccentric. Such type of kurta and pajama can be made used for a wedding ceremony and also for other such special occasions. It can be paired with a black plain Pajama and also with a black shawl.

13. Party Wear Kurta Pajama:

Here comes the beautiful white shaded kurta, which is made up of genuine jacquard material. This party wear kurta and pajama are meant to be purely of Indian traditional type and fulfills any ethnic occasion of the family of Indian origin. It has unique and sleek cuts with some embroidery in its neck area, and paired with a navy blue Pajama.

14. Maroon Solid Kurta Pajama:

Put your gaze on this wonderful kurta of maroon shade and white pyjama. This has a unique cuts over the neck area and also the end line of the kurta is not even as a normal contemporary and traditional wear kurta set. This type of kurta can be worn as a casual wear in any get together.

15. Men’s Designer Wears Kurta Types:

This is purely a casual wear kurta which possess a unique traditional shape. This is totally a black and black kurta pajama, which is made up of pure cotton. Some people try to wear such type of kurta and pyjama set, in order to express their sorrow towards any abnormal event.

16. Pure White Kurta Pajama Design:

Men who like to wear; all white kurta and pyjama could select such type of kurta set. This kurta Pajama design for men is uniquely made up of jacquard material. And it is suitable for any kind of events and get together throughout the year. Men of all ages can try such type of colour combination kurta set.

17. Black Silk Men’s Kurta Set:

If you want to feature yourself with genuine Indian type traditional ethnic wear, you could have a try on this particular set of kurta pajama for mens. It is a full black Kurta made up of dupion silk material and paired with bright red Pajama and also a shawl, giving it a contrast look. The black kurta also have some bits of red applique matching the bottom.

18. Royal Blue Modi Kurta:

Here you have another growing fashion of Modi kurta, which is in a pure royal blue shade. This kurta is made up of pure Khadi cotton and it is not a full sleeved as all other contemporary kurta pajama set. It has half sleeves which is up to the elbow and does not have any embroidery appliques or cuts and shapes.

19. Men’s Linen Kurta Pajama Set:

Image Source: Pinterest

Grab the magic of this newly designed kurta pajama for mens. It is a front open type cuts kurta that is a full sleeved. This particular kurta pajama style for men is a short type kurta and is paired with full Patiala type tight pyjamas.

20. New Look Casual Kurta Pajama for Men:

It’s a beautiful green shaded light weight cotton kurta set for men. This particular kurta pajama set has a pajama, which is in the same material as of kurta. So both kurta and pyjama are selected from the same running material of cotton.

21. Regular Fit Kurta Pajama Set:

This awesome green coloured kurta would definitely make you look the best in ethnic wears. The kurta is made in ceramic green colour and paired with cream shaded Patiala. The kurta is self designed with stripes and the entire material is made from Silk.

22. Indo Western Style Kurta Pajama:

The nicely incorporated embroidery work on the collar, sleeves and also making use of such buttons makes this attire look like an extraordinary one. The kurta is made in mosaic blue colour and paired with cream shaded Patiala pajama. The embroidery work done on it, is named as Khaki Dori.

23. Green Wedding Kurta Pajama Set:

Here is a dazzling wedding set for stylish men of the modern era, who still like to wear traditional attire. This is a dark green kurta which is made up of silk fabric and it has no sparkling appliques on it. It has Zari thread embroidery in its collar and few button appliques in its chest and sleeves.

24. Art Silk Kurta Pajama:

Image Source: Pinterest

It is bright red latest kurta pajama design for men, which is in pure art Silk fabric. This is a designer variety which can be opted for wearing in a traditional get together. It has full sleeves and it is long type kurta which has some embroidery work in its front area.

25. Polyester Silk Kurta Pajama Set:

Here comes the Punjabi kurta pajama for boys, which is in dazzling beige shade and is paired with navy blue colour pajama. It has a unique embroidery work in its collar and neck area, along with the wide borders for both the sleeves. This type of kurta pajama set can also be wore in wedding ceremonies.

26. Jacket Style Kurta Pajama:

This is the latest model of kurta pajama design for man, which has a jacket over the top. It has plain cream shades of both kurta and Pajama with contrast navy blue shaded jacket over it. And this jacket makes the entire attire look outstanding.

27. Waist Coat Style Kurta Pajama for Men:

Image Source: Pinterest

This is indeed a lovely silver shaded kurta made in Kela Silk material. This Jacquard material waist coat over the plain silk kurta pajama set is also known as a Nehru waistcoat. The Pajama is of Punjabi patiala type.

28. Kurta Pajama Design with Breeches:

Now make your inner sense glow with a fashion Diva, by changing your mind to get such type of kurta pajama attires. This stunning pajama is of a short type category and is made up of a thick cotton material. For this white kurta, it has been paired with the dark green Silk pajama. In order to match with the bottom, kurta has been given some dark green appliques with breeches.

29. Kurta Set with Patiala Pajama:

Take a quick look on this stylish and aesthetically appealing kurta which is mostly suited for a wedding ceremony. The kurta material is made up of grape silk and the Pajama is of Punjabi style known as Patiala. The pink shaded kurta is very well matched with the beige colour Patiala pyjama.

30. Special Red Kurta Pajama Design:

Here comes the simplest yet cool collection of mens kurta pajama. It is made up of Khadi cotton material and is of a short type category, which has full sleeves. It is beautifully paired with a white shaded simple pajama. It very well suits most of the casual wear occasions.

31. Punjabi Type Kurta Pajama for Men:

This one is the extraordinary looking gent’s kurta pajama design, which comes in dupion silk material. Both the kurta and pyjama are plain blue colour materials, but has a contrast look over coat. The overcoat is in dark black colour with multi shade Polka dots.

32. Ethnic Wears Yellow Kurta Pajama:

Selecting yellow as a manly colour is bit awkward in most of the men. But here, it is a lighter shade of yellow that is chosen by the people who are fashion bugs, who want to look always unique. This particular stylish kurta pajama for men is very cool and light to carry.

33. Short Grey Kurta Pajama:

Image Source: Pinterest

Have a look on this set of another collection of Punjabi kurta pajama for boys, in a truly new design. The entire attire is in beautiful grey shade, with some black piping design given in the collar and on the front chest of the kurta. This type of genuine colour and cuts of kurta pajama set are mostly preferred by the matured type men.

34. High Quality Banarasi Kurta Pajama:

This Indian made kurta pajama style for men is a unique kind made up of RAW Silk fabric. This type of kurtas is famous in Banaras and hence the entire attire is famously known as a Banarasi kurta pajama. Nowadays, these light shaded colours of kurtas are mostly preferred by the youngsters. And it is here paired with off white Patiala pajama.

35. Readymade Jacket Type Kurta Pajama:

Explore this Punjabi style kurta pajama for boys which are having a jacket along with it. It is a bright red kurta and pajama with same shade of jacquard over coat. This set of outfit is mostly chosen to wear as a Eid or wedding attires. Since it is in reddish colour, it can be readily chosen as a wedding outfit.

36. Party Wear Designer Kurta Pajama:

Discover this glamorous collection of orange party wear stylish kurta pajama for men. It has entirely the design of Indian style Punjabi outfit. This silk orange kurta with limited zari borders is fantastically paired with beige coloured silk pajama.

37. Trendy Short Kurta Pajama:

This is black Kurta Pajama set for men who are looking for a simple outfit. This gent’s kurta pajama is made with pure cotton material and the cloth is very light that would give the extreme comfort to wear. This outfit can be used as daily wear if you are looking for a style, apart from the contemporary one.

38. Uneven Kurta Pajama Model for Men:

This is marvellous range of collection of gent’s kurta pajama design. It has the unique thing of having an uneven front and back cuts in the kurta. It is solid blue in colour and can be paired with any desired shade of Pajama sets. Here, a white shaded plain pajama is made used to complete the look.

39. Nehru Jacket Kurta Pajama Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

The modern day tough guys would make an option in choosing such type of latest kurta pajama design for men. They need the uniqueness in every outfit they wear. This model of kurta set is so stylish and also would give the full satisfaction of wearing a genuine traditional wear. It is plain black Kurta and Pajama with a cream coloured Nehru jacket as a peerless match.

40. Casual Wear Kurta Pajama:

Here is the perfect outfit giving a bold and steady manly touch to the one who would like to wear. This gent kurta pajama design makes you feel proud to be a man and suits all kind of occasions. It is light shaded brown Kurta pajama with black appliques and it is of three fourth lengths.

41. Thread Embroidered Kurta Pajama:

Image Source: Pinterest

It is the classy range of kurta pajama design for men who are the one among the fashion lovers. It is pure white cotton of khadi type material and has black thread floral embroidery on the collar, sleeves and back. It is designer type kurta and pajama in white that is more stunning and modern.

42. Engagement Wear Kurta Pajama Set:

Grab the latest trend of kurta collections for men that can be used for marriage receptions and engagements. This is the combination of both black and brown colours in kurta top. It is matched with the plain black cotton pajama. The kurta has black pattern prints throughout the material.

43. Gold Striped Pattern Kurta Set:

Make your loved one cheer with happiness by gifting such a type of Grand ethnic wear collection of wedding series Kurta Pajama for groom. If your beloved brother or cousin is expecting his marriage day, you can be proud by gifting such a fantabulous kurta gift. Here, it’s the golden orange shaded silk Kurta with maroon striped patterns all over.

44. Simple Casual Wear Kurta Pajama:

Wear a casual and latest kurta pajama design for men, as the one shown in the image link. This is a cool pink shade Kurta set which is splendidly paired with a white pajama. It is so simple and cool that it is worth in wearing for a simple event also.

45. Professional Type Kurta Pajama Design:

This is a dark green coloured Kurta pajama set which has an added beauty of having a lighter shade of green overcoat. This type of kurta pajama set is preferred by the men of unique thinking. The entire set of kurta pajama is made from raw silk fabric and is elegantly designed for a wedding series.

46. Black Velvet Kurta Pajama Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Here comes the splendid and first rated series of velvet gents’ kurta pajama model. This a black velvet kurta top paired beautifully with a thick red pajama and a red shawl. It has unique pattern of red stripes embroidered on it. This suit is more likely a wedding Sherwani type model.

47. Turquoise Blue Kurta Pajama Set:

Image Source: Pinterest

This is a superb and awesome collection of kurta pajama for grooms that are in turquoise blue colour. This Kurta pajama set has a royal look due to its colour and also the design pattern chosen. The embroidery thread colour chosen, also gives its unique and outstanding gaze.

48. Pakistani Style Kurta Pajama:

It is now the time for exploring the Pakistani type kurta pajama design for men. This kurta is the type of matte finish and is dull pink in shade. It is a full sleeved top and a longer type kurtas with loose pyjamas.

49. Brocade Kurta Pajama Set:

Take a look on this new and latest collection of light shaded beige brown kurta set that is of brocade material. This self design kurta pajama for men, is made using the same shade of colour of pajama and also it’s shawl. This particular series of designer kurta tops can be opted for a wedding ceremony or ethnic get together.

50. Plain Silk Kurta Pajama Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Get a trial with this trendy art silk kurta pajama which is meant for modern day wedding men. This is solid black kurta with pajama that is designed based on true Indian tradition. It is added up with a netted shawl of the same colour to upgrade its ethnicity.

There are wide ranges of kurtas to select, starting from the prices to models and then to colours. Each model describes its own authenticity and uniqueness. More than that, the variants in sizes and colours, makes us to think our favourite one to choose. These kurtas are also purposefully designed to meet the requirements of every event in the day today life. So it’s your turn to choose the best that very well suits you.

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