If working in a small kitchen cumbersome and time-consuming, then it is time for you to remodel your kitchen layout. L shaped kitchen designs offer smart and practical solutions to make your kitchen more efficient and open up space. This detailed article gives you clever ideas that work best for small and medium-sized kitchens. Check out this extensive article and find the best l shaped kitchen ideas along with pictures and layout ideas.

Modern L Shaped Kitchen Designs Save

L Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas:

It is crucial to remember a few essential things before constructing an l shaped kitchen:

  • It is vital that you ensure that the design allows the kitchen to stay connected to the rest of the house.
  • Keep things within easy distance of each other and avoid a cluttered look.
  • Adjust the length of your cabinets.
  • Adequate lighting must be provided both for the working as well as the seating area.
  • As this layout shows more floor area, choose a bold design that stands out.
  • Storage space is vital, and if possible it is wiser to opt for a pantry in the corner.

Best L Shaped Kitchen Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modular l shaped kitchen designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. L Shaped Kitchen Interior Design:

L Shaped Kitchen Interior Design Save

In this smart L shaped kitchen idea, we see a two-tone kitchen cabinet in blue and grey with clean lines that give the kitchen an uncluttered contemporary look. The wall-mounted white cupboards never go out of style and offer adequate storage solutions. We see that the countertop has all the essential gadgets one needs within easy reach. The open space in this bright kitchen allows immense options to plan an eating area for all those fun kitchen conversations with your family!

2. L Shaped Modular Kitchen:

L Shaped Modular Kitchen Save

This open modern L shaped kitchen is an efficient home design with citrus-coloured two-tone cabinets that offer a refreshing visual appeal. The sleek cabinets with adequate storage are stylish yet functional and match the wall-mounted grey cupboards where items we do not use daily can be stored. The convenient open-kitchen design shows how optimally we can use the kitchen space, giving ample opportunity of setting up a comfy dining area.

3. L Shaped Kitchen Designs For Small Kitchens:

L Shaped Kitchen Designs For Small Kitchens Save

Here we see a simple L shaped kitchen design with crisp white and grey cabinets that adds to the visual appeal of this kitchen with its simple colour scheme. It has an efficient kitchen layout that ideally suits a modern home. The décor has a clean mi accent to it, which makes the kitchen look neat and streamlined. The natural light complements the stainless steel sink and kitchen accessories giving the whole work area an airy look with a pop of colour provided by the greenery on the window ledge.

4. L Shaped Kitchen Furniture Design:

L Shape Kitchen Furniture Design Save

This is an L shaped kitchen room seen often in most homes. It has a standard design that consists of glossy laminated upper and lower cabinets that offers a lot of storage space. There is a window on one side of the kitchen that provides more than adequate light, fresh air, and ventilation. The work area has a white countertop and is efficient with a stainless steel sink and fittings that are easy to maintain and look clean and orderly.

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5. L Shaped Kitchen With Island:

L Shaped Kitchen With Island Save

Here we see an all-white kitchen with an island; it has a seamless design that exudes brightness and leaves the L shaped kitchen layout looking well ventilated and airy. The shiny modern kitchen appliances make it look like the cooking space of our dreams. The refrigerator placed in such a way that it saves space. The elegant white cabinetry with simple counter height stools around the island and pendulum lights complete the look of this minimalist décor leaving the kitchen with a fresh, clean, and timeless look.

6. L Shaped Kitchen With Peninsula:

L Shaped Kitchen With Peninsula Save

In this kitchen, we see an L shaped kitchen with a peninsula that complements the elegant cabinetry with beautifully, patterned floor. The glossy black marble countertop contrasted with stainless accents and compact placement of kitchen appliances suits the décor well. The low round black bar stools around the peninsula in the dining area have a matching countertop in this well-ventilated cooking area under the circular pendant lights’ glow. Some open shelves and cupboards offer immense storage space making this kitchen look organized and sophisticated.

7. 10×10 L Shaped Kitchen Designs:

10x10 L Shaped Kitchen Designs Save

Here in this small kitchen in L shape with large windows, there is abundant natural light streaming in making the kitchen look clean and airy. The shelves here are designed with copper-pipes and provide sufficient space to perfectly line up cookware. The powder blue cabinets with shiny black countertop give a clutter-free work area with a compact sink and copper-finished brass cookware that adds to the look to make a statement in this modern kitchen.

8. 8×10 L Shaped Kitchen Designs:

8x10 L Shaped Kitchen Designs Save

We see that this minimalist kitchen in L shape provides impressive depth with clever shelving vertical storage space is increased to store books and cookware. There are sleek wooden drawers that match white panelled wall cabinets and paired with a shiny marble kitchen countertop to give a cheerful ambience to the kitchen. The black and grey cooktop and oven add a beautiful contrast in this white and cream-coloured kitchen with adequate cooking space and dining area.

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9. L Shaped Kitchen With Corner Pantry:

L Shaped Kitchen With Corner Pantry Save

Here we see a clean and simple L shaped kitchen design idea with white shaker cabinets with brass pulls and are a popular style of cabinet doors. The marble counters with a subway tiled backsplash give the kitchen a fresh and orderly appeal. The corner style pantry helps to cleverly hide things not used daily and provides the kitchen with an uncluttered look. What makes this kitchen unique is the brick-style wall on one side of the room that makes the kitchen look warm and inviting.

10. White L Shaped Kitchen:

White L Shaped Kitchen Save

This kitchen in L shape is an ideal kitchen for a small home that is white and bright with a sleek modern design that works well with an open floor plan and has a small eating area to one side. The large cabinets with deep drawers ensure ample storage space, and the countertop is made of marble with a sink in the centre. There is an oven to one end of the room. The design is such that it provides adequate workspace in the cooking area, and one can make a statement with this beautiful kitchen.

11. L Shaped Open Kitchen:

L Shaped Open Kitchen Save

Here we can see a beautiful L shaped kitchen with grey lacquered cupboards and drawers paired with a cool white countertop. This is in contrast with the beautifully patterned hexagonal terracotta tiles adding a warm vibe to the kitchen. The brickwork has been allowed to remain above the kitchen work area, giving an old charm to the décor. There are open shelves to accommodate cookery books and curios and an adequate dining area consisting of a round table with chairs that complete the look of this cosy and classic kitchen.

12. Large L Shaped Kitchen:

Large L Shaped Kitchen Save

The layout of this L shaped kitchen interior design paired with white subway tiles visually gives the impression of having more space. Warm wood-toned cabinets are all around the white island, and the eating area has counter-high stools to match the décor. There is a rectangular flower box near the kitchen work area that gives a much-needed pop of colour in this white and wood-toned kitchen area. On the whole, this kitchen has a practical layout that makes working and dining very convenient and comfortable with adequate natural light and air.

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13. L Shaped Farmhouse Kitchen:

L Shaped Farmhouse Kitchen Save

Here in this L shaped kitchen plan, we see a homely kitchen that beautifully complements the elegant cabinetry; the open shelving and white cabinets provide ample storage facilities. There is a large window that allows tons of natural light to stream in. The island has cushioned stools and stylish pendant lights above, adding to the beauty of the décor. Balance is the prime factor in this kitchen where the colour scheme of furniture, appliances, and potted greenery perfectly match each other in harmony

14. Grey L Shaped Kitchen:

Grey L Shaped Kitchen Save

In this L shape kitchen designs, we see an idea successfully executed where the warm grey cabinets complement the backsplash and subway tiles and look cool and elegant. The minimalist décor of the space creates a timeless look with the shiny stainless steel fittings and the rack holding spoons. We can see shades of grey in this layout, where the gorgeous greys add a dark sophistication to the entire kitchen layout.

15. Contemporary L Shaped Kitchen:

Contemporary L Shaped Kitchen Save

Here we see one of the best L shape kitchen design with navy blue cabinetry that perfectly complements the grey countertops and patterned floor. The greenery adds a pop of colour in this two-tone colour kitchen. We can also see clever shelving where shelves have been partitioned and sectioned to create more storage space to exhibit books, copper cookware whose brilliant shine brings out the beauty of this statement-making modern kitchen.

L Shaped Kitchen Renovation Ideas:

  • Before you start revamping or renovating have a clear plan on where you want your appliances placed.
  • Allocate space to create an island that can help with food preparation.
  • Adopt open shelving if you find that there are a lot of closed cabinets and cupboards.
  • Let the wall-mounted cabinets extend up to the ceiling.
  • While choosing the kind of countertop you need, apart from the aesthetic value and budget, look at the practicality factor.
  • Look at the type of sink, faucets, and appliances you need.
  • Always keep in mind that there is no need to remodel your kitchen completely.

If you are looking for ways to revamp your small kitchen and give it a snazzy upgrade, do not worry. This extensive article shows you how to do this with L shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens. These creative ideas will inspire you with a complete array of kitchen designs and customized style tips. Please do let us know which designs impressed you the most and helped transform your favourite place from drab to glam!


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