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Top 8 Labello Lip Balms

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Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body carrying nothing but a thin soft layer of skin over them. Unlike your skin which has several dermal layers, the skin from your lips is often too subtle to protect you for a long term. The soft skin incurs heavy damage throughout the years if kept unprotected. The fact that it gets the most amount of exposure is another key factor too. This is primarily why lips need the most amount of care and this is when the term lip balm comes. in today’s article, we shall talk about a certain company Labello, which experts themselves in lip caring products. The term has been derived from the Latin dictionary where ‘Labium’ stood for lips and the ‘bellus’ meant beautiful. We shall enlist a few lip balm products from Labello that will provide you protection all year long.

1. Labello Hydro Care Lip Balm:

Labello hydro care lip balm

The hydro care lip balm from Labello comes packed with SPF15, UV A and B sun protection that allows your skin to soak up excess greasiness while providing excellent protection from sun tanning. The prime formulas integrated here are Hydra IQ along with water and aloe base that smoothens chapped lips with a long lasting effect.

2. Labello Med Repair Lip Balm:

Labello med repair lip balm

The MED repair lip balm from Labello is yet another sun protected lip care product once again including SPF15 that would allow your lips to protect itself from harmful UV rays and sun tanning while softening and moisturizing your lips with their usual Hydra IQ mix. Vitamin E in this product repairs dry damaged lips and makes them plump and soft.

3. Labello Chamomile Lip Balm:

Labello chamomile lip balm

Some of the primary items infused in the chamomile Labello lip balm are calendula, Shea butter and organic chamomile extracts that leaves a soft trail of natural aroma without adding any tint to your lips. The Hydra IQ formula thoroughly hydrates your dry dead lips without causing irritation or excessive weighing down.

4. Labello Care And Color Rose Lip Balm:

Labello care and color rose lip balm

The care and color range from Labello focuses on two layers, forming a double layer on your lips which is both lightweight and easy blending. The lower layer infusing with your lip skin contains Panthenol which cares from the core while the outer layer includes a moist rose tinted hue that would give you the shine of a gloss and the benefits of a lip moisturizer.

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5. Labello Care And Color Nude Lip Balm:

Labello care and color nude lip balm

This is yet another care and color series from Labello, this time with a nude shaded balm that leaves your skin soft and supple while repairing the prior damages. Once again, made in a double coat format, the lower coat with the Panthenol repairs and protects skin while the outer nude hue allows a classy tint to hydrates and nourish your skin.

6. Labello Sun Protect Lip Balm:

Labello sun protect lip balm

Especially concocted to provide supreme sun protection, this lip balm is a special requirement made for the ones who spends hours at a time underneath the sun. with an SPF30 working on your sensitive skin, your lips will never go without UV ray protection. The addition of sunflower extracts lightens the dark patches from your lips thereby giving you a on the spot spa treatment.

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7. Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm:

Labello watermelon shine lip balm

The watermelon Shine lip balm provides a soft glimmer to your lips as the exotic fruit extracts nourish and hydrate you skin with the essentials of Hydra IQ and a soft fruity aroma lingering behind. This is a perfect balm for the evening dates or a summer noon walks with color pigments and long lasting moiturizations.

8. Labello Vitamin Shake Lip Balm:

Labello vitamin shake lip balm

The vitamin Shake lip balm contains a marble textures stick that contains a fusion of essential cranberry and raspberry fruit extracts mixed in with Vitamins B5, C and E. If the look and aroma of this lip balm doesn’t attract you, the soft peach tint and the nourishment value of this healthy shake surely would.

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