Chokers for the neck are stylish jewelry items worn by girls all over. They pair well with simple garments as well as occasion wear. Lace chokers are a step above and give the wearer a sophisticated look. The lace used mainly has floral tones and can be finished with beads or crystals. Laces too are of different quality with Chantilly lace being the most treasured.

Beautiful and Attractive Designs of Lace Chokers for Ladies in Trend:

Here are the best chokers with lace designs.

1. Floral Lace Choker:

This elegant black lace choker is the best style statement for young girls. The floral lace used here is superior quality and the pattern has a flower and leaves in thick lace work. The choker stands out because of its thick lustrous look.

2. Beaded Tassel Lace Choker:

For tops and dresses that have a deep low neck cut, wearing a broad choker style necklace is the best option. Select this floral choker with water drop beads that give a full look to the neck area. The lace is pretty and thin and looks transparent in places.

3. Gothic Lace Choker:

Choose this old era gothic style lace choker for a formal and elegant look. The lace used here is vintage lace and the centre stone attached to it has a frame of silver metal. The frame itself has a very intricate design and is oval in shape.

4. Cubic Crystal Lace Choker:

White lace chokers add a very feminine and sophisticated look to your wardrobe. Go in for white lace that is thin and pair it with simple garments like tops and jeans. This is a very casual piece of jewelry which can also be worn as an evening ensemble.

5. Victorian Lace Choker:

This full coverage lace choker is from the Victorian era. The intricate lace work covers not on the neck band but also falls down to the upper chest area. The wonderful lace edging is dotted with Swarovski crystals to make it more appealing. Choose this lace choker is you want to make a bold fashion statement.

6. Chantilly Lace Choker:

Chantilly lace is considered to be the most expensive and beautiful lace available. It is made in gowns for weddings and also evening wear. This Chantilly lace choker in white is the very exquisite and the black rope ending adds a twist to make it more contemporary.

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7. Bridal Lace Choker:

The perfect jewelry for a bride is a white lace choker that goes beautifully well with her gown. This bridal lace choker is made with tiny beads that have a tatted look. The lace choker is pretty and elegant.

8. Ribbon Inlay Lace Choker:

Choose a cool lace choker necklace to go with your party wear. This fashionable item is upped in style by the addition of red ribbon inlay. You could choose any color satin ribbon as the inlay. The thin ribbon in satin gives a shine and finish to the choker.

9. Crochet Lace Choker:

This splendid crochet lace choker in white is very feminine. The crochet work done is very delicate. This lace choker is made in cotton to give it a fine and impressive look. Crochet work just like tatting lends a very subtle look and the overall piece is worth the buy.

Choose your favorite lace choker from this extensive list. The styles that may attract you will be Victorian, gothic or contemporary. The lace chokers can be delicate or bold and daring. Colors like black and white are most common, but now you get lace chokers in various shades like pink, turquoise etc. The lace chokers available in the market are the gorgeous pieces that complete your look. You do not need to wear heavy earrings, etc as the chokers fill up your face as well as the neck.


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