It is all about trends and clothes worn according to the current trend and style for ladies. To that list of trendy saree collections, the first on the chart would be the lace saree designs. The lace saree are preferred by young girls and mid-age ladies to its attractive design and intricate thread design. The history of lace dates back to the sixteen century, which was found by the Italians, the Flemish and then later, the lace design spread to the European countries. In those ages, the commonly used lace material was linen, Gold, Silver material and then when thread cotton became popularized, made lace designs from Cotton in general.

During the Industrial and French Revolution around the 19th Century, changes in the fashion industry saw good cloth manufacturing and design changes. Due to these changes, the investment in designing lace material became more affordable and easy in weaving the cotton lace material. Introduced the presence of lace through saree was around the 19th century since the fashion industry has grown along with new and latest lace fabric saree.

Importance of Lace Sarees:

The lace saree is made from cotton fabric; the comfortability and easiness to wear add to the main importance of the lace saree. There are different types of creating lace designs; the most commonly used designs are the Needle lace and the Bobbin lace types, followed by other types: crochet, Knotted, Cut work, Knitted lace.

  • Handling the saree is important know-how for the ladies before tying and carrying the saree. Depending on the Saree design and can match the colour of the Blouse.
  • Due to Skin relieving design and material, this type of saree is best suited for a party or during a wedding reception party.
  • Adding to the types of lacework, the colour of the lacework also adds beauty to the saree design.

Lace Saree Features:

Due to its nuanced design, the time in creating the lace designs is really appreciable, which lead to its greatest importance in preserving the saree for a longer time by wearing the saree in an orderly fashion with minimal bobby pins attached to the saree.

There are various lace designs, including the Sheer lace, a transparent design, fully patterned lace that is partially lined, and the Stretchy lace fabric, which has the lace outlook with a stretchy feel due to its various fee looks.

Mostly Preferred Age Group Among Women:

As the saying goes, “Age is not a limit”, but in this case, wearing a lace saree can set boundaries for ladies when they think about age-related designing style and sense. When it comes to which age group, it is definitely among young girls till mid-’40s. As the year’s pass, the mid-age ladies are more health and diet conscious; they look young and modern with the beautifully intricate lace saree. And it is very well known that young girls are definitely in love with modern, well-designed lace sarees.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred?

This is definitely a tricky question to be answered by girls and ladies. Since this saree is quite delicate and less malleable than other saree fabrics, there is definitely a limitation set for a preferable body shape. The aptest body shape could definitely be a slim to medium figure. Due to lack of flexibility, excessive fat built bodies would find it difficult to wear and maintain the saree. The lace fabric is less appreciable than the lean-to medium-sized body shape for the very lean body shape.

Latest and Stunning Models of Lace Sarees for Women with Images:

Here are the top 10 lace saree designs for a celebrity look.

1. Chantilly Lace Saree:

Chantilly Lace Saree Save

Chantilly is the town’s name located in Northern France; hence this lace saree is called the French Chantilly lace saree. This type of lace sari is elegant due to the high quality of the lace used in weaving this colourful threaded lace sari. The lace material is made in France; hence, the quality speaks out through the colour’s brightness and the sari durability. This saree is best suited for party wear and any modernised traditional theme party.

2. Lace Net Saree:

Lace Net Saree Save

Net lace sari is a type of transparent textile achieved through careful thread work and forming intersections between the threads, which gives the net form. Lacework is carried out to give a rich look to this net material. The colour of the thread can either be similar to the net material or contrast to the net material. This saree is for a College culture, office party, or family party.

3. Bridal Lace Saree:

Bridal Lace Saree Save

Bridal lace saree is a typical saree worn during Christian wedding days by the bride. The typical colour used during this occasion is pure white to light pink or even off-white. The colour used is generally mild to highlight the bridal jewels and the hair-do. The bridal lace saree has this unique lacework that runs along with the corners and on the pallu side with a plain body. The body of the saree can be of any synthetic saree material.

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4. Beige Lace Saree:

Beige Lace Saree Save

Beige lace saree can be considered a universal colour saree that will suit any skin tone. The factor which can dominate could be the border and the blouse colour. According to one’s like, can select the border colour and the blouse. This simple and elegant saree can be worn from formal office wear to casual coffee meet outfits.

5. Fancy Lace Saree:

Fancy Lace Saree Save

This fancy lace sari is an all-time favourite for all the college girls to middle-aged due to its double colour saree design with fancy lace work done along with the corners of the saree when single fleeted the lacework falls over the saree body, which makes the outfit look eye-catchy. This type of saree is definitely going to be semi-formal to a party wear outfit.

6. Chandelier Lace Saree:

Chandelier Lace Saree Save

Chandelier lace saree is a delicate, lightweight outfit which best for slim tall girls due to its saree design. This saree has the 3D Sequence work along with stonework. The corners of the saree have a scalloped shaped design, which gives add beauty to this black lace saree. This is a typical youngster party wear outfit with an Indo-Western modern theme.

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7. Georgette Lace Saree:

Georgette Lace Saree Save

Georgette is one of the favourite saree materials worn by ladies of all ages. When designers combine this georgette lace saree material with lacework is definitely an eye-catchy work. The lace work is seen along with the corners of the saree, which falls beautifully along the pleat giving an attractive outlook. This is a light orange saree used with a combination of Georgette material and lacework.

8. Floral Lace Saree:

Floral Lace Saree Save

Floral lace saree is an eye-catchy design that has gained attention from college going young up to mid-age women. Since, these days all the ladies aged 30 to 45 maintain their figure, which makes this body shaping floral print saree an amazing outfit. The floral print can be mono-coloured to multicoloured, which gives a different design. This saree is definitely a party to go outfit, and the family gets together outfit.

9. Velvet Lace Saree:

Velvet Lace Saree Save

Velvet lace saree is the trend-setting saree type in the Saree industry. The lace sari is in itself an amazing saree type. To make it more interesting, designers combined lace work with velvet material. Can you imagine? Yes, it is an amazing combo that all the ladies want to own. The body of the saree is made from net and lace combo, and the corners of the saree are lined completely with velvet material highlighted with patchwork.

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10. Celebrity Lace Saree:

Celebrity Lace Saree Save

Inspired by clothing design used by the actress in a movie or any party event? Then here is a perfect outfit that young and mid-age women can try. A celebrity lace sari is made from complete lacework and precious stone or Kundan stone. The highlight of this saree is the flow of the lace work saree which compliments women figures and colour more aptly.

Which Blouse is Suitable for This Lace Saree?

For ladies, it is definitely not just selecting the best saree but also the apt blouse. To make it easy for ladies, nowadays, readymade blouses are available. For a chiffon lace saree, ladies can combine a velvet sleeveless blouse. For yellow lace saree, green lace saree black velvet or Banarasi brocade material blouse is a wonderful combination. For net lace saree, satin, Raw silk, Poly silk designer blouse is a good combination. The celebrity lace saree comes with an attached blouse designed as a strapless or a collar neck blouse.

How to Style Lace Sarees?

Since most of the lace saree are transparent, the best combination to showcase the lacework and complement the saree could be using a velvet long skirt matching the lace saree. Then can tie a traditional saree pattern in the saree, wherein the pallu is left un-pleated. Lace sarees are quite heavy due to full cotton thread work; this makes ladies choose this type of saree only for a short occasion like an evening party, a semi-formal office party, or even as a party event host.

Beautiful lace saree which gained entrance to India through European influence, by now the lace saree has retained its presence by gaining the name Indian lace saree. This strong presence of lace worked saree through various amazing designs. Tying the lace saree is only a time-consuming procedure due to delicate, nuanced work, but later saree is easy to handle once worn. To maintain the colour and brightness of the saree, it is best advised to do a hand wash and hang the saree vertically, which makes the water drain out completely.

After getting a brief knowledge about the lace and lace saree along with its associated blouse design and lace sarees images, readers, it’s time for some shopping. Check out the nearest store by you try a lace saree and share your experience in trying a lace saree.

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