Lady Gaga hairstyles and hair makeovers! From acting to singing and songwriting, Lady Gaga is a prominent name in the American entertainment industry. Besides her talents, her appearance, looks, and unique fashion preferences often amaze the audience and fans. She has distinct choices, and you can understand if you see Lady Gaga hairstyles!

12 Best Lady Gaga Hairstyles for Fun and Fashion:

From blonde to grey metallic hair, and from classic, vintage looks to heavy wild makeovers, she has tried them all. We are thrilled to share a few of the most favourite and top trending looks from the Lady Gaga haircuts and hairstyles. Let’s get started.

1. Metallic Hairstyle with Waves:

This bold and particularly wild look of Lady Gaga with her attitude and expression is nothing less than a killer. We love this long hair length with waves and curls around. Lady Gaga, mainly known for her unique looks and very experimental tastes, never disappoints us in showing new style statements very often. This contemporary look of her during a photoshoot is quite a hit.

2. The Green Bob:

Bob haircut may not be any recent trend. Well, we admit that, but this twisted green coloured hair with bob is undoubtedly thrilling and new in the industry. The pastel green color hair draws a lot of attention, and the dense bob look with voluminous hair indeed matches her facial features and personality. We love this one on Lady Gaga!

3. The Vintage Show:

Hey, by now, you already understood how our Lady Gaga never budges away from trying out something new. Can you ever imagine combining a vintage curled hairstyle with hair color? Well, she did it! This hairstyle is particularly about the town for the same thing – its perfect blend of vintage and classic look with modern twisted style statement.

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4. Cute Bow:

No, the bow isn’t a different piece; it is constructed out of the hair itself! Isn’t it just amazing how long hair can be styled to achieve such awesome elements in the hair? The hair is extremely long in length (obviously a wig for Gaga) sporting eye framing bangs in front while the upper part of the hair is used for constructing a bow above her head.

5. Voluminous Bob:

Gaga shows of hair volume in this fantastic bob cut. This hairstyle is styled just like a simple bob cut is done with the application of some extra volumizing cream to achieve that voluminous effect.

6. Pirate Bob:

Wondering why call it the pirate bob? Well, only because of the simple fact that one of her eyes is rendered invisible. This bob cut hairstyle sports hair which is totally straight devoid of any waves or curls. The length of the hair in front varies from eye level at the right to jaw length at the left. This transition of hair length across the front is what covers the left eye.

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7. Classic Exaggerated Italian:

This hairstyle gives an overall vibe of an Italian hairstyle. Overall, the haircut is short but the hair strands at the front are medium in length. Those medium length strands play the major role in achieving this classic look. While the rest of the hair is brushed flat on the head, the long strands are styled in the form of huge waves which sweep from one region of the forehead to the other. It almost covers the forehead too, thus forming side swept wavy bangs!

8. Unique Green:

Another one of her experimentations with short hair which is a complete success! The uniqueness in the hair color is what stands out in this hair do. Even the style in which the hair is composed gives an impression that she has donned on a hat on her head. This is a highly professional hairstyle, professional in terms that it is difficult to style but the end result is evidently awesome.

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9. High up Pony:

The ponytail in this case is located even further above a normal high up pony would be. The hair is first brushed back and is then tied up. Ultra care is avoided while brushing back the hair so as to give that tousled look which this hairstyle presents. Further, even the hair in the ponytail looks messy.

10. Gravity Defying Hair:

Astonishing isn’t it? This hairstyle must have taken a lot of time to accomplish. All of her hair is literally defying gravity in this case and is standing upright in an accumulated fashion over her head. The hair, though fake (is a wig), displays a brilliant volume and shows the work of a professional hair stylist who has created a masterpiece out here.

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11. Vibrant Yellow:

The hair color is not entirely yellow, but it gradually transitions from being blonde to being yellow. It is pretty much evident from the picture that she is wearing a wig in this case. The bright and vibrant hair color adds on to her lighter complexion and makes her look even more bright and beautiful. Also, the hair is not completely straight, but possesses some waves.

12. Black And White Buns:

Though most of Lady Gaga’s hairstyles are characterized by wigs, this hairstyle can be termed or classified as the most significant of the lot. This hairstyle portrays Gaga’s hair in two different colors – black and white. The section of the head with black hair is styled into a black colored bun while the hair on the other side of the head is styled into a white bun. Both the buns when viewed side by side provokes a greater interest due to the contrast between those colors.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about these latest and most popular Lady Gaga hairstyles and haircut looks. We love all of them and can’t choose one particular favorite. Do you have any such most favorite and best hairstyle from her? If so, let us know what you like the most!


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