The face is a vital outlook for a person, a self-confidence to face the world actively. However, cleaning our face has become a crucial feature of beauty regime. The rapid increase in the exposure of sun and pollution steals the natural look. The best way to clean your face is with a productive face wash and Lakme has proven to be effective!

The products by this brand need no introduction. Lakme has a broad range of rinse-off face washes. Lakme is all about high quality, ingredients for the right reasons and exceptional value for money. Also, Lakme is formulated with clear benefits.

1. Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores Face Mask:


Those with combination or oily skin have a particular requirement of skin care products that keep your facial pores clean and oil-free to prevent your face from appearing too shiny through the day and also to prevent the pores from clogging by excess oils and developing into blackheads, whiteheads and eventually pimples.

So, a spotless skin free of deep-seated impurities is the key to the healthy and radiant skin. Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores Face Mask focuses on fulfilling this specific requirement for oily skin type and giving you a bright and matte surface.

To prevent frequent occurrence of pimples, it has extracts of green tea which is also rich in antioxidants. The clay present in this face mask helps to soak up excess oil and therefore make the appearance of the pores less prominent. Regular use claims to lighten the blemishes too.

2. Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Mask:

This face mask from Lakme clean up range is specially formulated for those who have a dull looking complexion. Regular use of this one claims to add a healthy radiance to your appearance and impart you smooth skin, too.

The presence of Fresh strawberry extracts gives an antioxidant and alpha hydroxyl acid boost to your skin thus helping in fighting the skin damage caused by free radicals and thus getting rid of all the dullness. It maintains the moisture levels of your skin without excessively drying out your skin. It also makes your pores look more refined and tighter.

The packaging is user friendly as well as travel-friendly.

3. Lakme Clean up Fairness Face Pack:

Exposure to dirt, pollution and sun rays on daily basis is inevitable and therefore leads to your complexion looking ashen, tanned and unhealthy. Your skin needs a regular repair system to combat this damage.

The Lakme Clean Up Fresh Fairness face mask contains Vitabeads that boost your skin’s vitamin levels from outside and help in giving you a salon-like cleanup at the comfort of your home at a relatively reasonable cost of INR 225.

4. Lakmé Sun Expert Skin Lightening + De-Tan After Sun Face Mask:


The best part about this face pack is that it is suited well for all skin types. It is easy to apply and easy to rinse. You can use it on an everyday basis to undo the damage done to your skin by exposure to the harsh UV A and UV B rays of the sun.

This face mask from Lakme sun expert range has been infused with the extracts of cooling cucumber and aromatic lemongrass that helps to detoxify, purify and soothe the sun-exposed skin leaving it feeling supple and super clean. It is priced at Rs. 150 for 50g

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5. Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Over Night Mask 3 (50 g):


This face mask from Lakme is newly introduced and happens to be a part of the Lakmé skin Gloss Range. It has been commended by the beauty and skin care experts over the world.

The Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Overnight Mask has been enriched with skin-friendly mineral & frozen water that claims to repair, regenerate and replenish your skin damage by night. It is during night when the body in general and the skin, in particular heals itself.

The hydrating properties of this mask help to make your skin feel plump and look radiant. You need to pat in 5 to 6 drops of this face mask on your facial skin and let it absorb completely. Leave it on overnight. It is priced at Rs 500 for a quantity of 50 grams.

6. Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Facial Wash:



  • This is a unique face wash from Lakme on which you can entirely rely on to get instant fairness.
  • It’s the best face wash for healthy skin to dry skin.
  • The critical ingredients like glycerin and instant collagen boosters lighten the dark areas and energize your skin.
  • This face wash helps in improving and tightening of the skin.
  • This is a good face wash where it also acts as an anti-aging agent.
  • The illuminating pearls quickly brighten your skin making your face feeling fresh.
  • Washing your face daily with this face wash can work wonders on your face.
  • This product is right out there at the market for just Rs299/-

7. Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Whitening Face Wash:


  • Get rid of skin tanning, uneven skin tone to oil secretion with this best face wash of Lakme Perfect Radiance.
  • This Lakme face wash for pimples cures all the skin problems like blemishes, dark spots, acne.
  • The complex vitamins in this face wash make your skin radiant giving a salon-like effect.
  • This is best face wash that even outs your skin keeps it smoother and softer throughout the day.
  • Use this face wash twice a day for best results.
  • This Lakme face wash for pimples wash costs only Rs200/-which makes it an affordable purchase.

8. Lakme Blush and Glow Crème Face Wash Peach:



  • This is the Lakme best face wash which blends easily on the pimple affected skin giving it a gentle touch with peach extract.
  • The creamy consistency makes the face washing more comfortable.
  • The only coin amount of this face wash can quickly remove all the dirt and oil which is the primary cause for the sprouting of a pimple.
  • This Lakme face wash for pimples is perfect for oily skin as it keeps your skin hydrated at every wash.
  • Peach content lathers well and leaves a squeaky clean skin.
  • Its available in all markets at Rs190/-.
  • Use daily and rinse off your face with cold water for a fantastic outcome.

9. Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Face Wash:



  • This fantastic face wash comes in a red-pink color plastic tube, and it is easy to carry around.
  • The strawberry extract provides a delightful smell of mild strawberry essence.
  • The bead and anti-oxidants in it keep away all the dirt and impurities.
  • This product is gentle for pimple cure and ideal for everyday use.
  • This face wash is not very runny but a bit as it has a gel-like consistency.
  • It doesn’t lather a lot but helps in removing the dirt.
  • This Lakme face wash for pimples doesn’t tingle on the blisters, instead makes your face feel comfortable.
  • The tiny particle goes deep into the pores removes the unwanted oil and exfoliates a little.
  • Using it twice a day can prevent causing pimples.
  • This Lakme best face wash comes at an affordable rate for just Rs175/-.

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Side Effects:

  • The side effects are eventually rare for the Lakme range of products.
  • The primary side effects cause mainly due to the uneven face wash selection according to your skin type.
  • It is very vital to choose the right type of face wash among the Lakme ranges. So that it can relate and cure any skin problems.
  • The fruit essence used in the face washes may rarely annoy people who don’t like fruit flavors on the face, but it doesn’t cause any severe side effects.
  • If you think that over wash can cure even quicker, then it is entirely wrong.
  • Washing your face using a face wash for more than ten times a day causes extreme dryness and removing natural oils in the skin.
  • If its pimple prone skin then definitely it leads to red rashes on your face.

Lakme is the only and best beauty product which has grown into such a huge brand not only offering quantity wise but also quality wise. The cute this about Lakme ranges is it a beautiful and friendly package that can be carried anywhere. The fantastic features make it comfortable for a person to select and depend on it entirely. Every Face wash products in Lakme makes a face feel fresh and clean. It has scarce side effects than any other products.Lakme has some reasonable range to some high ranges. Majority of the Lakme skincare products are at affordable rates. Its modest price range and easy availability makes Lakme one of the best-selling and trusted among women of all age groups.