Lakme has a wide range of facial kits which can be used in your daily routine. If you do not get the time to spend in spas and parlours, here’s an easy way to get that salon fresh look. Use these facial kits from Lakme and get a silky radiant skin. The skin gets hydrated and looks healthy too. Try one of these depending on your type of skin.

Famous Lakme Facial Kits in India:

Here are few Lakme Facial kits, choose from below top 9 Lakme Facial kits,

1. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Kit:



This Lakme perfect Radiance Facial kit contains Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance massage which helps you get soft, smooth and radiant skin at home. You are sure to see the difference after a couple of uses. As the name suggests, the skin looks fair and radiant as if it is illuminated. This is due to the presence of micro-crystals and vitamins that lighten the skin tone. The kit is moisture-laden and your skin turns absolutely silky. It also has SPF 20 PA++ which shields us from the strong sun rays. The lightening face wash effectively washes away impurities dirt and pollution. It is the best Lakme Facial kit for dry skin. As this pack is known for its absolute radiance it could be used for occasions and parties. Can be regarded as the Lakme gold Facial kit.

Use: Take the massage cream and apply it on the face with circular motions, massage it until all the content gets absorbed.

Put sufficient amount of the Lakme cream on your palm, and gently massage the cream onto your face and neck with light strokes for 10 to 15 minutes, adding more gel as necessary. Apply the cream using the various facial procedures.

Price It costs Rs.850.

2. Lakme Beauty Mantra Kit:


Lakme Beauty Mantra brings together an assortment of exclusive Lakme products handpicked for the Indian lady of today. Pamper your skin with the latest Lakme skin care products. Contains moisturizing lotion, gel and a face scrub. It rejuvenates your skin ad makes you feel fresh. Removes the oil form the pores and keeps skin fresh and supple. The scrub here consists of strawberry extracts. These extracts help to keep the skin fresh and youthful. It can be regarded as the Lakme fruit facial kit.

Use: Dab the scrub all over your face and neck. Massage with your finger tips for about 2-3 minutes. Be sure to just massage gently and then wash with plain water.

Apply a thin layer of the mask, evenly all over face and neck and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash thoroughly with plain water.

Price: It costs Rs.2634.

3. Lakme Bridal Facial Kit:


This Lakme bridal kit is the best kit for all the beautiful brides out there. You can get the perfect look with these Lakme beauty products. You can get instant radiance from lakme. It contains Lakme complexion care cream which enhances the skin tone. Gives a glossy look to your face. Also has the necessary skin toners to suit your skin type. It is regarded as the Lakme Diamond Facial kit.

Use: The Complexion care cream can be applied evenly over the face. Allow it to absorb the contents and wipe it with cotton swab.

Price: It costs Rs.2700.

4. Lakme Face Care Kit:



The Lakme Face Care Kit leaves an even skin tone after usage. The kit effectively reduces – dark spots, acne marks, blemishes, oiliness, tanning and many more defects. It also protects us from the harmful radiations of the sun as it has SPF 20. The kit deep cleanses and removes all the dirt and grime from the pores. After regular use, the radiance of the skin can be distinctly seen. It is the best Lakme whitening facial kit and could be used by both men and women. It is regarded as the Lakme facial kit for men.

Use: The Complexion cream can be applied evenly on the surface. Massage gently with circular motions and clean it with water or wipe it.

Take a small amount of face wash and work up to get lather. Apply it on the face and wash with clean water.

Price:It costs Rs.240.

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5. Lakme Face Beauty Care Kit:


The is the best Lakme Facial kit for oily skin, and it consists of a fairness cream, a skin toner that suits your skin and a face scrub that clears the pores of the skin and removes excess oil content. This is a beautiful gift for the lady. You can get that fairness on your face with this combo pack. The goodness of this pack is that it has whitening creams. It is regarded as the Lakme pearl facial kit.

Use: The face scrub can be gently massaged around the face and neck. Clean it with water.

Use the cleanser by massaging lightly on the face for 10 minutes and wash with water.

Take a small amount of cream and apply in circular motions. Massage it for 5 minutes and allow it to absorb the contents.

Price: It costs Rs.959.

6. Lakme Nourishing Glow Facial Kit:



Here is a cool facial kit that has the properties of strawberries. The kit is perfect to remove blemishes and to smooth your skin. Strawberries have the best blend of properties to make your skin supple. Use the scrub, face wash and the mask to get better looking skin.

Use: Wash your face with the face wash and rub in circular movements.

Take a small amount of the scrub and rub in circular movements to massage the face and remove all blemishes.

Lastly add the face mask. Keep it till dry and then wash off with water.

Price: Rs. 120/-

7. Lakme Fresh Fairness with vitabeads Kit:



This lovely facial kit that you can have from Lakme is perfect for all face types. The kit has a fairness property that lets you get glowing skin with skin brightening technique. The face scrub and the face wash are two essentials that you will need to give your skin that bright look. Once you use the face mask you will notice visible lightening of your skin.

Use: First clean your skin with the face wash and wipe dry. Then take a small amount of the face scrub and rub in circular motions to remove all dead skin cells. Once you complete that you can apply the face mask. Let this dry and then wash off with water.

Price: Rs.120-

8. Lakme Clean Pores Facial Kit:



Here is another nice facial kit that you will find from Lakme. This helps to clean the face pores that are filled with debris. The face pores can be big and can have all the sweat and dirt from a busy day. So its nice to have all that dirt and grime removed from the skin’s surface.

Use: Clean you face with the face wash and remove all the dirt that is deep within your skin. Next you can use the face scrub and clean off all the dead cells and with it all the blemishes. Later use the skin mask to make your skin supple.

Price: Rs 120/

9. Lakme Fruit Based Facial Kit:

This gorgeous facial kit from Lakme is filled with the goodness of fruits. The kit includes all the essentials for a facial. Use the strawberry face wash to cleanse your skin of the dirt and pollution. Then use the fruit crush face scrub to get a clean and smooth skin. It acts like an exfoliator. The face mask is filled with the goodness of all fruits like strawberry, apricot and kiwi.

Use: Clean face with face wash and then wash with water. Use a small amount of the scrub and rub in face in circular movements. The face mask can be applied with a small amount and then left to dry. Wash it with water.

Price: Rs.150/-

Lakme facial kits are the best in the market. They are known for their beauty products and salons. They have skin creams and scrubs for different skin types. The bridal care set is the most beautiful kit. They have a wide range of products which are the best products for all ages. If you want to give a special treatment for your skin then lakme will be good choice, you will find more products in market but if you are looking something different but in your budget then you need to go surely with lakme products for your skincare. This lakme products comes with special quality for normal skin to dry skin too, bridals need to get this facial kit for their wedding. Those girls who want to plan a gift to their dear friend then Lakme products will be best choice always.


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