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8 Best Lakme Lip Balms

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Luscious plump lips are not only a desire but also primarily a necessity. When was the last time fashion magazines said chapped lips were a trend factor? The most exposed part of your body, the lips are actually the most sensitive and reactive part of your body, struggling through the sun ray exposures and the chemical lip colors we always use every time we go out. Hence, a soft lip balm is a welcoming gesture for your lips which not only nourish but also protects your lips from further damage. In this article today, we shall talk about a multi-international tycoon, a famed cosmetic brand which goes by the name Lakme. Lakme lip balms are always in fashion providing something more than just miniaturization. With a wide range of color palette suitable for your variant skin tones, Lakme lip balms can be used both as a gloss and a lip care product.

1. Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Lip Balm, Rose Affair:

Lakme 9 to 5 creaseless lip balm, rose affair

This great lip balm is the combination of some of the most important vitamins for your lips which include vitamin E and other vitamin based ingredients such as jojoba oil and olive oil. It is brimming with SPF 15 protection and glides like a swan on water across your lips.

2. Lakme Lip Love Cherry:

Lakme lip love cherry

This lip balm is perfect if you want to protect your lips from the deadly rays of the sun as it contains a strong amount of SPF 15. Its healing ability keeps your lips nourished and healthy at all times. This brilliant lip balm acts as a natural beautifier as it adds a soft red hue to your lips.

3. Lakme Lip Love Vanilla:

Lakme lip love vanilla

This great lip balms is available in four varieties which include predominantly strawberry and vanilla. It has a strong texture of SPF 15 which is perfect if you want to protect your lips from the rays of the sun. Brimming with vitamins, your lips will stay fresh at all times with this lip balm.

4. Lakme Lip Love Peach:

Lakme lip love peach

This dual care lip balm gives you a soft peach tinge which is complete devoid of any side effects. Brimming with SPF 15 this is a perfect lip balm to keep your lips fresh and moist at all times. The name truly compliments the lip balm as it truly does love your lips when applied.

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5. Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist, Rust Crush:

Lakme absolute gloss stylist rust crush

This brilliant two in one lip balm plus gloss is a complete package when going out for a night on the town. It has brilliant retaining capacity which lasts for a long period of time ad is not affected by any external environment. With no side effects this great lip balm takes its rightful place amongst the best lip balms available.

6. Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss, Orchid Shine:

Lakme absolute plump and shine lip gloss, orchid shine

Your lips are quite an important part of your outlook and taking care of them is extremely necessary. This great lip balm is brimming with plenty of vitamins to add that extra oomph to your lips along with a considerable amount of SPF 15 to make your lisp withstand even the hottest of days.

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7. Lakme Lip Love Strawberry:

Lakme lip love strawberry

This strawberry phenomenon is yet again another of those baby pink lip balms that adds that extra texture of pink to your lips with no side effects at all, Perfect for just a day out with friends.

8. Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss, Crimson Shine:

Lakme absolute plump and shine lip gloss, crimson shine

Finally last but not the least, crimson shine fills your lips with a very intoxicating glow that adds not only color but volume as well. Brimming with vitamins that are all very important to maintain good lips the Lakme absolute plump is worth the wait.

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