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Top 15 Lakme Lipstick Shades

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There are various companies out there that sell lipsticks. However, Lakme is a well known thing when it comes to the lustrous shades.

Below are Top 15 Lakme Lipsticks Shades That are Quite Popular of This Brand.

1. Absolute Creme- Runaway Red:

Absolute Creme Runaway Red

This is a cherished lipstick for many women. Women like it because it does not bleed a lot. Even when you are having meals the color does not come off on your food or glasses as much it would come off. So you can wear this with ease for at least 3 hours with 2 or 3 swipes. This also comes in a roll up pencil bottle and this makes it for an easy application. It also has almost nil shimmer effect and is quite matte and still it manages to moisturize and leave a soft effect. This however says it will stay for 16 hours but it will wear off in about 3 to 4 hours. It can be purchased easily for 582 INR.

2. Absolute Range- Royal Rouge:

Absolute Range Royal Rouge

This is a dampened pink color which has good moisture and you can wear it for a similar time limit of 4 to 5 hours. This is good for daily wear and also is easy to glide on because of the roll up tube system and the pencil like shape of the thing. This also says to last for about 16 hours but however it does not do so. It comes for about 582 INR and can be easily purchased from online stores or drugstores.

3. Absolute Range- Plum Forever:

Absolute Range Plum Forever

This is another variant of the same range. It also says to give hour color but this stays on for about 4 to 6 hours at the most. This is however that very plum rich shade that you might want for your collection. The shade is deep and moisturizes as you apply. This is also costly at 582 INR. This is easily affordable and you can wear this for office and also daily wear.

4. Absolute Range – Shade Pink Sorbet:

Absolute Range Shade Pink Sorbet

This is a shimmery shade with pink tint and is very bright on the skin. You can wear this if you have tanned to wheatish tone. However this is also highly priced at about 600 INR for a roll up crayon like tube. This lasts for about 5 to 6 hours and glides on very smooth.

5. Absolute Range – Candy Kiss:

Absolute Range Candy Kiss

This is an orange and pink mixed color and more towards a lighter peach. The tube is crayon like and comes in a roll up mechanism which does not require you to sharpen it like liners or others. You can apply this smoothly and is also easily fitting inside a bag which makes it easy for random applications while you are in the car or you are at a restaurant with no other touch up equipments like brush or sponge or even tissue papers needed. This is also costly and has UV protection. It comes for about 600 INR and stays on after application for about 5 hours. Two glides will give you a proper light day time look.

6. Absolute Range- Shade Berry Pink:

Absolute Range Shade Berry Pink

This is a similar crayon like roll up tube and you will find that it gives enough moisture to sooth the skin. It also does not smudge easily and has a berry shade which is more towards the peach. It has an easy gliding edge and you can buy this for approximately 600 INR. These are easy to carry in hand bags and for those times when you need a quick touch up.

7. Satin Enrich Range Mauves 128:

Satin Enrich Range Mauves 128

This is a mauve pinkish shade which is very bright. Always use cotton balls or a tissue to wipe off excess because these are highly moisture and tend to bleed on excess application or swipes. This is cheaper compared to others. You can buy this for 225 INR.

8. Satin Enrich Range Nude 651:

Satin Enrich Range Nude 651

A slight tint of orange and the nude finish is properly suited to go with the floral day time outfits and light makeup. If you are looking for a fresh shade then you can try this out. This is priced from 225 to 250 INR.

9. Satin Enrich Browns 528:

Satin Enrich Browns 528

This is a brown shade which is quite dark. However for some a single swipe and for some a darker shade will require 3 to 4 glides of this. This is affordable and quite suitable for a party look. You can buy this for 250 to 300 INR.

10. Satin Enrich Reds and Maroons 453:

Satin Enrich Reds and Maroons 453

This is another sought after shade. This is easy on the pocket at the same time. This is priced at 250 to 300 INR.

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11. Lakme Nudes Range 266:

Lakme Nudes Range 266

This is another nude color that you can keep for everyday usage. This is suitable to be worn with low day time looks. You can buy this for 250 INR to 300 INR from drugstores.

12. Satin Enrich Shade Red and Maroons 425:

Satin Enrich Shade Red and Maroons 425

This is a pinkish dark bright shade with a lot of lustre. You can buy this for 250 to 300 INR and this has a lot of moisture.

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13. Satin Enrich Shade Red and Maroons 426:

Satin Enrich Shade Red and Maroons 426

This color even though in the range of reds and maroons, this is more of a reddish berry shade and also dampened brown. This can be good for office or formal wear and you can buy this for 250 to 300 INR.

14. Satin Enrich Pink and Mauves 136:

Satin Enrich Pink and Mauves 136

This is a very light and quite fluorescent like color. This is a must buy for those days when you want natural tint. Easily affordable at 250 to 300 INR, this is a must buy.

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15. Lakme Enrich Satins 149:

Lakme Enrich Satins 149

This is a raspberry pink shade, which is more towards the fuchsia. This has minute shimmer particles which gives lustre but does not stand out. This is easily available for 250 INR to 300 INR.

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