Many of us have been in situations where we don’t have anything to gift someone. These last minute gifts will give you an idea of what you can do to come out of a sticky situation. Since a last minute present is not well thought the gift, this list will give you the option to select something special in a minute’s time.

Best Last Minute Gift Ideas for Any Occasion:

Get a look at these top 9 last minute gift ideas for your dear ones, and you will be saved from an embarrassing situation.

1. Ice Cream Sundae Box:

This is a wonderful and delicious last minute gift idea that you can come up with. Here you have a box filled with goodies that go well with ice cream. So you can add candies, sprinkles, cookies, etc. Pack the box with cones, cups, and spoons too.

2. Candy Gift Wrap:

Get some candy that is loved by the person you are going to gift. Wrap up the candy in colourful ribbons or twine. Add a little note that incorporates the name of the candy to make it quirky. This is the best last minute birthday gift idea.

3. Recipe Mug:

A cool gift for your mom is this last minute mother’s day gift idea. Here you need to get a plain mug and write down a simple mug recipe with a sharpie. The recipe should be one that uses the mug and can be done in the microwave.

4. Holiday Chocolate Mixes:

The perfect last minute Christmas gift is this cool chocolate mix in a mason jar. You need to add in all the items that make up a hot chocolate mix except the hot milk or water. Tie a little ribbon and add a note to it and you are set with a gift.

5. Cookie Basket:

Another cool gift as a last minute birthday present for mom is this cookie basket. It is a DIY basket that you can make using a single paper plate. Use the instructions and create the perfect basket to carry your homemade cookies.

6. Painted Plate:

There is a super cute last-minute DIY mother’s day gift that will leave your mother awestruck. This is a painted plate that can be kept as a showpiece. The plate is painted by the kids using their handprints or footprint.

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7. Tea Cup Candle:

Here is a wonderful way to use some pretty teacups. Turn them into candles. These make a great last minute birthday gift idea for a best friend too. Add a dab of colour to the candle and the teacup will look stunning.

8. Coffee Scrub:

Make a nice aromatic scrub for your mother or friend and put it in a mason jar. This can then be labelled beautifully and wrapped up. This makes a gorgeous DIY last minute birthday present that is useful and sophisticated.

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9. Food Basket:

A wonderful way to gift someone precious at the last minute is the food basket. Just fill up the basket with all the goodies that go in a theme like tea time, etc. This basket is filled with biscuits, jam, honey and lemon curd.

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Last minute gift items are also great ways to brighten up someone’s day. Try out these super cool choices and see what you can do at the last minute. When your wife or your husband comes home after a full of tiring working day, then get this type of last minute gift for him or her, and you will get surely a good smile on his or her face. Try this idea on any casual or occasional day too.


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