Since ancient times, sarees have played an important role in women’s clothing. A saree symbolizes femininity in India. It is an important part of Hindu culture. There would not be any wardrobe without a saree of any female in India. With the moving time, saree designs have always been changing as per the trend. Now a day, the designer sarees are in trend. With new and different pattern they have always occupied a place in every woman’s clothing.

The materials used in such saree designer collection is georgette, net, velvet, silk and Chiffon. Let’s have a glance at some of the trendy designs of sarees which are really heart snatching.

Latest Designer Sarees:

Here are the top 30 latest designer sarees and the collection as follows.

1. Floral Border Saree:

A lovely plain saree with a floral border is eye catchy for regular wear and for some small parties giving a refreshing look. A plain light green saree with dark floral print gives a marvelous combination with floral blouse. Also the dark and light color combination is amazing to wear on.

2. Embroidered Net Saree:

Nothing is as romantic as a net saree with the love color, red. A net saree is given machinery embroidery with resham and stones. To add to its beauty, zari is also included. A saree with net adds to your personality in parties and small wedding functions.

3. Faux Georgette Saree:

Love wearing light colors! Here is a designer wear saree for a perfect look in engagements and small parties. The saree carries double colors both light a dc in contrast with each other. In addition to the benji brown and pink magenta colors, mirror work, machine embroidery, a lace, zari and lace are added to it for an attractive look.

4. Royal Net Saree:

Want to have a royal look in weddings and high society parties!  Here is a net design for you which would make you sparkle among many. A beige and brown color mix saree gives a glittering effect with the shiny plastic mirrors stitched in it. The saree gives a rich look and is also favorable for night parties to show it’s actual glamor.

5. Black Beauty Saree:

Black color has remained trendy in every generation. A black sarees with floral patch work and machine embroidery gives a beauty to your personality. Such sarees are highly worn in themed parties and functions. With a full neck floral blouse it gives a distinguish look.

6. Bridal Designer Saree:

Want to look stunning on your special day! Try a georgette saree in red with amazing border, machine embroidery, stones and zari. The golden patch work below adds to its beauty. It also carries big patches on the side along t he border to give it a heavy bridal look. A combination of all these gives a stunning bridal looks to defeat the heart of your groom.

7. Double Color Velvet Saree:

A velvet saree adds a plus point to the saree to be worn in luxurious weddings, parties and marriage functions. The saree is given a royal color blue with light color combination, yellow. The saree is designed with stones, zari and embroidery.

8. Banarasi Saree:

A designer saree design with traditional look gives a unique look. The Banarasi saree has always been wore to give a stunning luxurious look in marriages. The saree is given a lovable red color with golden color design with thread. The saree in a whole contains ball design while the pally is made heavy with henna designs.

9. Simple Black Design Saree:

A shiny look with a simple printed fashion designer saree is impressive for every small occasions, get together and also for routine wear. A yellow and black combination inspired by a sun flower looks amazing with small henna mehandi design prints. To add to its accuracy a small thin lace is added.

10. Bhagalpuri Saree:

Want a trendy look for your kitty parties or themed party this time. Try a Bhagalpuri saree in dark navy blue color with floral pattern. Along with the broad border, the big for designs give a marvelous look to the saree and the wearer.

11. Blue And Pink Strip Saree:

A new designer saree which is suitable for both casual and official wear is quite in demand. A saree with a adorable color combination of navy blue and pink looks quite decent to be carried. It also carries a floral design at the end of its pallu to give a floral look. The saree is gives a decent look to the wearer.

12. Sequins Border Saree:

A latest designer saree which has nearly occupied a gap in the trendy wardrobe is the sequin bordered saree. The sequins have always been trendy for the sarees whether plain or decorated. The plain champagne saree with embroidery decorated with a thin border of sequins of gold and silver gives a glamorous look in any party.

13. Blue And Black Designer Saree:

Want to have a choli style look this season! A georgette saree with golden work is the best designer saree for this Navratri. The blue and black colors give it a rich look. The attire us given a golden border look with machine embroidery. The color combination and the decorated portion give it a rich look for luxurious functions.

14. Simple Dotted Saree:

Simple but fashionable attire would give you a magnificent look in gatherings, parties and festivals. A light beige color looks stunning with the small ball design studded in it. It looks amazing with a contrast blouse specially of velvet. It shows the stylish side of a female because of the georgette material which gives a perfect look to the saree when worn.

15. Violet Embroidery Saree:

The embroidery sarees have been in trend for the designer sarees designs. A violet saree with amazing tiny embroidery and beige combination gives a stunning look along with the patch work in marriages. The violet portion is made out of velvet while the beige portion is made out of net which gives an amazing look.

16. Leaf Designed Saree:

A new designer saree design inspired by the leaves gives an amazing look in get together and small functions or on festive. The royal blue georgette saree is given leaf shape resham embroidery to give a designer look. The broad border adds to its uniqueness. When carried to festivals it gives a religious look to the wearer with antique jewellery.

17. Pearl Color Designer Saree:

Want a heart stealing look to attract the eyes of the viewers! Get this stunning pearl colored saree. The fashion designer saree is given embroidery work for floral designs and cutting edges to give a unique look in marriages and other functions. The saree is made with four georgette material which is perfect for such sarees to give a charming look with pearl jewellery.

18. Lehenga Saree Design:

Lehenga sarees are the latest designer sarees design lovable to the brides for engagements and other function. The layered style saree gown gives a stunning look to the glamorous brides with the lovable color red. The curvy slits add to the fashion of the saree. It is specially made to make the special day if the bride more memorable. As it is not that heavy it can also be carried in various other functions.

19. Cape Designer Saree:

A new invention in the saree market is the Cape saree designs. The saree is given a sensual look with the transparent Cape worn above it. The outfit is best carried on winters to give your fashion a new standard. It gives a simple plain saree a designer look of the Cape is studded with stones or embroidery. The Cape can also be simple and transparent so that the blouse design can be viewed.

20. Designer Color Pleated Sarees:

After the fashion of patli pallu, the pleated color designs are the trendy designer wear sarees for this season. The pleated colors are in different color in contrast with each other while the pallu carries a different color sometimes. Studded with embroidery and stones it is perfect party wear attire. It is one of the best fashion designer sarees.

21. Long Trains Saree Design:

This is a new trend in fashion designer saree. Wearing a long pallu saree with broadness similar to that of pallu or smaller than that is known as long train saree designs. The pallu of the saree is so long that it reaches the ground. It gives a stylish look in luxurious parties and weddings.

22. Dhoti Saree Designs:

Amazing design with a unique look is given by the Dhoti saree. Made out of a sheer fabric the saree gives a wonderful curvy look at the waist side. The design is counted as the best designer sarees collection one must have a glance of. It is widely carried in parties and functions.

23. Shoulder Designs Saree:

Looking for the best designer sarees for functions tonight! A shoulder embellishments saree is the one you need. It gives a unique look with designs, embroidery or stone work coming on the shoulder which is similar to the blouse pattern of the saree. With a favorable combination of peach and white it stands to be a style icon.

24. Ombre Saree Designs:

Inspired by the ombre dupatta and ombre leggings, the ombre sarees are the latest designer sarees available in the market. The main point of such sarees is the color combination used in making it. The lovely curls that appear below give it a stunning red carpet look.

25. Jacket Blouse Saree Designs:

A jacket blouse saree us the best for the winter functions and weddings. The sarees are the patola sarees with heavy embroidery work. The blouse if such sarees are designed as the jackets which give it a royal look.

26. Layered Saree Designs:

After the gowns came into existence in the wardrobe of the women, the next was the gown saree. It is a combination of the western and Indian Culture. The designer saree is given a layered gown type look with a broad border and floral embroidery on it. Such gown sarees are highly popular in kitty parties and marriage functions.

27. Multi Colored Designer Saree:

Love to play with colors! Here is a lovely saree for you with various colors. The saree is given a small border with small embroidery. It looks lavishing with designer decorated blouse carrying embroidery in it too. It is highly preferred at parties and functions or festive. The saree is popularly known as the kachhi work saree.

28. Orchid Designer Saree:

Want a trendy but sober look for small functions or festive! Try the Orchid designer sarees. A new designer saree with lovely silver embroidery and velvet silver border the georgette saree gives a rich look. The fancy big and bold floral designs add to its beauty. The attire looks amazing with silver jewellery along with embroidery blouse.

29. Pink And Grey Designer Saree:

Having a precious function to attend and want to have a classic look in it with a traditional touch! Try one of the best designer saree with a pink and grey combination. The saree is also decorated with embroidery in gold. The broad border and the designs give it a luxurious look. This is one of the new designer sarees.

30. Gota And Embroidery Designed Saree:

A lavishing sarees designer collection in the market is that of the Gota work with the embroidery work. A light green colored net saree is given big floral designs with Gota work and small embroidery to give it an amazing look. It is highly carried on weddings or even festivals to give a simple but elegant look.

The designer sarees have always been a craze for the women of any age. The sarees are now also given a touch of pearls and other charms to give a unique look. The wedding seasons are the most favorable ones for such designer wear attire. It represents the feminine and the elegance of a female. Along with the designer sarees, the blouse pattern has also become quite elegant to carry on. There is no doubt that the trends will keep on changing giving new designs so carry some of it to decorate your wardrobe.

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