You can call a building your home, only when it offers a feeling of security and comfort. It is a private space that is designed exclusively for your family and must have no access to outsiders. But, how do you restrict the entries and call it your “own”? With a compound wall, secured with a sturdy Gate design, of course!

Gates are a must for any type of property. Apart from keeping out unwanted entries, they also offer many functions. From guarding your home against intruders to braving the odds of weather changes, gateways are the best bet to stay safe inside. In this article, we shall delve a little deeper into the characteristics of gates, with 25 latest examples, types, benefits and buyer guide.

What Is Gate?

A gate is an entry point to any closed area, which also acts as a barrier to the external world. It can give you better control of who to allow and who to restrict into the zone. In general terms, it is more like a “door”, but for exteriors.

What Is The Importance Of Gate In A House?

Besides providing access in or out of a home, gates also offer numerous benefits, listed below:

  • Safekeeping: With the rising number of thefts in the neighbourhood, you simply cannot take chances with the safety of your family. Having a proper gate can lower the chances of break-ins and crimes.
  • Marks Your Property: A fence gate marks the starting point of your territory and prevents strangers and animals from straying into your place.
  • Privacy: You need not compromise on the private time with your family if you have an external gate installed. Keeping it closed can cut down the direct views of the onlookers.
  • Increases Property Value: Yes! That’s true! A property secured with a gate looks more expensive and valuable to potential buyers.
  • Enhances Visual Appeal: The exteriors of your home can be beautified with a beautiful design of gate that can harmoniously blend with the rest of the theme.

What Are The Different Types Of Gates?

Depending on the purpose, budget and expectations from a gate, there are numerous varieties available in the market. Each of them is typically made with different materials like wood, steel, aluminium, iron, PVC, etc., which has its own pros and cons. Here are the basic types of gate operating models with their features:

  • Swing Gates: As the name suggests, these “door-like” gates operate in a swing fashion, with the help of hinges secured to a wall. They are optimal for areas with wide-open spaces and come with single or double doors.
  • Sliding Gates: For homes with space constraints, Sliding gates work like a charm, as they move horizontally on a bottom track. They glide using a pair of wheels and come in different styles.
  • Folding Gates: They are ideal for entrances with the uneven ground surface and a sub-category of Sliding gates. These are made with a set of doors attached and folded into each other.
  • Automated Gates: They are advanced gates which reduce manual intervention. By installing sensors and motors on any of these models, you can get them to open or close on their own!

How To Choose The Perfect Gate For Your Home?

Now that you have learnt the basics of Gates, let us understand some important tips to help you choose the right pick for your money:

  • First of all, analyse the structure of your home and ask yourself, what you are looking from a gate? Is it privacy? Looks? Security or everything?
  • Once you understand the expectations of your buy, you can easily transform your ideas into reality. Also, figure out your budget beforehand, so you know how much to spend!
  • Now, choose a material that works for your requirements. Wooden gates are quite classy but are prone to damage. Metal gates are sturdy and go a long way. But, they may succumb to the climatic conditions. So, outweigh the positives and negatives of each before you narrow down to one material.
  • Then comes the decision of operating style of the gate. If you have a large entrance, a swing gate works well, but for congested spots, Sliders are great!
  • Design is as important as the rest of the elements. Instead of going for an old-school pattern, experiment with different designs and keep it aligned with the rest of the home.

Best Gate Designs In India:

Scroll down to view these 25 simple and modern gate images for home, which are sure to leave you impressed.

1. Double Gate Design:

Take a look at this minimalistic design, that works for any home. The front gate comes with two doors, which can be operated together or individually. You can secure one of the doors to the ground using a latch and choose to keep just one of them in motion. Whether it for pedestrians or large vehicles, this gate is a suitable pick.

  • Type: Swing
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Colour: Black

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2. Entrance Gate:

Every owner is a King of his home and a King deserves nothing but a “Royal” welcome! This is why you must check out this majestic design that fits the description of a Palace gate. Made with black wrought iron, it has hints of gold for a grand look. Just install it at the entry point and get ready to earn tons of compliments.

  • Type: Double Open Swing
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Colour: Black

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3. Outdoor Gate:

If you want to create a lasting impression on your visitors, this idea is a sure winner! The simple, yet aesthetic-looking gate can elevate the beauty of your outdoors and add a charming effect. It is made with metal and encloses your property, without compromising on the views. It even has metal slats to give an airy feel.

  • Type: Swing Operated
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Brown

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4. Steel Gate Design:

The beauty and elegance of steel are unparalleled to any. The mirror-like shine of this house gate instantly draws the attention of the onlookers to your property. That doesn’t make your home any vulnerable! The louvres keep away curious looks and also block their views, making it one of the amazing gates for your home.

  • Type: Swing Double Gate
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver

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5. Wooden Gate Designs:

Give your home a classy makeover with this luxury-looking Wooden gate. Made with panels of shaded wood, the design is anything but ordinary. Inspired by the vintage era, this piece functions both as a barricade and an accessory to your pathway. Plus, the Sliding model makes it very convenient too!

  • Type: Tracked Sliding Gate
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Brown

6. Aluminium Gates:

Aluminium is a lightweight material that can be easily moulded into creative designs. Here is one such piece that looks nothing less than a piece of art! Despite its delicate looks, the material is quite strong and hard to destroy. We simply cannot stop gushing over the idea of a silvery grey home gate against a bright, white background.

  • Type: Large Swing Gate
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Silver

7. Iron Gate Designs:

Iron is one of the strongest metals known to mankind. It is literally indestructible and has a supreme strength. Choosing an iron gate can give you peace of mind and help you enjoy a cosy stay in your home. You can simply be assured of zero thefts, as the design makes it hard to get damaged or climb up.

  • Type: Double Door Swing
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Brown

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8. Sliding Gate:

Have an extra-wide entrance point to your property? Then a swing gate may not be a suitable bet. Instead, try the innovative Sliding gate. Unlike the regular sliders, this model works in a telescopic movement, where a number of small sliding panels move one after the other to open or close.

  • Type: Telescopic Sliding Gate
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: White

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9. Wrought Iron Gates:

Wrought iron a heavy metal that lasts almost for a few decades. Along with its superior lifespan, this material also adds an old-world charm to your external spaces. You can take a look at this stunner that showcases a conventional design and operating style. Just open up both the doors to give a befitting welcome to your guests.

  • Type: Double Gate Swing
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Colour: Black

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10. Security Gates:

When it comes to keeping your area secured, you must always go with the best! Especially in unmanned areas and remote locations, there is a high chance of trespassing. You can now deal with these pests by stopping them with this Security gate. Made with vertical metal bars, this climb-proof idea is all you need!

  • Type: Security Fencing Gate
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Silver

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11. Automatic Gate Designs:

These are the days when it is tough to trust your own security guards. Instead of relying on manforce, get your home this modern-day marvel. The sliding gate is equipped with the power of an automated system that can detect a movement and trigger the motor. And Voila! It opens up wide enough for you to pass in and closes by itself!

  • Type: Automated Sliding
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Black

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12. Farm Gates:

The chances of snoopers into a farm are quite high, due to the unmonitored open space. This is why you must guard it with a fence that runs through the perimeter of the land and install a gate. Along with acting as a barrier, it even declares your ownership of the premises. Just show who’s the boss with this simple idea!

  • Type: Farm Wicket Gate
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Silver

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13. Wooden Double Gate:

If you are a fan of the good old cowboy movies and want to replicate the look in your home, try this double gate. Made with wood, the product has a rustic feel to it, which exactly suits your description of a barn style idea. It works as a swing style and opens inward to let you in. Secured with iron hinges, it can withstand strong currents.

  • Type: Double Swing
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Brown

14. Privacy Gate:

For large homes, there is a constant challenge of unwanted guests entering into your private area. This is why you can choose to keep them confined to their “right” place by installing an internal gate. It is a subtle way of telling people to draw their line and stay within their zones, while you enjoy your alone time!

  • Type: Double Swing
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: White and Brown

15. Folding Gate Design:

Woo, the crowd with this awesome gate design. Made with 4-folds, the gate can give you better control of the outdoor space. You can fold each of them or simply push them on either side of the wall to open up wide enough. Although it looks simple by the face of it, the design is quite futuristic and suits for the upcoming trends.

  • Type: Folded Main Gate
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Black

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16. Garden Gate Designs:

A garden is a special place in your home, which deserves a beautiful entrance. This Picket gate creates a magical look with its concave design. The pure white colour blends well with the colourful flowers and greenery of the background. Along with giving you an uncompromising view of the shrubbery, it also wards off stray animals like cows and dogs.

  • Type: Single Fence Gate
  • Material: PVC
  • Colour: White

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17. School Gate Design:

A school is like a second home to students and staff. It is important to keep them safe from potential disasters. This is why it is mandatory to install a high-security gate for educational institutions. This is one such idea which is practical and versatile. The heavy design can withstand any external or internal trauma!

  • Type: Swing Gate For School
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Blue

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18. Driveway Gate Designs:

This is a driveway gate that can act as the first line of entry to your property. Unlike the regular gates, a driveway gate is installed on the outermost area of the compound. It is designed with heavy material like iron to stay long and can allow even large vehicles to pass through. Check out the sharp spikes on the top! Don’t they look threatening?!

  • Type: Swing Driveway Gate
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Black

19. Decorative Iron Gates:

Who says gates are only for guarding your home? There are many designer models which add a fancy look to the exteriors. These highly ornate designs reveal your unique personality and artistic nature. They also add an expensive look to your property and act beyond functioning just as a “gate”!

  • Type: Ornamental Swing Gate
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Brown

20. Side Gates:

If you have a rear entrance or a sideway, you must think of securing that one too. Just go for this side gate which is compact sized, but performs the same functions as the main gate. You can keep it locked all the time to prevent unauthorized people or animals from entering that way. Simply unlock it to access that area!

  • Type: Swing
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Grey

21. Timber Gates:

One of the most popular forms of wood, used for gates, is Timber! It is lightweight, easily available and affordable too! If you pick a branded material that comes with special anti-termite and moisture-proof coating, you can just forget all about its maintenance for a few years. Here is one such example to check out.

  • Type: Swing
  • Material: Timber Wood
  • Colour: Brown

22. Custom Gates:

Want to add your signature touch to the entrance? Take a look at this gate, which reveals your details. The design is made exclusively for you and cannot be found elsewhere. From the basic pattern to minute detailing, you can transform your ideas into reality. Don’t you think this is a cool idea?

  • Type: Swing
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Colour: Black

23. Fence Gate Designs:

This fence design is such a clever idea to conceal your home and draw the attention of passerby’s. The antique-style wooden gate is a refreshing change from the conventional metal gates. It reminds us of the vintage era, where everything looked simple, yet sophisticated. Just maintain homogeneity of the wall and the door for a neat finish.

  • Type: Swing
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Brown

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24. Yard Gates:

A gate for the side yard helps in closing the entry points and make your home more secure. It is not as heavy as an entrance door and is usually smaller in size too. Here is one such wooden design that is made with panels. For additional support and strength, iron rods and soldered at the back. This can also prevent it from getting damaged.

  • Type: Swing
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Brown

25. Industrial Gate Design:

A commercial space like a shopping mall, hospital or offices houses a lot of public. To avoid unwanted external threats, a high-security gate is a must! This is one such example which operates in a cantilever style. Along with working as a regular gate, it can even create an authoritative look to warn mischief makers!

  • Type: Cantilever Industrial gate
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Green

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We hope these 25 latest gate design ideas have given you major inspirations for your property! Just make sure that, along with external beauty, the gate designs also conform to the regular safety standards. Depending on the place, terrain or climatic conditions, you must take more aspects into consideration and not just buy a “one size fits all”! Also, it is advisable to speak to a specialist who can help you give you more insights on them.


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