Did you know choosing a roof for your dream house is no easy feat? Yes! When selecting a hose roof design, there are many things to consider, such as planning considerations, technical construction methods, benefits, uses, and not to forget the home’s aesthetics.

The popularity of simple house roof designs has increased dramatically in recent years, along with cost advantages. Keep reading this article for design inspiration on some popular characteristics of several house roof designs.

Types Of House Roofing Designs:

The unique properties of several house roof designs available in the market help you make the final choice. Here is the list:

  • Gable Roof: The triangular spot formed when the two pitched areas of the roof meet are often referred to as a gable roof.
  • Hip Roof: This type of roof usually has four sides and performs well in high-wind areas.
  • Dutch Roof: With the benefits of natural light and extra space, a Dutch roof gives you easier access to the roof’s lower portion.
  • Mansard Roof: Although this design creates extra space inside, it is challenging to build this French design.
  • Flat Roof: The unique feature of awnings is adding a little bit of space to run-off water.
  • Shed Roof: Although a shed roof is quite similar to a flat roof, a combination of other roof styles is used frequently.
  • Butterfly Roof: Although drainage might be a problem, this type of roof design is aesthetically unique, and provides plenty of ventilation and light.
  • Gambrel Roof: This type of design is extensively used on barns, which is the reason they are also called barn roofs.
  • Dormer Roof: If you want to add a functional addition to an existing roof, a dormer roof is a perfect option.
  • M-shaped Roof: This type of design features two sloped sides meeting in the middle with slopes on each side, basically looking like a double gable roof.

Different Roof Styles For Houses With Pictures:

We present you with the best house roof designs to take a look at before you can zero in on the right one.

1. Roofing Styles For Small Houses:

Image Source: pinterest

Although apartment culture is on the rise, some people still want to settle down in a beautiful individual house of their own. The red colour scheme of the pre-painted metal roofing that looks similar to a potsherd signifies a country look. The soft colour scheme of the house’s outer look makes it stand out, elevating the look of your small home.

2. Flat Roof House Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Flat roof styles are cost-effective options for homes since fewer materials are used. It is one of the attractive options for commercial buildings since the installation is relatively quick. It also acts as a base to stack up another floor in the future. Although these roofs are structurally simple, there is a chance of dust and debris sticking up on the top, which needs regular supervision.

3. Sloping Roof House Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

One of the popular roofs you can find in any residential property is a sloping roof. The wooden house roof design has a steeply sloped roof that creates extra space, improving your house’s heating and cooling. Another advantage of a sloping roof is it allows water, dirt, and other stuff to slide off without accumulation, giving you a lasting roof.

4. Sheet Roofing House Designs:

Image Source: galaxyroof.in

Installing a sheet roof over houses has been gaining prominence for its advantages compared to conventional rooftops. Asbestos or Aluminium sheets are the superior materials that add a charming look to your home and look attractive. Although the cost may be hefty, the long-lasting benefits make it worth it.

5. Contemporary, Sloped Roof Houses:

Image Source: pinterest

The contemporary roof patterns for houses make your home brighter and more prominent. The design of this home maximizes the sun’s brightness by taking advantage of the path. It also helps get rid of unwanted dirt with the help of the slopes. This beautiful roof gives your house an airy feel making it one of the best locations to host your friends or family.

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6. Hut Shape Roof Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one of the simple house roofing styles in the shape of a hut, popularly used in heavy rain or snowfall areas. These slopy roofs prevent the stacking up of environmental elements, making it a perfect choice in hilly areas. This beautiful bungalow with a hut roofing is constructed in vast areas.

7. Dyna Roof House Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Dyna Roof is an Assam-based flagship company that produces metal roof designs for houses that are usually colour-coated. The metal roofing beautifully blends in with the colour pattern of the house. The unique mark on the roof not only looks beautiful but is long-lasting too. If you are looking for generic metal roofing for your home, Dyna is the perfect option.

8. L Shaped House Roof Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The formation of a triangular spot where the two pitched areas of the roofs meet can be extended, forming the shape L making it one of the best house roof designs. It is a roof that can be found popularly in large houses since it is easy to build, facilitates ventilation, and sheds water well.

9. Farmhouse Roof Styles:

Image Source: pinterest

Usually built on agricultural lands, a farmhouse is a simple yet elegant construction. This type of house roofing design’s unique feature is the protruded window roofing that stands out compared to the triangular roof you find across the house. The white and grey combination of the house’s exterior not only looks beautiful but gives you the feel of your farm.

10. Beautiful Scotch Roof Houses:

Image Source: zillow.com

The key material used in the construction of a Scottish roof is local stone or slate. Initially, large slates are used to cover the top, and finishing it by adding small pieces of slates will give you a raw look to your home. Using these house roof designs represents your Scottish heritage proudly. Although the material is durable, checking it out regularly helps you deal with issues quickly.

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11. Villa Roof Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Villas are a common sight in posh areas and are gaining popularity in many cities. This beautiful blue roof house design stands out against the house’s light colour palette, creating a synchronous feeling. This villa’s roofing has a combination of flats with slopes and triangular roofs that make your home look elegant and modern.

12. Triangle Roof House Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

We all are familiar with the triangular-shaped roofing that forms an ‘A,’ sometimes called a pitched roof. This is a staple of domestic architecture in ancient Greece, European and American buildings. This type of roofing’s unique feature is four sloping sides on four sides with the appearance of a peak. The grey colour of the building ties up elements of the building beautifully.

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13. Mixed Roof House Design:

Image Source: pinterest

One of the best ways to make your house stand out is by using Mixed roof designs. As the name suggests, various parts of the home have different roofing patterns making it look attractive. This structure combines flat, gable, triangle, and semi-circle roofing designs creating a unique beauty. It is further elevated by placing lighting and a combination of colours.

14. Terrace House Roof Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are looking for a way to incorporate modern roofing into your terrace, this house roof style can be a perfect choice. The thin slabs of wood on the roof and sides of your deck not only let in the brightness from sun rays but also make it look elegant. Although these roofing types may not protect you from heavy rains, the inflow of bright light and fresh air makes everything worth it.

15. Cottage Style Roof Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This home roof design reminds you of a beautiful cottage standing out in the surroundings’ scenic beauty. There are no vertical sides to this roof, which might look similar to a gable. Usually, with a reasonably gentle slope, this cottage-style roof where all sides slope down towards the walls looks beautiful and fits in exactly like puzzle pieces.

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A roof plays an essential role in creating a comfortable space that protects you from all the environmental elements like rain, snow, sunlight, wind, etc. This article presents you with the best house roof designs that give you a brief idea about the wide varieties available in the market. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!


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