Top 13 Latest Medium Hairstyles 2019

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The latest trends have focused on styling the shorter tresses which goes out to prove how a medium length hair is any day better than a long mane falling to your knees. Yet another latest run in with the hairstyle book shows how women has embraced the shorter pixie haircuts, but even though the majority of the group is contented with their short cut, there is still a bunch of us who prefer the hair slightly longer than the rest. This is where medium hair plays a very important part in showing us how a hair too long can be responsible for your late mornings and a hair too short may not be a satisfactory option for you.

When we speak about the medium length hairstyles, just know, there is a large amount of options for you to spoil yourselves with. There are different textures, different colors, different styles and different kinds. In fact, every clever mind here and there is creating a new hairstyle as we speak. The hair is often considered one of the most important parts of a woman’s demeanor, something that she possess with pride and to choose the best look for yourself, here is a list of all the medium length hairstyles.

Straight Up Bob:

Straight up bob

The straight up bob has always been the classic look for a medium long hair and to top things off, a slight lock formation at the front not only adds personality to the hair but also tackles fine hair problems. Hair when layered in locks automatically adds volume to the hair. The bob here is in two parts, the locks on the front being smaller falling on top of the other. A cute headband right now will complete the look.

The Soft Beach Wave:

the soft beach wave

The beach wave is the next best favorite for us beauties. Usually a beach wave hairstyle includes slight waves in a regular fashion that follows the entire length of the hair creating a beautiful personality to the look. Here, the hair ends just underneath the jaw line and some soft rollers and a little heat will get you the perfect beach wave.

The No Lock Bob:

the no lock bob

Locks are not the basic requirement for a hair and a perfect example for it is right here. The entire hair is in a straight layer, straightened and toned down to get the luster and smooth texture. Parting the hair from one side, the hair at the end is evened out to get a set look which ends just above the shoulder and the sides are softly parted and combed.

The Front Bangs:

the front bangs

This hairstyle is inspired from one of those Chinese front banged look, where the front forehead is sweetly covered with soft locks strewn all across the breadth. The front locks slightly brush against the eyebrows while the rest of the hair is covered in two layers with soft waves towards the end rolling off the head. This hairstyles are perfect for ponytails too.

The Savvy Pony:

the savvy pony

Speaking of ponytails, the best look for a woman at her busiest is for her to gather the hair at the back of your crown and gather it into a pony. Often medium length hair is styled in the form of layers which is why the pony would get a rather beautiful and fluffy texture. The front locks on the front can be left strewn and classy on the sides.

The Angular Look:

the angular look

One of the latest trend practiced in today’s day is the asymmetrical look which starts in an angular fashion where the tables have turned and instead of the front locks being short, the ones on the front are longer than the ones at the back creating a slight slanting angular look. The locks here on the front are draped slightly across the forehead.

The Back Braid:

the back braid

Here is a wild choice for the best medium length hairstyles. If you have a normal bob you can section out the hair from both side and start braiding them at the back. Once both the braids converge, tie the hair at the back with a simple tie and for the rest of the hair, keep it soft and wavy. You may use a roller or a heater to get the soft waves.

The Feathered Look:

the feathered look

The hairstyle here is basically called the feathered hair cut especially because it resembles the haircut a lot, being fluffy and bouncy in its look. The hair here is in three distinct layers, all of them cut and fashioned in a backward drive. The front layers are soft and short making up the front lock while the rest of the hair forms the layers to the rest of the hair.

Getting Aligned:

getting aligned

If we look closely to the mechanisms of this hairstyle, one would notice, the locks are simply aligned with each other in an impeccable way that makes distinguishing of the individual strands difficult. Even though the hair is mostly single layered, the uneven ends and the rough edges are rolled off into a soft curl.

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The Side Sweepers:

the side sweepers

The hair on the front here is swept to one side while the entire hair is single handedly done up in a soft layer. The uneven edges around the lock ends give away the perfect hardcore look while the rest of the hair is simply parted to one side.

The Vintage Swirls:

The vintage swirls

Basically the look has been achieved from a simple bob itself, but mostly the vintage curls and the swirls are a personality look. The locks are rolled and curled towards the end giving off a very old is gold look.

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The Long Bob:

The long bob

Long bobs are the shiz right now where the hair is slightly longer than a normal bob falling somewhere above your shoulders while the rest of the hair, the front especially is covering the entire of the forehead.

The Back Braids:

The back braids

To add a little spice to the everyday hairstyle, why not try a simple back braid starting with the side locks and going all the way back pinning it to place.

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