On this earth, the convention of embellishing herself has been the greatest charm for any woman, and Indian women are no exception to it. The tradition of nose piercing in India has been a protracted affair for thousands of years. Always nose piercing has been an important beauty regime for women worldwide. In some cultures, it was also taken as significant jewellery for a married woman. Despite its importance, nose pin designs are not always as attractive as today. After body piercing has become a trend, trendy and stylish nose pins have been witnessed as a crucial makeover.

Today, the latest nose pin designs were far from simple stone-studded or plain pins. This kind of nose pins has become an inseparable part of Indian woman’s life as they were meant to be the symbolic representation of Indian culture. Being the perennial source of inspiration for many, nose pins have won over many hearts known for their variety, elegant look and intricate expertise. The art of adorning always is meant for women only. Get glimpses of some of the most attractive latest designs of nose pins here with the divinity and aesthetic essence intact!

Latest and Stylish Nose Pin Designs for Ladies:

Here are the top 15 latest nose pin designs as follows.

1. Gold Floral Nose Pin with Diamonds:

The beauty of nature inspires this dainty nose in design. The open petals symbolize prosperity and inclusiveness. This gold nose pin makes you look like a perfect Indian Diva, and the diamonds sparkle on your face. Pair it with a rich Kanjeevaram saree for a wedding, and get ready to steal the show.

2. Gold Patti Nose Pin in Ganesha Design:

This Gold Patti nose pin is perfect to add a little drama to your otherwise traditional look. The little ruby on the Ganesh design embellishes your nose and makes you look like a million bucks. This nose pin adds a fashion statement and symbolizes Indian culture.

3. Rose Gold Plated Silver Nose Pin Design:

The Rose gold plated silver nose pin design has a simple bar and ball nose stud made from 18-karat sterling silver. This nose pin has an L shape bar for easy insertion and can be adjustable.

4. Unique Nose Rings With Screw Design:

A beautiful customized yellow gold nose pin has a screw, and it was featured with a beautiful and genuine diamond with EFG colour and SI clarity. It is perfect for everyday use. This nose pin design will match all women’s outfits by making them personified beauty.

5. 925 Solid Silver Antiquated Nose Pin Design:

The 925 solid silver antiquated nose pin design is traditional with a Nostril screw that can be adjusted per the requirements. This is s wire type of nose pin. If you want to try a new design, start with this nose pin design that will be worth it.

6. Traditional 925 Solid Silver Antiquated Nose Pin With Nostril Screw:

The traditional 925 Solid Silver Antiquated Nose Pin with Nostril Screwed nose pin is of beautiful silver wire type design. This is the most popular among all nose stud designs for an ethnic look.

7. White Gem Stone Studded Latest Design Nose Pin:

This White gemstone studded latest nose pin design is handmade with a gemstone studded in it and measures about 9×9 mm in diameter and 16×2 mm in the head. This is light weighted and long durable for easy wearing.

8. Solid Silver Floral Clip On Nose Pin:

Silver Floral Clip on Nose Pin is an awesome design that attracts many people. It is finely hand-crafted using gemstones that will add extra beauty to the person wearing it.

9. Multi-Color Gemstone Studded Nose Ring:

This multi-colour nose ring studded with different colours of gemstones is plated with gold metal that many people mainly attract. Wearing this nose pin will be meant with the traditional belief that the wearer will get good luck and charm in their life.

10. Handmade Traditional Nostril Clipped Nose Pin Design:

Handmade traditional nostril clipped nose pin design is made classic with an intricate design that ended up with finely crafted artwork. This is bringing an elegant oxidized silver clip for the non-pierced nose ring wearers with the ethnic design that adorn their beauty.

11. Solid Silver Blue Sapphire Studded Floral Pierced Nose Pin:

Wearing this blue sapphire studded floral pierced nose pin design will adore the authenticity of the tribal Jewellery in its most delicate and exquisite form with its stunning look and sterling silver tribal design.

12. Classic Handmade Floral Pierced Nose Pin Design:

The floral pierced nose pin design is classically handmade with intricate and beautiful craftwork by skilled artisans. This is a classy piece giving a classy look to the wearers by making them stand unique ahead of the crowd.

13. 925 Solid Silver Studded Rose Color Nose Pin Design:

The above-shown nose pin was studded with rose studs and made out of 925 solid sterling silver metal is a type of large Indian nose pin measuring about 15x15x1.5×1.5 cm with 24 Gauge and studded with 9 ruby pink stones.

14. Ethnic Antiquated With Screw Nose Pin Design:

This antiquated nose pin with a screw design is one of the popular ethnic collections worn since ancient times. This is the traditional design for the tribal people based on their tribal culture.

15. Red Glass Stones With Chain Nose Pin:

These nose studs are designed and made of gold-plated brass and decorated with a piece of extremely beautiful red glass stones with a chain. Wearing this nose pin will make women’s faces shinier and more attractive.

16. Goddess Kaali Mata 925 Silver Pierced Nose Pin Design:

Goddess Kaali Mata’s silver cut is an old-fashioned Indian nose pie design. This wire nose stud is a traditional silver impressed nose pin with a rusty black finish. These nose pins depict a woman who is greatly admired for her beauty, and she is a goddess of victory, so wearing this nose pin will give her a beautiful look. These are available in sizes of L: 14.50 mm, W: 12.65 mm.

17. Traditional Solid Silver Flower Clip On Nose Pin:

The compact silver flower clip on the Nose pin is the traditional design of an Indian large clipped Nose Pin, Nostril clip-on Nose stud. Highly skilled artisans did this classic handcrafted, and beautiful work. This is suitable with exclusive, elegant oxidized silver clips for the non-pierced nose with an ethnic design. The size is mostly available in L: 16mm, W: 13mm or 1.6cm x 1.3cm approximately.

The tradition of wearing nose pins is not new, but it was introduced and propagated long before. Since primitive times, the indigenous style of nose pins has set the Indian jewellery convention far apart from others. Metals like gold, silver, brass, copper, diamond, and precious and semi-precious stones were skillfully transformed into nose pins by skilful artisans who have taken inspiration.

Today, you can get numerous designs of nose pins which will adorn your look and the varieties in nose pins are exceptionally excellent are greatly adored by numerous connoisseurs. Ethnicity and contemporary fashion were so well blended in these nose pin designs that the very attractive look will entice the beholder of this jewel. You can see various styles, from tribal to trendy, that the jewellery freaks have embraced.


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