Pearl Jewellery has been women’s favourite accessory since years and years. Whether it is women in feudal era or women of modern age, everyone has worn pearl jewellery at some point in their lives. What makes pearl jewellery attractive and desirable is its ability to blend into all kinds of designs. Latest is this trend is the pearl chains, which are highly in demand by women today.

Read on to know which pearl chains will you be picking to look great this summer?

1. Beaded Pearl Chain:

This pearl chain necklace is the one which can be the first choice of women looking for sophisticate jewellery set. What makes it elegant is its minimal look, which makes you look simple and elegant at the same time. It can be worn on a formal attire or otherwise on nay western attire as well.

2. Pearl Chain in Gold:

This pearl chain in gold is a must have by all the women for two reasons; one because it has gold and second that it has pearls, which makes it a winning combination. It is a gold chain with a pendant made of gold, pearl and some stones. It can be worn on a saree or any other traditional attire to give out its best look and can be paired with earrings to complete the look.

3. Multi-Strand Necklace:

This multi-strand statement pearl necklace is what all women want to wear at some point in their lives. It is expensive, but equally worth it. It gives out the grand and affluent look which every woman desires. It is made with small pearls, in multiple strands and is a long necklace fit to be worn on traditional attires.

4. Alloy Chain:

This necklace is one of the best pearl chain designs in gold. It is yellow gold plated and is made of alloy. It has pearls all over the necklace in multiple strands and has two matching earrings. It is fit to be worn over a saree or kurta to look elegant.

5. Plain Gold Chain with Pearl:

This single pearl gold chain is the most elegant piece among the lot. It can be worn on almost any attire to make you look fashionable. Its minimal look and sophisticated design is what makes it look beautiful. It comes with a plain gold chain with a single pearl in it. It is best suited for night time occasions. It can be paired with the earrings to complete the look.

6. Platinum Chain with Pearl:

This beautiful pearl chain made with silver is the one which you must have in your wardrobes. It is fit to be worn on any attire, be it formal or traditional and can make you look elegant and gorgeous. What makes it so trendy is its simple yet contemporary design that can bring attention to the individual wearing it. It is platinum plated and can be paired with the earrings to complete the look.

7. Emerald and Pearl Chain:

This emerald and pearl beaded chain is new in the pearl jewellery group. What makes it different from all other pearl jewelleries is it composition, which is half pearl and half emerald. It can go very well on western and traditional attires and will not look very heavy. It is colourful and trendy.

8. Multi Pearl Sequenced Chain:

This sequenced pearl necklace is the one which is demanded by many women these days. What makes it so good is its minimal and simple look. It blends well with many business attires as well as many traditional types of attire too. It is made of plain gold chain and pearls put in sequence.

9. Layered Pearl Necklace:

This pearl chain necklace is the one which is very fashionable in its look. It doesn’t look like the same old design pearl necklaces. Even while being simple in its design, this layered necklace has a contemporary design. It can be worn on western attires and can make you look elegant.

10. Gold Beaded Necklace:

This gold beaded necklace is an old favourite design of jewellery. It can give a royal look to you when worn on traditional attire. It is made with by putting small pearl pieces into gold base. It is one of the best designs in the peal jewellery section.

11. Silver Necklace:

This silver pearl chain jewellery is made of stones, pearl and silver. A perfect blend of all makes this jewellery look fashionable. It can be paired with western or traditional attire. It is lightweight and easy to carry and can be used at multiple occasions. It can give a sophisticated and elegant look when adorned at a night function.

12. Pendant Chain:

This pendant chain that is most preferred by young women and teenagers is one of the most demanded pearl jewellery. This chain can be the best accessory and can also make you look elegant and fashionable. It is made with plain silver, stones with a pearl pendant. It can be worn at multiple functions and on multiple attires. It can be paired with dangler earrings or stud earrings to complete the look.

13. Studded Pearl Jewellery:

This studded pearl jewellery is the most minimal yet the most attractive pearl chain anyone can have. It is made with silver chain with a big silver pendant studded with pearls that can give a good fashion statement to your attire. It is fit to be worn on traditional attire.

14. Small Pearl Chain:

This small pearl chain is the one which is most demanded by women who like to accessorise minimal. It can be worn on daily basis or occasionally both. It is made with a gold plated chain with dropping pearls that adorn a woman’s neck.

15. Contemporary Pearl Chain:

This contemporary pearl chain is the one made for modern women. It is made of bronze and alloy, with a single pearl in the centre. It is lightweight and has a different design than most pearl chains. It can be worn on western attires.

Pearl chain comes in numerous designs and colours to suit everyone’s requirement. Try to find out more varieties in these pearls collections, if you want to look rich among crowd then try your favourite pearl chain with the help of classic outfits.

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