Stylish but protective accessories used by the male and female community are sunglasses, also called Shades. An optical accessory blocks the UV rays striking the eyes directly and prevents them from damaging the nerves responsible for visualization. Sunglasses have created their fashion statement due to the various design and colours of the glasses. There are many brands popular for their design of Sunglasses. Some are Ray-ban, Oakley Oliver Peoples, and many other companies that use polarized glasses that contain add-ons like jewel pieces and 3D effects.

Latest Sunglasses for Different Faces:

To know more about the latest design of sunglasses which are popular in the year 2023, which added an extra feather to the crown of “Fashion and Beauty.”

1. Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses:

Cat-eye sunglasses were popular in the late 50s and 60s. Now the style of wearing rectangular glasses with a frame follows the anatomy of the eye and gives a snug fit onto the bridge of the nose. Both males and females can wear these new glasses with simple frames. In the case of the designed frame with animal prints of a pointy end, it goes well for ladies.

2. Latest Sunglasses Round Frame:

The round frame is common among film stars and has now become the top design in the list of types of sunglasses. The lens and the frame are round, which does not exceed the eyebrow level. The plain black or brown colour is best suited for males.

3. Round Frame Sun Glass With Jewel Piece:

Instead of wearing plain round frame glasses, pair the glasses with a removable stone piece or pearls attached at the top corner of the frame. This kind of glass gives a rich look to the glass.

4. Latest Transparent Frame Sunglasses:

Transparent framed sunglasses can be paired with any custom, from formal to party wear. This type of frame can be of any shape like square, round or rectangle. A transparent frame complements well with coloured glasses like green, blue or multi-colour.

5. Crystal Frame Latest Sunglasses:

The crystal framework combined with rosa or any coloured lens adds charm to the women and their beauty. The crystal frame is thicker when compared to the transparent plastic frame.

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6. Advanced Mirror Lens Sunglasses:

Mirror-coated lenses are next best to the polarized lens. This lens type helps reduce glare and is a good UV ray protector. The mirror-coating lens helps reduce light passage and is useful in conditions. This type of sunglasses is often confused with aviator shades.

7. Aviator Latest Sunglasses:

Designed for pilots to prevent eye damage, in later years, this type of glass became a style among men and women—an aviator type of sunglass usually made from a metal framework with a semi-oval shape. The lens is dark-coloured with an anti-reflective property. The framework has many bridges creating a loophole-like appearance.

8. Animal Print Sunglasses:

The animal print frame is one of the best sunglasses worn by youngsters. This type of animal frame can be of any shape, from square to oval or heart-shaped. The lens matching the frame is an important fact which adds to the style statement. Women and young girls prefer wearing extra-large animal print frames.

9. Semi-Frame Latest Sunglasses:

The male uses this type of frame used as shade. Its simple look with protective features makes as an essential accessory. The lens is usually coloured, and the frame e is a simple acetate or acrylic frame. The lens is provided with an anti-glare effect.

10. Floral Print- Round Frame Sunglasses:

The frame can be designed into various shapes and designs according to a personal choice. One of the common patterns of the frame among young teenage girls is the floral printed frame. The frame can be of any shape and size. The lens used is the black or coloured lens because Youngsters likes to wear contrast colour combination, which is trending these days.

11. Oversized Frame Sunglasses:

Pop stars and cine film stars are seen wearing these types of sunglasses in the recent modern era. This style statement is now popular among young girls and boys. The oversized frame, usually above the eyebrow line, makes it look like a mask covering the upper part of the face. The frame can be designed to any shape and colour accordingly to the colour of the lens and type selected.

12. Rimless Sunglasses:

This type of shade was popular in the 90s; yet again, this design is back in business. The rimless frame makes the shades lightweight and easily carried. This shade is unisex and can be worn for a business party since the rimless glasses are simple yet give a rich and modest look.

13. Latest Shutter Sunglasses:

As the name suggests, the lens of the frame e is made from plastic, creating a row of lines on the frame instead of an original lens fixed to the frame. The colours of the frame and the shutters are usually bright and can even be made contrasting colours with led lights attached to the frame giving a cool look. This fashioned shade is worn by both male and female genders.

14. Latest Butterfly Style Sunglasses:

The frame of these types of shades is a butterfly. Butterflies have an elegant and artistic body outline replicated in creating frames for the shades. The frame is usually black or brown, and the lens colour can be decided individually.

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15. Wayfarer Sunglasses:

It has a trapezoidal outlook that looks similar to a cat eye frame. This type of design was originally designed by Busch & Lamb and was first made from metal; later, they were designed in a plastic frame originally in black. The thickness of the frame is more at the upper eye and eyebrow region.

Shades are always a must-have accessory for both the male and female communities. The shades should be considered a style statement instead of a readily available eye protector. With that note, consider spending a good amount of money to own a good quality pair of shades which protect our eyes from UV rays.

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