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27 Unique Latin Baby Names with Meanings

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Latin names sound so good. They are filled with complex alphabet and those mixtures make so complicated and interesting at the same time. They are pretty fancy as well and almost everyone likes to take those names. Why do you people choose Latin name? What’s unique and special about these names? Latin is a classical language from the ancient empire of Rome. Latin has inspired other languages like Italian, Spanish and French. Religion greatly influences the naming convention for babies. There are familiar names, favourite names and tradition to be upheld when choosing a name for your little one. These days, TV shows, movies and globalization have paved way to adapting different cultures and names all over the world.

Latin is one of the most ancient and old languages in this world. It was considered a dead language until one of the scientists decided to name plants in Latin. English was derived from Latin (one of the languages). It has been considered to be the most influential language in the western civilization and has transformed the lives of mankind. So, choosing a name from this origin, gives you the best and unique names. In other words, add life and meaning to your babies’ names choosing from the oldest language ever known.

Latin baby names

In this particular article, we will be talking about some of the best Latin baby names and meanings out there.

20 Popular Latin Baby Names For Girls And Boys:

1. Abantiades:

Latin origin, a unique name for a baby boy.This is a quite classic name and it comes with a beautiful meaning. Abantiades means “descendant of Abas”. The name is something that every Latin child would want to named with if they had that sense to understand. Clearly, it is one of the best Latin names out there right now.

2. Acastus:

From the Greek mythology comes Acastus, one of the mythological Latin baby boy names. The name finds it origin in the Green culture and comes with a pretty good meaning. Acastus means “an argonauts”. It can be said to be one of the finest names for all the Latin babies out there.

3. Ace:

An Anglo-Saxon boy name, the name Ace is quite peaceful and the meaning is of the same nature as well. The name ace means “unity”. Mostly because of the meaning, this name can be said to be one of the finest names for Latin babies out there.

4. Achaeus:

This is a unique Latin name for a boy. The word Achaeus forms a beautiful name for the Green children and it resembles a true Green. It is a good Latin name and is quite often used by the Latin people. The name itself is so amazing that other people will want to just call out this name just for the beautiful pronunciation.

5. Achilles:

A boy’s name from the Green mythology describes Achilles as one of the finest warriors of Troy. He was a true Trojan and was a skillful human being. It would be a great honor for a Latin baby to be named by this name. If you’re looking for a good Latin name, then this can be said to be the one for you.

6. Achivus:

This Latin baby boy’s name is a beautiful Latin name for the newborns. The name is quite old and has been used quite sometimes. The meaning of the name is “a Greek”. Generally the Greek babies are named this way.

7. Achillides:

If you are in search for one of the finest Latin names ever, then this might be the right one for your little boy. The word Achillides means “descendant of Achilles”. It is again one of the most prestigious names for all the Latin kids out there.

8. Achates:

Looking for a Greek name for your baby boy? This is great and meaningful name. This was a great figure in the ancient Green mythology. It is a name equal to the God and it is a great deal for the child, if he is named this way.

9. Balbina:

This baby girl’s name is of Italian and Polish origin. The meaning of the name Balbina is “strong” and it is considered to be one of the finest names for the kids out there. If you are looking for something that sounds extremely good to the ears, then say this one out loud for your child.

10. Balen:

This is another great name for the Latin newborn baby boy. The name means, strong and it does offer a great deal of personality to the child.Balen is an Arthurian legend name.

11. Adria:

After discussing quite some number of boy Latin names, we have stepped into the female ones. Adria is a beautiful name for all the Latin girls out there and it means “woman from Adria” Adriatic sea region which also means ‘dark’.

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12. Adrienn:

This is yet another good name for the Latin baby girls. The name is so alluring alongside the meaning (woman from Adria) that anyone will love to call it out loudly. A lady with this name will be quite confident from a very young age only.

13. Alba:

Alba is a really great name for the girls. The Latin girls are usually white in terms of skin tone and that is why this name (Alba = white or fair) will be totally appropriate for the Latin girls. Any parent will be willing to name their kids by this name (baby girls).

14. Kaarina:

This is one of the most used Latin names ever. The meaning of Karina is “pure”. The name is so wonderful along with the meaning, that all Latin men out there will be fond of the woman being named this way.

15. Waiola:

A Latin origin name for a baby girl and the meaning of this name is “violet flower”. Clearly, it is one of the most impressive names ever and whoever is named this way will find it suitable for then. If you are thinking of having a good name, then this might be the one for you.

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16. Walentyna:

One of the most mythical names is here for the Latin baby girls. The name has a heavy meaning attached to it and specially for the pronunciation, it can be said to be one of the finest Latin names for girls ever.

17. Wanda:

The name relates to the Vandal tribe,a large East Germanic tribe and is considered to be one of the best names for the Latin girls out there. If you are willing to provide your baby with one of the best names ever, then this might be the best ones for her.

18. Sabah:

It can be said to be the most used Latin girl name of all time. The name has a beautiful meaning (forenoon) and mainly because of the inner-meaning the name is so widely used. If you are looking for something totally alluring, then this might be the right one for your child.

19. Sabra:

The meaning of this name is Sabra Cactus. If you are looking for one of the most unique names in Latin language that is not so much in use, then you can name your loving daughter with this one. It is considered to be one of the finest names for Latin baby girls.

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20. Sachi:

Sachi means “blessed child”. The name is quite something and will be fine for all baby girls out there. The name is often used and because of the beautiful pronunciation it is considered to be one of the best names for Latin children.

Latin Baby Names for Twins:

Lilliana and Evelina:

A Latin origin name for a baby girl that means “Lily”. This is name is prevalent and is one of the most favourite names given to a girl.

Evelina is a variant of ‘Evelyn” which means “life”. It is considered one of the most stylish and contemporary baby names for girls. It is also a form of the old German name Avelina and was made famous by Fanny Burney’s novel, “Evelina”.

Adrianna and Mariana:

Mariana, is a Latin origin name for a girl child that means, “star of the sea or grace”. It is also a form of Mary and Marianne. This name is in vogue and has been considered a trendy name for a girl.

Adrianna is of Latin origin and a beautiful name for a baby girl. It means “from Hadria”. It also means ‘dark’ and refers to the region of the Adriatic Sea. If your girl is fierce and competent, this is an apt for her.

Roman and Luna:

Roman is a Latin origin name for a boy which means a “citizen of Rome”. A lot of saints have been given this name. This is a very fashionable name for a boy. Who doesn’t known “Roman” from the Fast and Furious series?

Luna is beautiful Latin name for a girl means “the moon”. It is one of the other names for the Goddess of Moon, Artemis. This name is becoming more prevalent and is a stylish name. If your baby likes to be center of attention and is the center of your world, this name will best suit your girl.

Victor and Nova:

Victor, which means ‘champion’ is of Latin origin and a great choice for a baby boy. It also means “conqueror”. In Christianity, it is used to symbolize Christ’s victory over death. It is also a popular name for a saint. The name is less conventional yet stylish.

Nova is a Latin name for a baby girl. Nova means ‘new’ or ‘young’. In Astronomical terms, Nova is a star that releases tremendous energy and becomes extremely bright. Historically, Nova has been a favourite choice for most parents.

Marcus and Silas:

Marcus is a Latin origin name for boys. It means “dedicated to Mars”. In the Greek Mythology, it is a derivate form of “Mars” the God of fertility after whom the spring month of March was named. Marcus has been a recurring favourite and has gained popularity over the years.
Silas is of Latin origin and a name for a baby boy. It is a short form of Silvanus from the Bible, which means “forest or woods”. Silas in the Bible (a missionary who accompanied Paul) meant “three or the third”.

Benedict and Dominic:

This Latin origin name for a boy Benedict means “blessed”. This name has been very common amongst Popes and is mostly used by Roman Catholics. It is derived from ‘benedictus’ which means ‘blessed’.

Dominic is a baby boy’s name of Latin origin. The meaning of this name is “Lord”. This name is usually given to a boy born on Sunday referred to as the “Lord’s day”. Dominic is a chic name for a little baby boy.

Latin origin, Americanized Names:


Natalie is a very Christmassy name for a baby girl. It is of Latin origin, derived from ‘natale’ which means “birthday” or “the birthday of Christ”. This is a very fashionable name for girls and was bright to America by famous actors and singers like Natalie Portman, Natalie Cole and Natalie Wood to name a few.


Bennett is a boy’s name of French and Latin origin. This is another form of Benedict which means “blessed”. Some of the famous icons with this name are Bennett Miller, Tony Bennett and Bennett Jackson.

This article has beautiful Latin names for baby girl and Latin baby boy names that you can choose from. Looking for a name for your baby can be a long task and we have tried to make this enjoyable process and little easier. Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy. Hope the names, meanings and origin will help you choose the best name for your child. Choosing your baby’s name is a one-time activity in the life of parents. We hope you do your best and we were of help.

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