Lakshmi rangoli designs are usually made in the auspicious occasions of Diwali and Laxmi Puja. Laxmi is the goddess of prosperity and Diwali is the most traditional festival for rangolis. People try and make rangolis of Lakshmi as an honour and praise to the Hindu goddess.

9 Best Lakshmi Rangoli Designs for Festivals:

Best Lakshmi or Laxmi Rangoli Designs and patterns that can use in the auspicious occasions of Diwali and Lakshmi Puja.

1. Lakshmi Rangoli Design With word “Subh Dipawali”:

We see a very pretty and neat done in the Picture Above. ‘Shubh Dipawali’ is written above, which makes us sure that it was done on an occasion of Diwali. The borders have been outlined with red and have small ‘pradeeps’ drawn on them. The deity has been drawn very beautifully with the help of white rangoli designs and shades of blue have been used to colour it.

2. Simple Laxmi Rangoli Design:

The outline of the deity, sitting on a lotus, has been drawn with white chalk. That makes it easy to distinguish between the body, hands, hair, and face of the goddess to eventually make it more attractive by putting the correct colors on the specific places. This rangoli seems to be made in front of somebody’s apartment in the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

3. Pretty Rangoli of Goddess Lakshmi:

The picture above shows a beautiful rangoli of goddess Laxmi. It does not seem to be done very professionally but has been done with the best of efforts of the local people who have tried the similar was to outline the figure of the deity and then put in colours to make more lively.

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4. Lakshmi Rangoli With Gold And Red Colors:

The border of the body, the goddess, has been made with golden and red. The hands and face have been colored with white. There are two lotuses on her hands, and she is sitting on a lotus as well, which has been colored in pink. The portrait has been made with a little shiny colour to make it a little more attractive.

5. Wonderful Laxmi Rangoli With Different Shades:

We can figure out from the picture above that the deity has been drawn on a marbled floor and has been done up pretty professionally. The outline borders is not visible at all and the different shades of pink on the lotus and just above that, makes us feel that the art has been done justice to. There are different colors of yellow, green, red, white, etc. used to make this wonderful rangoli.

6. Symbolic Rangoli Design:

Lotus is symbolic to the goddess, and thus it is equal to painting the portrait of the goddess. The lotus has been added with a circle of light at the back and leaves below. We also see a sticker rangoli over the design.

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7. Beautiful Lakshmi Rangoli:

Very beautiful and neat art of rangoli has been done on the corner of a house. The base has been done with shades of blue and then the lotus can be very prominently visible from the angle of which the picture has been clicked. The deity has been painted very nicely, and the art looks professional.

8. Different Lakshmi Rangoli Design:

The picture above shows us an extraordinary look at the idol. She has been painted orange, and she sits on the lotus which has been colored in white and red. Her hands, feet and ears are a little different from what we usually see, and it is another incarnation of the deity. There is a sun drawn which her face, to the left. There is sacred ‘shankha’ and a bell too. Lastly, it also includes different designs of patterns and the entire portrait is done on a yellow base.

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9. Rangoli With Different Colors:

This is easy rangoli made with different bright colours. In the middle, we see a pair of feet drawn. This is only drawn for Goddess Laxmi is being welcome into a family to maintain their peace and prosperity.


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