9 Attractive Short Layered Haircuts And Hairstyles For 2019

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Layers have had a big impact on hairstyles where a short and thin hair appeared fluffy and heavy with the simple use of layer cuts. A new hairstyle is a sure thing to be excited about. Layer cuts are trendy and will look attractive when cut nicely. The loose strands will exactly show the layers that have been mad.

Now layers are a ruling haircut style in the hair industry and apart from longer hairs, even the shorter ones today have started incorporating layers within them. So, we thought we will let you know some of the best short layered haircuts which would be both ages appropriate and trendy.

Layer Cut Hairstyles For Short Hair

Latest Short Layered Haircuts And Hairstyles With Images:

Let’s find here with mention top 9 short layered haircuts and hairstyles to redefine your style.

1. The Side Layered Bob:

Short Layered Bob

This is one of the most normal classiest layered looks where the whole hair is made into layers but they are soft and easily blend able. The softness of the layers starts from the front of the head where the bangs are swept to one side and the rest continues in a layer. The use of layers on the upper side adds a fluffiness to the cut.

2. The Ultra Short Look:

The Ultra Short Look With Short Layered Hairstyles

The hair here is lengthened from the pixie cut so you get the benefits of both. The hair here has a bit of feminism and at the same time is a dream come true haircut for all the people who hate hair hassle. This is a classic layered bob haircut with side swept soft bangs on the front. This short layered hair falls on your forehead and will look classy.

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3. The Feather Look:

The Feather Look In Short Layered Hairstyles

Kim K has always taken the world by her uprising hairstyles and trending fashion statements. Straight from her closet, we found this awesome feather haircut which comprises of soft beach waves made into soft layers. The front bangs end somewhere near the jaw line with the rest ending in soft feathers. This short layered hairstyle is ideal for short hair and will go best with any attire.

4. The Spiked Up Layers:

The Spiked Up Layers With Short Layered Hair

For all the moms trying hard to make it in this trendy world, here is a classic layered hairstyle that you can feast your eyes upon. The hair here is made o the softest layers spiked up to create an edgy look. For the formal events, you can tone it down by simply using gel and for the other times; you can sport your new hot mom funky look.

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5. The Blow Dried Look:

The Blow Dried Look With Short Layer Cut

This short layer cut hairstyle will add volume to your hair and therefore people sporting a round, oval or even diamond shaped face can benefit from this look. Simply cut layers in two three sets to add thickness to the look and then maybe use a curler to add volume, don’t forget the blow dry and hair spray to lock the look.

6. The Asymmetrical:

Short Layer Cut With The Asymmetrical

The asymmetrical hairstyles have been the new talk of the fashion world and here is one classic layer sporting just the right alignment with the rest. The hair here is in a soft boy cut mixed in with a little pixie and the front side swept lock looks awesome with soft two layers. You can even add a hair band here to create a jamming look. Get a little funky with this short layer cut.

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7. The Classic Look:

The Classic Look With Short Layered Hair

Here we have another great hair for all the older women out there who wish to keep their hair problems within a limit. Even if you are well in your forties you can opt for a hairstyle like this which is both trendy and hassle free. You can choose to have bangs with this short layer cut and let it sit like a crop cut.

8. The Chic Bob:

How To Layer Short Hair With The Chic Bob

Now here is a red carpet look that you can sport each day every day without having too much work for it. This is a mixture of the side swept front bangs with a slight asymmetrical approach. Layered hair cut for short hair is the common look for many women out there. Give this a try.

9. The Crop Cut:

Short Layer Cut The Crop Cut

Much like Brittany Murphy you can opt for this short layered bob hair style with soft layers forming the entire base of the hairstyle. It sits like a crop and does not fall on your forehead. Or if you like, keep some short bangs to enhance the cut.

The list of short layered haircuts is hugely inspired to keep it short, simple and trendy. Some, however, will need time to be managed well, for you have to put up with the bangs that will fall every time on your face, while others will sit like a cut. Nevertheless, these short-layered hairstyles will never go out of fashion, come what may!